Network Tier 003

GovernorateCityProvider TypeProvider NameSpecialityProvider AddressProvider NumberOnline Status
AlexandriaAzaritaHospitalNew Salama Hospital - AzaritaHospitalMohamed Mohamed Motawe'e Street- El Shalalat16781Online
AlexandriaEl DekhailaHospitalKasr El Shefaa Hospital - AlexanderiaHospitalAlexanderia Matrooh Road - Beside the Red Church033108003/2/1 - 01558334233Offline
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaHospitalEl Sheikh Badawy Charity Assosiation HospitalHospitalBeside the Upper bridge034480679 - 034480671Offline
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaHospitalEl Safwa Hospital - AlexHospitalOmar Ibn El Khatab St. - Beside Upper Bridge034485872 - 034482519Offline
AlexandriaAgamyHospitalMabarret El Assafra Western HospitalHospitalKilo 21- Beside Military Police- 6th of October033183074 - 033190099Offline
AlexandriaAgamyHospitalFatma El Zahraa Hospital - AlexanderiaHospitalGate no. 8 - Alex Matrooh road - Kilo no. 15 - El Hanofeil034362666 Offline
AlexandriaAgamyHospitalAbou Hendia HospitalHospitalAgyad Mekka St. - El Hanophil034344612 - 034390007Offline
AlexandriaAgamyHospitalEl Rowad Laser Vision CenterHospitalEl Fayrouz Building - Kilo no. 16.5 - Alexandria Matrooh Road - El Hanofeil01222264785 - 039519002Online
AlexandriaEl AsafraHospitalMabarret El Assafra HospitalHospitalMalek Hefny St. - Front of Asafra Station035551612 - 01005551612Offline
AlexandriaEl HedayaHospitalEl Hedaya Hospital - AlexanderiaHospitalAbd El Salam Aref St. - El Hedaya Metro Station035831709 - 035831703Offline
AlexandriaEl WardianHospitalGeddah Hospital - El WardeyanHospitalObeid Hassan El Badeny St. 034445599- - 034444799 - 034447806Offline
AlexandriaBorg El ArabHospitalAl Salam Royal HospitalHospital6th Neighbourhood - infront of Export Development Bank of Egypt01211115115 - 034600059/60/58Offline
AlexandriaBoloklyHospitalIbrahim Nada HospitalHospitalEl Tayar Ahmed Sood St. - from Mostafa Kamel St.035411553  - 035411552Offline
AlexandriaRoushdyHospitalAlex Specialized HospitalHospitalAround the Corner of Roushdy St. - Abd El Hamid El Abady St.035460130Offline
AlexandriaSaba BashaHospitalDr. Ibrahim Obeid HospitalHospitalAbd El Salam Aaref St. - Saba Basha035825026 - 035821262Online
AlexandriaSaba BashaHospitalGerman HospitalHospitalAbd El Salam Aaref St. - Saba Paha035841806 - 01065521110Online
AlexandriaSan stifanoHospitalOyoun Ophthalmic Center - BoloklyHospitalHurghada St. - Infront of Awad restaurante01066644815Online
AlexandriaSemohaHospitalAlex New Medical CenterHospital14 of May st.034272663 -  034272652 -  024272653 - 034260611Online
AlexandriaSemohaHospitalEl Badrawy Hospital - SemohaHospitalMostafa El Naggar St,034284232 - 034289872 - 034287230 - 01116630003Online
AlexandriaSemohaHospitalNew Salama Hospital - SemohaHospital35 Bahaa El Din El Ghatwary St-with Dr. Sayed Fahmy034274782 - 034275124 - 034197000Online
AlexandriaSemohaHospitalEl Hayah Heart and Vascular centerHospitalMohamed Fawzy Moaaz St.034200033 - 034200035Offline
AlexandriaSemohaHospitalOyoun Ophthalmic Center - SemohaHospitalVictor Amanwale St. - Zahran City Mall - 2nd floor034262954 - 01003430347 - 01068834376Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrHospitalEl Ekbal Hospital - AlexanderiaHospitalHassan Amin St. from El Ekbal St.033571691 - 033571692 - 033571693/4Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrHospitalSidi Beshr Royal HospitalHospitalEl Sagh Mohamed Abd El Salam St. - Sidi Beshr Bahary035878425 - 034878426 - 035878427 - 035878428Offline
AlexandriaVictoriaHospitalTiba Hospital - AlexanderiaHospitalAt the begining of Gamal Abd El Naser St.033590666 - 033593800 - 033593400Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekHospitalNew Sahla HospitalHospitalBaghdad St. - In Front Of Faculty Of Science033912482 - 033912483 - 0100010742 - 0128100099Online
AlexandriaMiamiHospitalMiami HospitalHospitalMohamed Galal  St. - from Gamal Abd El Naser St.035522991 - 01229955255Online
AlexandriaMiamiHospitalOyoun Ophthalmic Center - MiamiHospitalGamal Abd El Naser St. - infront of Abd El Razik assosiation - 1st floor035505096 - 035506150 - 01003430348Online
AlexandriaEl ShalalatSpecialized CenterAlfa Oncology Center - AlexanderiaOncologyEl Horeya Road - In front of Saa`a El Zohour - Bab Sharq - El Shalalat034965668 - 01111488815Offline
AlexandriaAgamySpecialized CenterAmplifon - El AgamySpecialized CenterHanofel - in front of Deyar El Safa Tower - above Mobinil - 2nd Floor19508 - 034148523 - 01229242948Offline
AlexandriaEl AsafraSpecialized CenterDiacare CenterSpecialized CenterGamal Abd El Naser St.035490500 -  - 01093311433Online
AlexandriaEl NozhaSpecialized CenterAlexanderia International Pediatric CenterSpecialized CenterAir port way - El Nozha - infront of Police Club01024090937 - 033817580 - 01140225252 - 01281813334Offline
AlexandriaJanakleesSpecialized CenterDar Al Qalb W Al Sadr CenterSpecialized CenterEl Horreyia Road01000507070 - 035750480Offline
AlexandriaSportingSpecialized CenterNational Alexandria Specialized Eye CenterSpecialized CenterPort Said St. 01206060007/8 -   035235161Online
AlexandriaSemohaSpecialized CenterSemoha Pediatric Care Center ( SPC )Specialized CenterFawzy Moaz St.01000222723 - 039575215 - 034293203Offline
AlexandriaSemohaSpecialized CenterFriends Dialysis CenterUrologyMohamed Baha'a El Ghatoury St.01223416497Offline
AlexandriaSemohaSpecialized CenterSpecialized universal National of oncologySpecialized CenterIn Front Of 14th Of May Bridge - El Saraya Style Building034244663 - 01008888601Online
AlexandriaSemohaSpecialized CenterMadina Medical ClinicsSpecialized CenterIntersection Of Tut Ankh Amoun St. with Fawzy Moaz St.034230961 - 01016619218 - 01200363435Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberSpecialized CenterAmplifon - Sidi GaberSpecialized CenterEl Horreya Road - beside Sidi Gaber Station035464060 - 19508 - 035464030 - 01220319998Offline
AlexandriaSidi GaberSpecialized CenterRoayah Vision Correction Centers - AlexandriaSpecialized CenterTout ankh Amoun St.- Sidi Gaber Buildings- El zahraa building.034247470 - 034247471 - 01003102800 - 01003102900Offline
AlexandriaMoharram BekSpecialized CenterEl Safwa Dialysis CenterSpecialized CenterEl Rassafa St.01020001857 - 033959072Offline
AlexandriaRaml StationSpecialized CenterI Vein Clinic for your Legs VeinsSpecialized CenterKoleyet El Teb St.034808060 - 01140777970Offline
AlexandriaMiamiSpecialized CenterAmplifon - MiamiSpecialized CenterKhalil Hamada Miami St.01275666226 - 19508 - 035724911Offline
AlexandriaAl MontazaPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - MontazaPharmacySheraton Towers - infront of Montaza Palace035800008/9  - 035800010 - 01203000035 - 19040Online
AlexandriaAl MontazaPharmacyEl Ezaby - Royal Mall - El MontazahPharmacyRoyal Mall - El Montazah - Shops no. 39,40,41 - Ground floor19600Online
AlexandriaZezeniaPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - ZezenyaPharmacyEl Horreyia Road - beside Yehia mosque 035757571  -  035766667 - 01202003606 - 19040Online
AlexandriaSan stifanoPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - San StefanoPharmacySan Stefano Mall034690096 - 01203000049 - 19040Online
AlexandriaSaad ZaghloulPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Saad ZagloulPharmacySaad Zagloul Square - beside the Italian Embassy 034800288  -  034800499 - 034800344 - 01203000037 - 19040Online
AlexandriaKafr AbdoPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Kafr AbdoPharmacyKafr Abdo - from Maarof El Rasafy St.035233364  - 035455597 - 01203000047 - 19040Online
AlexandriaMostafa KamelPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Mostafa KamelPharmacyHorreya Road - Mostafa Kamel035411099 - 01207999361 - 19040Online
AlexandriaMostafa KamelPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Semouha clubPharmacyMostafa Kamel St.- infront of Semouha club 034293829  -  034247900 - 01222286843 - 19040Online
AlexandriaAzaritaPharmacyEl Ezaby - Iskandar El AkbarPharmacyEl Iskander El Akbar St.19600Online
AlexandriaAzaritaPharmacyEl Batalsa PharmacyPharmacyEl Batalsa St. - Bab Shark034879229Online
AlexandriaBorg El ArabPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - KingPharmacyKing Marriot St. - King Marriot034550177 - 01281190901Online
AlexandriaEl HadraPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy- HadraPharmacyEl Horreya road - beside Faculty of Engineering - infront of Gamal Abd El Naser Hospital 035912377  -  035912577 - 035921270 - 01203000038 - 19040Online
AlexandriaEl SarayaPharmacyAlex Pharmacy - El SarayaPharmacyEl Ekbal Street - El Saraya033593300 - 033597692 - 01201889775Online
AlexandriaEl SarayaPharmacyAlex Pharmacy - El Saraya 2PharmacyHassan El Amin St. - infront of El Ekbal Hospital033588144 - 033597692 - 01201889775Online
AlexandriaEl SeyoufPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - El SeyoufPharmacyMostafa Kamel St. - in front of Carrefour Market035294234 - 01277141992 - 19040Online
AlexandriaEl SeyoufPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - El Seyouf GardeniaPharmacyMostafa Kamel St. Store No. 5035273112 - 01009522267Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - AmreyaPharmacyKilo 28 Alexandria Cairo Desert road - Rose Garden Mall039612300  - 039612400 - 01288882118 - 19040Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - AgamyPharmacyGate 8 Alexanderia Matrouh Road - Agami Stars Mall034318701 - 01281219040 - 034328702/3/4 - 19040Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Abou YoussefPharmacyAbou Youssef area - kilo 18 - infront of Iron and Steel gate033014799 - 033019691 - 01279290760Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - HanovillePharmacyAlexanderia Matrouh road - infront of El Agamy Model School033018704 - 033017548 - 01204660035 - 19040Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyEl Ghaly Pharmacy - El Fetra PharmacyPharmacyAl Bitash - Beginning of The District St.033447353Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyAmir Loaaloaa Pharmacy - El SeyahaPharmacyMain Bitash st. - infront of Marfak Al Meyah - beside El Wafaa034361554 - 01006009647Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - AgamyPharmacy8.5 Kilo - Alexandria - Matrooh Main Road034388726 - 034320555 - 0106315522Online
AlexandriaEl AsafraPharmacyNour Pharmacies - HaridyPharmacyEl Asafra Bahary - beside El Mokawleen El Arab buildings035556176Online
AlexandriaEl AsafraPharmacyNour Pharmacies - El DeebPharmacyEl Asafra Qebly - Religious Institute St.035362336Online
AlexandriaEl MaamouraPharmacyNour Pharmacies - FahmyPharmacyEl Maamora El Balad - El Maamora Central St.035633009Online
AlexandriaEl MaamouraPharmacyNour Pharmacies - NesreenPharmacyEl Maamora El Balad - Mahgoub Hospital St.035624333Online
AlexandriaEl MandarahPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - El MandarahPharmacyGamal Abd El Nasser road - Maritime Mandarah035573260 - 01061118163 - 01061118163 - 19040Online
AlexandriaMansheyaPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - MansheyaPharmacyTahrir Sq.034804160 - 034835171 - 01068834485Online
AlexandriaEl WardianPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - Wardian 1PharmacyInfront of El Qafal St.034465900 - 034465901 - 01064222544Online
AlexandriaEl WardianPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - Wardian 2PharmacyEl Qafal St.034407466 - 01017411944Online
AlexandriaEl WardianPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - Wardian 3PharmacyMax St. - Infront of Generalized Nasr Clinic034407466Online
AlexandriaAbou QeerPharmacyNour Pharmacies - AbdallahPharmacyToson El Mostsharen035681888Online
AlexandriaBorg El ArabPharmacyEl Qasem Pharmacy ( El Ghaly Pharmacy)PharmacyMasaken 1200034598701 - 01020300900Online
AlexandriaBorg El ArabPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Borg El ArabPharmacyShop no. 17 - Borg El Arab Mall - Main Commercial Center - 1st district - New borg el arab City01200501967 - 01200501968Online
AlexandriaGleemPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - GleemPharmacyInside Misr Gas Station035833711 - 035840777 - 01001767974Online
AlexandriaJanakleesPharmacyNour Pharmacies - JaneklizPharmacyAbou Qeer St. - EL Zeraeen Towers039578420Online
AlexandriaRoushdyPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - RoshdyPharmacyEl Horeya Way035233373 - 034533326 - 01000667252Online
AlexandriaRoushdyPharmacyEl Ezaby - RoushdyPharmacy15 Syria St. - Roushdy - around the corner of Abd El Hamid El Abady St.19600Online
AlexandriaRoushdyPharmacyAyman Balbaa Pharmacy - Semouha 1Pharmacy33 Moustafa Kamel Square - Infront Of Cleopatra Bridge034253865Online
AlexandriaZezeniaPharmacyEl Ezaby - ZezinyaPharmacyEl Horreya Road19600Online
AlexandriaSaba BashaPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - AlexandriaPharmacyEl Geish St. - Saba Pasha19110Online
AlexandriaSan stifanoPharmacyEl Ezaby - San StefanoPharmacyTalaat St. and Casino St. - infront of San Stefano Hotel - Shop no. 419600Online
AlexandriaSemohaPharmacyEl Ezaby - Green PlazaPharmacy14 May Road - Green Plaza Mall - 1st Floor19600Online
AlexandriaSemohaPharmacyAyman Balbaa Pharmacy- Semouha 2Pharmacy131 Albert !st St. - Beside Metro Market034206050Online
AlexandriaSemohaPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - SemouhaPharmacyAlbert the 1st St.with Fawzy Moaaz St.- Infront of Ali Ibn Aby Tableb Mosque034251646 - 034251685 - 01207999631 - 19040Online
AlexandriaSemohaPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - SolikPharmacyEl Nakl w El Handasa St. - beside Mcdonald's034226181 - 01222689653 - 19040Online
AlexandriaSemohaPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - Semoha 1PharmacyZaki Rageb St.034247799 - 034202097 - 01211117788Online
AlexandriaSemohaPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - Semoha 2PharmacyIsmail Serry St. - Next to Smile Cafe034245899 - 034245523 - 01062666355Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Seidy BeshrPharmacyGamal Abd El Naser St.035521504 - 19040Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrPharmacyEl Ghaly Pharmacy - AlexanderiaPharmacyKhaled Ibn El Waled St.033584420 - 01020300800Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrPharmacyEzaby - RamadaPharmacyEl Giesh Road19600Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Khaled Ibn El WalidPharmacyKhaled Ibn El Walid St.035524282 - 01277137445 - 01014440579 Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Seidy Beshr MosquePharmacySidi Beshr Mosque - Infront of El Yousef group Company01027674843 - 01274470010Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberPharmacyEl Ezaby - Sidy GaberPharmacyRailroad - Sidy Gaber Station19600Online
AlexandriaFlamengPharmacyAyman Balbaa Pharmacy- FlamengPharmacyEl Fath St.01154590240 - 035858524Online
AlexandriaFlamengPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - FlamengPharmacyEl Fath Watamazen St. - In Front Of Abo Kamal035851223 - 01033738585Online
AlexandriaKamb ShezarPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Port Said St.PharmacyPort Said St. 035920801 - 19040Online
AlexandriaLagateePharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - LagatePharmacyMostafa Mohamed St.035912615  - 035912616 - 01203000039 - 19040Online
AlexandriaLouranPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Al EkbalPharmacyAl Ekbal St. - Louran035825204 - 01067666641Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - El ManshaPharmacyBegining of Mansha St. Under Gomla Market In Front Of Bridge033959411/12 - 01001688416Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - El MahmoudeyaPharmacyKanal El Mahmoudeya El Bahary Road033955077 - 01210883344Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - Moharram BekPharmacySuez Canal St.033938841 - 033936825 - 01064445766Online
AlexandriaRaml StationPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - Raml StationPharmacyCommercial room street - Raml Station034806710 - 034854870 - 19040Online
AlexandriaRaml StationPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - SizostoreesPharmacyKeniset El Akbat St. - from Saad Zagloul St. 034833197  -  034815585 - 01208333319 - 19040Online
AlexandriaRaml StationPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - Raml StationPharmacyHamed Mahmoud St. - At Armed forces Club Gate034859308 - 01094443340Online
AlexandriaMasr StationPharmacyEl Ezaby - Misr StationPharmacyRailway Station19600Online
AlexandriaMasr StationPharmacyDr. Magdy El Sewefy PharmacyPharmacyEl Shohadaa Sq. - Beside Ahmed Maher Hospital034961328 - 034945556Online
AlexandriaMiamiPharmacyKhalil Pharmacy - MiamiPharmacyIskander Ibrahim St.035523231 - 025568081 - 01206666527Online
AlexandriaEl IbrahimeyaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - El IbrahemyiaLaboratoryAmr Lotfy St. - Tamr Hena Building - El Ibrahimeya Metro - 1st floor19911Online
AlexandriaEl SeyoufLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - El SeyoufLaboratoryGamila Abo Heraid St.19445 - 035287744Online
AlexandriaEl SeyoufLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - El SeyoufLaboratoryEl Matafy Sq. - El Hayah Tower - Second Floor01129928335 - 035263271Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El AmriyaLaboratoryEl Sharkawy Mosque St. - infront of Amriya Health Office - 1st Floor19014Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - AmreyiaLaboratoryin front of El Amreyia Bridge - beside El Mokhtar Mall19911Online
AlexandriaAgamyLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-AgamiLaboratoryMatrouh Alex way - 16 kilos from for Alex - Front of Agamy Central - Hanoviel19014Online
AlexandriaAgamyLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -El AgamyLaboratoryAlexanderia Matrooh St. - infront of Hanofeil telephone Central19445 - 039519003Online
AlexandriaAgamyLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El AgamyLaboratoryHegazy Tower - Kilo 1616191Online
AlexandriaAgamyLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - AgamiLaboratoryAlexanderia Matrouh St. - Beside Kawary Mosque19911Online
AlexandriaEl MandarahLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-El MandaraLaboratoryGamal Abdel Naser Street - El Mandarah Sq. - Above Kadora Rest.19014Online
AlexandriaEl MandarahLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -El MandaraLaboratoryGamal Abd El Nasser St.19445 - 035520709Online
AlexandriaEl MandarahLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El MandaraLaboratoryGamal Abd El Nasser St.16191Online
AlexandriaEl MandarahLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-MandarahLaboratoryGamal Abdel Naser Street19911Online
AlexandriaEl MandarahLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - MandaraLaboratoryGamal Abd El Nasser El Mandara St. - Etab Tower - Second Floor - Beside Hosny For Grills Restaurant01129933132 - 035533301Online
AlexandriaEl HedayaLaboratoryTrust Lab Laboratory - HedayaLaboratoryAbd El Salam Aaref St. - El Hedaya035829650Online
AlexandriaEl WardianLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - WardianLaboratoryEl Salama Tower - Khafgy St. - infront of Mahfouz Pharmacy19911Online
AlexandriaEl WezaraLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - El WezaraLaboratoryEl Horreya Road - Mahatet El Wezara19911Online
AlexandriaBorg El ArabLaboratoryTrust Lab Laboratory - Borg El ArabLaboratorybehind The Legitimacy Assembly Mosque - beside City Mall - El Monkhafad area01061424703 - 034593229Online
AlexandriaRoushdyLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-RoushdiLaboratoryHorreya Way - Above Sabry Pharmacy19014Online
AlexandriaRoushdyLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - RoushdyLaboratorySyria St.19445Online
AlexandriaRoushdyLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - RoshdyLaboratoryEl Horreya Road16191Online
AlexandriaSportingLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Alex - SportingLaboratoryPort Saeed St. - Zamzam Tower19014Online
AlexandriaSemohaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-SemohaLaboratoryVictor Amanwel Sq.19014Online
AlexandriaSemohaLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -SemohaLaboratoryVictoria Amanwel St.19445 - 039581497Online
AlexandriaSemohaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - SemohaLaboratoryAma Newail Square16191Online
AlexandriaSemohaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - SemohaLaboratoryFawzy Mouaz Street - Sama El Horreya Towers - Beside Aly Ben Aby taleb Mosque19911Online
AlexandriaSemohaLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - SemohaLaboratoryFawzy Moaz St. - Top Business Men Tower (Safwa 2) - Second Floor - In Front Of Meffco Helwan01129933127 - 034292930Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Seidi BeshrLaboratoryGamal Abdel Naser St. - Gihan Square.19014Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -Sedi GaberLaboratoryEl Moshier Ahmed Ismail St.19445 - 01229518519Online
AlexandriaVictoriaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - VictoriaLaboratoryEl Galaa Street - El Montazah Police Station19014Online
AlexandriaVictoriaLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -VictoriaLaboratoryEl Horreya Road19445 - 035755290Online
AlexandriaVictoriaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - VictoriaLaboratoryEl Galaa St16191Online
AlexandriaVictoriaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-VictoriaLaboratoryEl Galaa St.19911Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -Moharam BekLaboratoryMoharam Bek St.19445 - 033904772Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Moharram BekLaboratoryMoharram Bek St. - Moharram Plaza tower - Beside Vodafone19014Online
AlexandriaRaml StationLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Raml StationLaboratoryAmin Fekry Street19014Online
AlexandriaRaml StationLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Raml StationLaboratorySaad Zagloul Sq.19445 - 034865799Online
AlexandriaRaml StationLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - EL RamlLaboratorySaad Zaghlool Square16191Online
AlexandriaRaml StationLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Raml StationLaboratoryFaculty of Medicine - Raml Station19911Online
AlexandriaRaml StationLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - AlexandriaLaboratorySaad Zaghloul St. - In Front Of El Raml Station - Above Shikorell Center01122271148 - 01062493442Online
AlexandriaMasr StationLaboratoryTrust Lab Laboratory - Moharram BekLaboratoryMoharram Bek St. - Masr Station033931131Online
AlexandriaAzaritaRadiology CenterOmega Scan - AzaritaRadiologyAl Sultan Abd El Aziz St. from Al Kaaed Ibrahim St.01224036661 - 034838480 - 034838483 - 034811178Online
AlexandriaAgamyRadiology CenterDar El Ashaa -AgamyRadiologyfirst of Main Hanofeil st.034390022Online
AlexandriaSemohaRadiology CenterDar El Ashaa - SemohaRadiologyMostafa Kamel St. intersection with Bahaa El Ghatoree St. - infront of Farah Studio034266656/7 - 01204103333Online
AlexandriaRaml StationRadiology CenterDar El Ashaa - Raml StationRadiologyAmin Fekry St. - Beside El Manar school - from El Sultan Hassan St.034878021 - 034878027Online
AlexandriaRaml StationRadiology CenterDar El Ashaa - Koleyet El TebRadiologyKoleyet El Teb St01146466767 - 01204103333 - 034855088Online
AlexandriaMostafa KamelPhysiotherapy CenterEl Rahma Physiotherapy Center - AlexandriaPhysiotherapyVictoria Amanwel St. - Mostafa Kamel - El Reyada Tunnel01152101018 - 01068120120Offline
AlexandriaAgamyPhysiotherapy CenterTiba for Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyKilo no. 21 Alex Matrooh desert road - around the corner of El Safwa St.34117036Offline
AlexandriaSportingPhysiotherapy CenterSporting for Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyPortsaid St.035919323Offline
AlexandriaSemohaPhysiotherapy CenterAlexandria Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation CenterPhysiotherapy14th Of May Road - El Wataneya Medical Complex01098880229Online
AlexandriaVictoriaPhysiotherapy CenterVictoria for Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyEl Galaa St. - El Ghoneimy tower01223729474 - 035778195Online
AlexandriaMostafa KamelOpticalCarera Vision Optical Center - Ahmed ShawkyOpticalAhmed Shawky St. - Mostafa Kamel035217177Online
AlexandriaAlexandriaOpticalBaraka Optics - Carrefour City CenterOpticalPorto Marina - gate 41090844499Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaOpticalOyoun Optical Center Alex - El Ameryia 1OpticalEl Gomhoreyia St. - Beside Sherif Studio034570021Offline
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaOpticalOyoun Optical Center Alex - El Ameryia 2OpticalEl Qesm St. - Beside Electricty assosiation - Beside El Tahona El Hamraa034570021Offline
AlexandriaAgamyOpticalEl Qema Optical Center - AgamyOpticalKilo 21 Sq.  - Mabarret El Asafra Gharb1148270505Online
AlexandriaBorg El ArabOpticalJoly Optics - Oroba MallOpticalEl Oroba Mall1066603104Online
AlexandriaBoloklyOpticalEl Qema Optical Center - BoloklyOpticalEl Zeraeen tower035828451 - 01001709706Online
AlexandriaJanakleesOpticalCarera Vision Optical Center - Fatahalla MallOpticalFatahallah Mall - Ganaklees - Shop no 6035847576Online
AlexandriaSemohaOpticalEl Qema Optical Center - SemohaOpticalZahran City Mall034203331Online
AlexandriaSemohaOpticalMagrabi Optical - SemohaOpticalZayed Residence Building code C - Fawzi Moaaz Road,Victor Emanuel Square01001787002Online
AlexandriaSemohaOpticalJoly Optics - SemohaOpticalAlbert tower1066603124Online
AlexandriaSemohaOpticalEl Qema Optical Center - El Mahmodya SemohaOpticalCanal El Mahmoudya St. - beside Eye Care Center033850272Online
AlexandriaSemohaOpticalEl Shams Optics CenterOpticalEl Kotn Towers - Victor Amanwel Square01116775977Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrOpticalCarera Vision Optical Center - Sidi BeshrOpticalEl Bakbashy El Essawy St.035400889Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberOpticalEl Qema Optical Center - Seidy GaberOpticalSeidy Gaber towers - Beside Roaya Center034297566Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberOpticalOyoun Optical Center Alex - Seidi GaberOpticalEl Mosher Ahmed Ismail St. - beside the Northen Area01223446156Offline
AlexandriaBorg El ArabOpticalMagrabi Optical - Alex - City CenterOpticalCity Center 033970091Online
AlexandriaBorg El ArabOpticalJoly Optics - City CenterOpticalCity Center1061267870Online
AlexandriaRaml StationOpticalMohamed Abd El Hamid Optical CenterOpticalDr. Mohamed Rafaat St.034848838 - 034852123 - 01115845859 - 01223368405Online
AlexandriaMiamiOpticalEl Qema Optical Center - MiamiOpticalGamal Abd El Naser St.035538482Online
AlexandriaEl IbrahimeyaClinicAmira Abd El Fattah AliPediatricsEl Aasar St. - beside El Ibrahimeya bridge01020902151Offline
AlexandriaAzaritaClinicGeorge Magdy MorshedOrthopedic SurgeryAbdel Hamid St. - Infront of Kouta shop - Zoser Clinics01228566116 - 01210005492Offline
AlexandriaEl SeyoufClinicShaimaa Ismail Abd El HamidDermatologyAbd El Salam Aref St. - Infront Of Taram Station01033889181 - 01001949540Offline
AlexandriaEl ShatbyClinicAbeer Mahmoud Aly IbrahimInternal MedicineQodah Tower - Muslim Youth Taram Station01112170481 - 01127475717Offline
AlexandriaAgamyClinicIslam Mohamed Abd EL Moneam Ibrahim Abo ZaidOphthalmologyAlexanderia Matrooh Road - infront of Steel Co.01222295830 - 01120600161Offline
AlexandriaSaba BashaClinicHisham Mohamed Hafez HendyENTHassan Bek Hashem St. - from El Horreya Road - infront of El Raml Police Station035848654 - 01224395359Offline
AlexandriaSaba BashaClinicAhmed GaweshVascular SurgeryAbd El Salam Aaref St.035828568 - 01150700070Offline
AlexandriaSemohaClinicMohamed Abdallah Ali MahfouzOrthopedic SurgeryFawzy Moaz St. - Safwet Regal El A'amal Tower - 3rd Floor034266638Offline
AlexandriaSemohaClinicHisham Mohamed Abo RahmaNeuro SurgeryFawzy Moaaz St.01010203010 - 034254555Offline
AlexandriaSemohaClinicHazem Mamdouh WardaCardiologyFawzy Moaaz St.01006009493 - 034200033 - 034200035Offline
AlexandriaSemohaClinicAmr Adel MansyObstetrics & GynecologyFawzy Moaz St.01101011339 - 034200493Offline
AlexandriaSemohaClinicAmr Fouad GaafarObstetrics & GynecologyFawzy Moaz St. - Contenental Towers034200493 - 034200463Offline
AlexandriaSidi GaberClinicAmr Arafat Mohamed Abo El NagaOrthopedic SurgeryEl Moaskar El Romany St. - Roshdy01227451778 - 035449840Offline
AlexandriaFlamengClinicMohamed El Sayed MeloukENTMostafa Kamel Street No.66 – Fleming – Fathallah Building – A Tower – Second Floor01274399750Offline
AlexandriaKamb ShezarClinicTamer Ibrahim Metwaly El SayedNeuro SurgeryPort Saeed St.01154881514 - 01228268410Offline
AlexandriaKamb ShezarClinicGaser Ibrahim El AzabInternal MedicinePort Said St.03-5931299 - 01019747393Offline
AlexandriaCleopatraClinicAhmed Mohamed Hussein SultanInternal MedicineEl Dare St. - Hamamat Cleopatra01223413995Offline
AlexandriaMoharram BekClinicEman Mohamed El BahnasyPediatricsDer Bakry St. - from Amir El Bahr - El Amira tower01274507543 - 033953760Offline
AlexandriaEl IbrahimeyaDentistAlaa El Din Mohamed Ahmed El KhamryDentistEl Horreya Way01223476182 - 034282753Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaDentistAmira Serag El Din AgamiDentistStation St. - infront of El Radwa restaurant - beside El Arousa Atelier034480850 -  - 01006358686Online
AlexandriaAgamyDentistMohamed Abd El Moatee Tiba - American Dental CareDentistthe New Street - AL Agamy District - Second Floor - El Bitach01032322298 - 01032322252Online
AlexandriaAgamyDentistSamar Mohamed Emara (Asnan Gallery)DentistAbo Youssef - In Front Of Iron and Steel St. Entrance - Alexandria Matrouh Main Road01113282167 - 01019072907 - 01208967795Online
AlexandriaAgamyDentistAhmed Mohamed Badr - Sky DentDentist15.5 kILO - Matrouh Marine Way - Infront of El Daraysi Mosque01221106333 - 034380037 - 034380047Online
AlexandriaEl AsafraDentistMoataz Mohamed Nabil (Modern Dental Clinic)DentistMalak Hefny St.Infront of Railway Station033220150 - 01001846040Online
AlexandriaEl AsafraDentistMohamed Abd El Moatee Tiba - American Dental CareDentistGamal Abd El Nasser St.035480318 - 01020036333 - 01012121279Online
AlexandriaEl AsafraDentistMohamed Ibrahim El SayesDentistGamal Abd El Nasser St. - The begining of 45th bridge01210075099Online
AlexandriaEl MandarahDentistMahmoud Abou El Saad - Star DentDentistBeside Hosni restraunt - El Horreya road01226496661 - 01226498881Online
AlexandriaSan stifanoDentistTaj Dental CenterDentistSabry St. - Janaklez Metro Station - 2nd floor035846830 - 035846820 - 035841957 - 01001116090Online
AlexandriaSemohaDentistEl Mostakbal Dental ClinicDentist302 St. - Judges Division - Bassam tower034258165 - 01207333407- 01099789548Online
AlexandriaSemohaDentistTaj Dental CenterDentistFawzy Moaz St. - above Ideal Standard1144477730Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrDentistMoataz Mohamed Nabil (Modern Dental Clinic)DentistKhaled Ibn El Walid St.033562524Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrDentistAsmaa Mohamed Mahmoud Abd El AalDentistEl Bekbashy El Esawee St.01096600473Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekDentistAhmed Mohamed Badr - Sky DentDentistSuez Canal St. - the palace tower01279792976 - 033951511 - 033951512Online
AlexandriaRaml StationDentistMohamed Samir BenisDentistIstanbol St. - Sultan Hussien St. with El Nabi Daneil034870977 - 01001448901Online
AlexandriaMiamiDentistMahmoud Abou El Saad - Star DentDentistEl Bekbeshi El Esawee - from El Eskandar El Akbar035521232Online
AlexandriaIbisHospitalAlexandria Urology HospitalHospitalAlexandria Agricultural Way035033320Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekHospitalZamzam Hospital - AlexandriaHospital1st Of El Manshah St. - Behind Alexandria's Stadium01060812444Online
AlexandriaEl IbrahimeyaLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - El IbrahimeyaLaboratory164 El Horya Road - Abou Queer Street16987Online
AlexandriaAlexandriaLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - FoadLaboratory8 EL Horya Road - Fouad street - attarin16987Online
AlexandriaSan stifanoLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - TharwatLaboratory20 mohamed saeed street - from abd el hamed el deeb street16987Online
AlexandriaEl SeyoufLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - El SeyoufLaboratoryayoub baraka tower - syouf sequare - shamaa16987Online
AlexandriaAgamyLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - El AgamyLaboratory170 ِAlexandria Matrouh Road - in front of Agamy model school16987Online
AlexandriaAgamyLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - El Agamy 2Laboratory42 EL Bitach Main street16987Online
AlexandriaEl AsafraLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - EL AsafraLaboratory45 street - corner 2116987Online
AlexandriaEl WardianLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - El WerdianLaboratory46 EL Qaffal Street16987Online
AlexandriaBakoosLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - BakoosLaboratory86 EL Fath Street - EL Tarek Tower - Bakous Tram Station16987Online
AlexandriaBaharyLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - BahryLaboratory13 Ras El Tin Street - Casablanca Buliding16987Online
AlexandriaRoushdyLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - RoshdyLaboratory405 EL Horya Road - Abo Quer street16987Online
AlexandriaSportingLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - SportingLaboratory182 Omar lotfy street - Sporting Teram16987Online
AlexandriaSemohaLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - SemohaLaboratorySemoha - Victor Amanwel Sequare - Qotton Tower - Buliding G - Entrance 116987Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - Seedy BeshrLaboratoryRetag Tower - Sidi beshr Mosque sequare16987Online
AlexandriaVictoriaLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - VictoriaLaboratory11 EL Galaa Street16987Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - Moharram BekLaboratory82 Moharam bek street16987Online
AlexandriaRaml StationLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - Raml Station 1Laboratory21 Amen Fekry Street16987Online
AlexandriaRaml StationLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - Raml Station 2Laboratory18 Kolyet EL teb street16987Online
AlexandriaMiamiLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - MiamiLaboratory350 Gamal Abd EL Naser Street - In front of Sherif market16987Online
AlexandriaLouranHospitalLouran HospitalHospitalShaarawy St.19152 - 035834221 - 034241583Online
AlexandriaLouranPharmacyEl Ezaby - Loran Pharmacy nour elhuda str. - loran alex19600Online
AlexandriaAl MontazaSpecialized CenterEnaya  clinic - MontazahSpecialized Centerel malak st - compound marselia florance03 3276888/ 01288775909Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrSpecialized CenterEnaya  clinic - Sidi BeshrSpecialized Centermohamed reda St sedi beshr33560160Online
AlexandriaAlexandriaDentistLouran Dental Care Dentist74 Fawzy Moaaz St. - Seraya Towers -Tolip Tower - 2nd Floor1212774477Online
AlexandriaAlexandriaOpticalJoly Optics - El FouadOptical48 El Fouad St. - El Horreya1061267870Online
AlexandriaSemohaHospitalSemoha International HospitalHospital27 Major General Fawzy Moaz St. - Sidi Gaber15012Online
AlexandriaEl AnfoushyPharmacyNour Pharmacies - El AnfoushyPharmacyMasaken El Zobbat St. - Behind Eilaa Seafood Restaurant03/4871454Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekPharmacyNour Pharmacies - Moharram BekPharmacyEl Mahmoudeya Axis - Beside Naga Sons Industries03/3683442Online
AlexandriaQabaryPharmacyNour Pharmacies - El KabaryPharmacyMix Road03/4412825Online
AlexandriaBaharyPharmacyNour Pharmacies - BaharyPharmacyIntersection Of France St. and El Gomrok St.03/4852952Online
AlexandriaMiamiPharmacyNour Pharmacies - MiamiPharmacyKaed El Asrab St. branched From El Geish Road - along the Beach03/5534800Online
AlexandriaSemohaPharmacyNour Pharmacies - SemohaPharmacyTout Ankhamoun St. - In Front Of El Madina Medical complex03/4230380Online
AlexandriaEl MaamouraPharmacyNour Pharmacies - El HarameinPharmacyEl Haramein - El Haramein Resdence03/3234119Online
AlexandriaTawsonPharmacyNour Pharmacies - Tawson 1Pharmacy25 El Eskan El Senaay St. - Around the corner of El Montazah St.03/5630030Online
AlexandriaTawsonPharmacyNour Pharmacies - Tawson 2PharmacyEl Kods Bakery St. - Before Samara's Grills03/5680100Online
AlexandriaSan stifanoOpticalHappy Vision Optical Center- San StefanoOpticalSan Stefano Mall1119188863Online
AlexandriaEl AsafraPharmacyMahfouz Pharmacies - AssafraPharmacyMalak Hefny St. - behind Assafra train station1050202026Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrDentistAhmed Mohamed Badr - Sky DentDentistBekbashy El Essawy St. intersect. with Sidi beshr mosque St.- in front of Electricity company1279792976Online
AlexandriaSemohaDentistLouran Dental CareDentist66 El Horreya Road - Misr Insurance Bld. - Fouad03/4876277Online
AlexandriaLouranDentistLouran Dental CareDentist724 El Horreya Road - Loran03/5837013Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekHospitalElite HospitalHospitalRing road entrance Just Past Down Town Entrance - Behira Maryouteya15461Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaHospitalDar El Shefaa HospitalHospitalNext to Ameryia Hospital1220935444Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekRadiology CenterEl Hekma Scan - Alexandria - Nozha ScanRadiologyEl Rassafa St.- In front of social service institute- behind Al Nozha hospital for the treatment of stokes1099960299Online
AlexandriaEl ShalalatPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - ShalalatPhysiotherapyEl Horreya Road - El Shalalat Sq. - Around the Corner of Fouad St.1018066661Online
AlexandriaRaml StationDentistEgyptian First Dental Center Dr. Husain Taher - Raml StationDentist609 Faculty of Medicine's St. - Doctor's Tower - 6th floor - Unit 81113063344Online
AlexandriaSemohaPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - SemohaPharmacystore 5/11 - Trading Market19110Online
AlexandriaRaml StationSpecialized CenterEl Safaa Specialized ClinicsSpecialized Center26 Chamber of commerce St. in front of chamber of commerce034839649 - 01060006822Online
Alexandria El SeyoufLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - El SeyofLaboratoryintersection Amin Hassona St with Adel Moustafa19911Online
AlexandriaZezeniaDentistDental HubDentist22 ibn hawqal st. zezenia , Alexandria35828886Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrDentistSamy Dental CenterDentistTanzeem El Essawy St. Sidi Beshr1101222244 - 035886197Online
AlexandriaGleemClinicDr. Jan JakNeurosurgery96 abd el salam aref st. gleem tram station - gleem - Alexandria035857444 - 01227394646 - 01061810594Offline
AlexandriaBoloklyClinic Dr. Sherihan Hemida Internal Medicine 475 el horryah road - in front of lizabela & above mondial pharmacy - bolkly - alexandria01030651530
 - 035226074
Alexandria El AttarinPharmacy Kattan PharmacyPharmacy 76 El Atarim mosque - el Attarin - Alexandria033929291 - 01277724490Online
AlexandriaSemohaSpecialized CenterEl safwa specialized ophthalmic centerin patient / outptient26 Fawzy Moaz St. - Besides Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Mosque034257420/034257445 / 01119809050Offline
AlexandriaLouranPharmacyMahfouz PharmacyPharmacyCorner of Shaarawy Street with Freedom Road Laurent1001244955Online
AlexandriaRaml StationRadiology CenterEl Nile Scan - Raml StationRadiology / LaboratorySafeya Zagloul Street - Raml Station Alex Tower19656Online
AlexandriaAgamyDentistSamy Dental CenterDentistAbou Yosseif st. Alexandria Matrouh road - agamy 1101222244Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrSpecialized CenterInt. Cataract Institute - Sidi BeshrSpecialized Center288 Gamal Abd Al Nasser - Montzah035407798/035407806Online
AlexandriaSaba BashaSpecialized CenterInt. Cataract Institute - Saba BashaSpecialized Center42 Abd Al Salam Aref -  Saba Basha St.035832656/035823181/035820644 / 035831682Online
Alexandria El AttarinPharmacy El markaxya PharmacyPharmacy14 Ahmed Oraby st. el atarein - Alexandria34860744 - 01006374909Online
Alexandria El labanPharmacy Amal PharmacyPharmacy 37 El Gazaaer st. - El laban - Alexandria 034945883 - 01022021182Online
AlexandriaSportingPharmacy  El Ezaby - Sporting - AlexPharmacyEl Delta St. - Sporting - Sidi Gaber19600Online
AlexandriaSportingPharmacy El Ezaby - SportingPharmacyEl Horreya Road St. - infront of Sporting Club gate19600Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - El AmreyiaLaboratoryEzbet Al-Tamir Al-Amiriya is the first in front of the General Hospital1127726007Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberPharmacyNour Pharmacies - WengetPharmacyWenget Entrance Branched From Mostafa Kamel - Behind the Jury's Club35244601Online
AlexandriaMiamiPharmacyNour Pharmacies - New MiamiPharmacy20 Mostagad Khalaf St. - Amoun Tower - New Miami35550418Online
AlexandriaLouranPharmacyDr Tarek Basha Pharmacy - AlexPharmacy 197 Abdel Salam Aref Street, directly on the tram, between Loran Tram Station and Tharwat Station1000045733Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberHospitalMostafa Kamel Military Hospital HospitalPort Said St.,Sidi Gabir , Alexandria 35452013Offline
AlexandriaSidi BeshrPharmacyMahfouz PharmacyPharmacy 201 Jamal Abdel Nasser Street in front of East City Hospital 01029004242/5569920/5569930Online
AlexandriaMiamiDentistVictoria Dental Center - Dr. Ahmed MashaliDentist237 Gamal Abdel Nasser St., Miami035566240 - 01200111004Online
AlexandriaVictoriaDentistVictoria Dental Center - Dr. Ahmed MashaliDentist10 Jamal Abdel Nasser Street, Victoria033582620 - 01200111004Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Pharmacy Howayda Muhammad Al-SalehPharmacyKilo 21 Wasla Road - Agami - Alexandria011-11946967Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Pharmacy Nada Yehia Zakaria El WelilyPharmacyKilo 18.5 - Abu Youssef - Al-Ajami - Alexandria011-01433060Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Noha Pharmacy - Dr. Awatef Mohamed El SayedPharmacyK 15 Alex-Matrouh Desert Road - Agami - Alexandria011-11986306Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Pharmacy Esraa Hassanein MohammedPharmacyShop No. 3, the property next to Al-Bitash Primary School - Alexandria011-41615615Online
AlexandriaEl ShatbyPharmacyCare Pharmacies / El Shatby PharmacyPharmacy13 Port Said St. El Shatby, Bab Sharqi, Alexandria011-19756633Online
AlexandriaSemohaPharmacyCare Pharmacies / International PharmacyPharmacy14 Mostafa Kamel Street - the intersection of Bahaa El Din Ghaturi Street and Square 302 below the hospital building - Smouha - Alexandria011-49512666Online
AlexandriaSportingPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Medhat Gad PharmacyPharmacy194 Port Said St. Sporting - Alexandria011-49111916Online
AlexandriaEl IbrahimeyaPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Grand Mouwas PharmacyPharmacy219 Horreya Road - Alexandria011-51631115Online
AlexandriaGleemPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Hadi Hashish PharmacyPharmacy73 Abdel Salam Aref Street - Saba Pasha - Alexandria011-00741819Online
AlexandriaGleemPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Amr Fawzy Mohy PharmacyPharmacy 510 Army Road - Sidi Beshr - Alexandria011-03217784Online
AlexandriaGleemPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Pharmacy d. Sara AhmedPharmacy37K Organized 549 Sfiha - Hurriya Glim Road - Alexandria011-03612382Online
AlexandriaRaml StationPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Al Khalideen PharmacyPharmacy  5 Abdel Hamid Badawy St., Raml Station, Alexandria011-40170505Online
AlexandriaRoushdyPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Mohamed Mamdouh Hassan PharmacyPharmacy Shop No. 2 - Property 464 - Horreya Road - Rushdy - Alexandria011-40287747Online
AlexandriaQabaryPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Al Osimi PharmacyPharmacy94 Al-Aman Street - Wardian - Alexandria011-53773887Online
AlexandriaEl SeyoufPharmacyCare Pharmacies / New grace pharmacyPharmacyThe intersection of Jamila Bouhraid Street with Omar Makram Street - Al-Seouf - Alexandria011-56984132Online
AlexandriaEl MandarahPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Ibrahim Al-Subari PharmacyPharmacy 743 Army Road - Mandara - Alexandria011-56984092Online
AlexandriaMansheyaPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Pharmacy d. Yasser FayyadPharmacy16 El Sabaa Banat St. - El Mansheya - Alexandria011-56984280Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Pharmacy d. Mohieddin MustafaPharmacy326 El Horreya Road - Sidi Gaber - Shop No. 5 - Alexandria011-00390784Online
AlexandriaSan stifanoPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Pharmacy d. Randa FawzyPharmacy261 Army Road - Stanley Bridge - Alexandria011-03217781Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyEl Ezaby - HanovilPharmacy Hanovil street near to Makka street19600Online
AlexandriaEl IbrahimeyaDentistSamar Mohamed Emara (Asnan Gallery)Dentist 187 Ibrahimia Hurriya Road, next to the carob of Sami01283640575 - 034292048Online
AlexandriaFlamengClinicDr. Hesham Gamal EmamInternal medicine Fleming - mostafa kamel st. fleming B towers 1st floor - Alexandria1095512977Offline
AlexandriaEl SeyoufPharmacyEl Ezaby  - SeiofPharmacyEl Seiof square - near to Gamila street19600Online
AlexandriaRaml StationPharmacyEl Ezaby - Mahtet RamlPharmacy54 Safia Zaghlol street - El Atarin19600Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekLaboratoryLife lab -Moharem bekLaboratorymoharem bek str. 0101119087Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberLaboratoryLife lab - Sidi gaberLaboratoryel horeya road - sidi gaber 01099002377Online
AlexandriaSemohaPhysiotherapy CenterEl Mokadem Physical therapy- SemouhaPhysiotherapyBahaa El Din El Ghatory St. branched from Fawzy Moaz St.01227114170 / 01008364784 / 034246721Online
AlexandriaJanakleesPhysiotherapy CenterEl Mokadem Physical therapy - JanakleesPhysiotherapyEl Horria Road01227114170 / 01008364784 / 034246721Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaPharmacy El-Seha Pharmacy El Amreya Pharmacy Al-Sharqawi Mosque Street, Amreya, Alexandria314488777Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaPharmacy Dr. Rizk Fathi Hamida PharmacyPharmacy Amriya - Al-Nahda - Sherbet Bridge - Taiba 1033476159 / 01095161848Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaSpecialized CenterAbu Youssef Medical Center for SurgerySurgeryAl-Nahda Tiba-in front of the middle school for girls03475271-01000712531Offline
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaLaboratoryEl Aqsa LaboratoryLaboratory Al-Nahda - Taiba, next to Abu Youssef General Clinic1000712531Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberSpecialized Center Dawi Clinics - RoshdySpecialized CenterThe commercial unit on the first floor located in 17 A Syria St. (above the National Bank)16850Online
AlexandriaRaml StationSpecialized Center Dawi Clinics -Raml stationSpecialized CenterAdministrative unit on the first floor, upper - No. 3, located in 23 Saad Zagloul Square16850Online
AlexandriaEl AmreyiaSpecialized CenterBasmet Amal CenterSpecialized CenterAmriya - Al-Nahda - Tiba 1 in front of Sobhi Gas Station1272340616Offline
AlexandriaBorg El ArabPharmacyNour  Pharmacies - El BorgPharmacy 16 flower market next to the health center 034599005Online
AlexandriaMoharram BekPharmacyNour  Pharmacies - El LotusPharmacy21 Mohamed Noshy Pasha Ghorbal Muharram Bey Street33618067Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyNour  Pharmacies - AgamyPharmacyHanoville after the Hannoville gas station before Tribal and before the Olibya gas station33020200Online
AlexandriaRaml StationClinicDr. Samir OrabiUrology10 kolyt el teb st. above oxford pharmacy 2nd floor - raml station - Alexandria01210162626 - 01210154545 - 034879776Offline
AlexandriaEl DekhailaPharmacyDr. Khaled Mohy eldin Pharmacy - DekhilaPharmacyEl Taher El Gazaery - infront of Amar Ibn Yasser School03-3108595/01554096565Online
AlexandriaAgamyPharmacyMahfoz Pharmacies - Agami 2 Pharmacy Alexandria matrouh road in front of insurance street Orika pharmacy - agamy - alexandria 034114296/01015559811Online
AlexandriaCleopatraPharmacyKhalil pharmacies - El helalPharmacy 24 el helal alam el din street. Cleopatra - Alexandria 035461266 / 01212600030 / 01212600034Online
AlexandriaSemohaPharmacyKhalil pharmacies - Admon fremonPharmacy14 admon fremon st. Smouha - Alexandria034286722 / 01200501813 / 01060508071Online
AlexandriaRoushdyRadiology CenterOmega Scan - RoshdyRadiology 1 Moustafa kamel st. Roushdy - Alexandria 01224036661 / 034838483/ 034838480 / 035436555 / 035438777Online
AlexandriaSan stifanoDentistCrystal Teeth -San StefanoDentistmall san stefano floor see side near konoz restaurant1019994947Online
AlexandriaMiamiOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical59 Iskandar Ibrahim St. - in front of KFC1022206691Online
AlexandriaSemohaOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical19 Victor Emmanuel St. - El Qudah Towers, Victor Emmanuel Square, next to Telecom Egypt - in front of Smouha Club Gate1022206692Online
AlexandriaJanakleesOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalMortada St. - Gulf Tower - next to Al-Tibi Pharmacy1022206694Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalIn front of Medical City Hospital, below Dr. Hossam Nada Eye Center1022206693Online
AlexandriaRoushdyOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalAhmed Shawky St. - Al-Mimari Tower, next to Damas Jewelery, behind Rushdie Tram Station.1019405205Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalDr. Borgy St., from Wingate St., in front of Al-Ahly Specialized Hospital1067779458Online
AlexandriaSaba BashaOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalIbrahim Al-Halabi St., off Abdel Salam Aref St., in front of Ibrahim Ebeid Hospital.1208981444Online
AlexandriaSidi GaberOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalPolice Towers, Mahmoudia Corniche, next to Pharos University, and below iCare Eye and Laser Center1281092700Online
AlexandriaEl SeyoufOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalJamila Bouhraid St., Al-Ammar Tower, next to the Kazion Market, Doran Al-Seyouf.1278444091Online
AlexandriaAl MontazaOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical276 Gamal Abdel Nasser Street - in front of the bride of Damascus1273712378Online
AlexandriaSan stifanoOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalSan Stefano Mall, first floor - Sea Side, next to the National Bank and in front of Sun View Cafe1203555063Online
AlexandriaSemohaOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical17 Smouha cooperatives in front of Gad Restaurant, next to Zahran Mall1203555067Online
AlexandriaEl IbrahimeyaOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical84 Omar Lotfy St. - Tr Station
Umm Ibrahimiya, next to Active
AlexandriaMiamiOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical272 Gamal Abdel Nasser Street -
In front of the confectioner saw the Queen Miami
AlexandriaRaml StationOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical4 Sultan Hussein Street - First Floor
  Above Mecca Juice - in front of Koshary Alsakhan
AlexandriaAgamyOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalAlex City Mall (Carrefour), second floor
  In front of Active Abu Ala
AlexandriaEl IbrahimeyaOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical11 Mahmoud Hassan Fahmy El Ibrahimeya St
Next to Fathallah Riviera"
AlexandriaAgamyOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical55 Main Bitash St., next to
  Ahli Bank"
AlexandriaEl AsafraOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical"Inside Mabaret Al Asafra Hospital Sharq - 9th Floor, Department of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmology"1227009116Online
AlexandriaSidi BeshrOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalJalal Hammad St., off Khalil Hamada, in front of the mosque in the east of the city, behind the Church of the Saints.1022204470Online
AlexandriaEl SeyoufOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOpticalThe beginning of Al-Zawaida Street in front of the petrol station1227008848Online
AlexandriaBoloklyOpticalEl Rayan Optical CenterOptical75 El Tayyar Ahmed Saud Boukli St., next to
Ibrahim Nada Hospital
AlexandriaAl AmiriaSpecialized CenterAmriya Eye CenterSpecialized CenterAmreya Mall, Omar El Mokhtar, in front of Amreya Bridge01025451506 / 01212370733Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Assuit 3LaboratoryEl Azhar University - infront of Directorate of Health Affairs - Dr. Adwa Nafea Tower - First floor19911Online
AssuitDayroutLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - DayrootLaboratoryOthaman Ibn Affan St. - beside Shendi Hospital - Abo Gabal - first floor19911Online
AssuitAssuitHospitalEl Zahraa Hospital - AssiutHospitalEl Galaa St. - East District0882059524 - 0882059568Offline
AssuitAssuitHospitalAl Hayat Hospital - AssuitHospitalMecca El Mokrama St. (Mahmoud Rashwan) - Ferial Co.0882285301 - 01210511175 - 01060385669Offline
AssuitAssuitHospitalEl Hanan Specialized HospitalHospitalKhorshed St. - from Thabet St. - Beside El Pharonyia Exchange0882334662 - 0882335306Offline
AssuitAssuitHospitalSaint Maria Hospital - AssuitHospitalEl Hekmdar St. - from El Gomhoreya St.0882056925 – 0882056374 – 01141929076 Online
AssuitAssuitSpecialized CenterAmplifon - AssiutSpecialized Centerintersection of El Galaa St. with El Ma'moun St. - El Raaee Tower0882287009 - 19508 - 01225559815Offline
AssuitAssuitSpecialized CenterEl Rehab City Scan for Heart CatheterizationSpecialized CenterCity El Awal St. - from Mohamed Ali Makarem St. - beside the legitimacy assembly1064446765Offline
AssuitEl QoseyaPharmacyDr. Ashraf Abd El Moreed El Ham PharmacyPharmacyGad El Rab Basha St.1000360714Online
AssuitAbo TeegPharmacyMohamed Helmy Pharmacies - QaysriaPharmacyEl Qaysria El Togaria - infront of El Sheikh Abd El Salam Mosque882490899Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyDr. Wasem Karam PharmacyPharmacyAhmed Ali Aloba St. - infront of Play grounds - behind Cocacola factory0882299506Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyDr. Mina Nazmy PharmacyPharmacyMenqebad - Sad El HagarSt. - El Oos bridge0882272656Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyDalia Saed Saad PharmacyPharmacyKasem Amin St. - from El Gomhorrya St0889203045  - 0882301718 - 01229032194 Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyAhmed Abd El Saboor PharmacyPharmacyEl Khotba El Walidiah St.01002567518 -  0882134804Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyEl Ezaby - AssuitPharmacyGirls Azhar Institute St. - Hemayet Allah Division19600Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - AssiutPharmacyMohamed Farid St. - in front of bus station19110Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyDr. Marco Atef Retby Pharmacy 1 (Marco Atef)Pharmacy؟El Khaiat division - El Gomhouria St.0882286078Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - AssiutPharmacyEl Gomhuria St. - Beside Vodafone19036Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyMohamed Helmy Pharmacies - Teb El QoloubPharmacyEl Wareth St. - Branched - from Saad Zaghloul St.0882339536Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyOsama Roushdy PharmacyPharmacyReyad St.01211518131 - 0882318626Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - New AssiutPharmacyGalal Pharmacy - Khaled Ibn El Waleed Tower - In Front Of The Station19110Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyDr. Essam El Din Eissa PharmacyPharmacyEl Gomhoryia St.0882322621Online
AssuitDayroutPharmacyNew D. Shaimaa Mohamed PharmacyPharmacyAbo Gabal Sq.01022951888Online
AssuitManfaloutPharmacyDr. Asmaa Mohamed Abu El Fadl Pharmacy - Manfloot 1PharmacyOmar Ebn El Khatab St.   - Manfloot0884708627Online
AssuitManfaloutPharmacyDr. Asmaa Mohamed Abu El Fadl Pharmacy - Manfloot 2PharmacyEl Akid Ahmed Ahmed Saad St. - Manfloot0884708351Online
AssuitManqabad PharmacyDr. Eriny Nagy Pharmacy (Marco Atef)PharmacyEl Wehda El Mahalia St. - Manqabad0882270455Online
AssuitManqabad PharmacyDr. Basem Rayed Pharmacy (Marco Atef)PharmacyEl Sekka El Hadid St. - Manqabad88227330Online
AssuitEl QoseyaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - QuseyaLaboratoryEl Galaa St. - above Cairo Bank - Quseya Center19014Online
AssuitEl QoseyaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- QosyaLaboratoryEl Galaa St. - infront of National Bank - El Qosya19911Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - AssiutLaboratoryYousry Ragheb St. - El Awkaf Building19014Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Asyout(Gomhoryia)LaboratoryEl Gomhoreya St. - El Raaee Tower19911Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Assiut (El Mahata)LaboratoryEl Mahata Sq. - Khaled Ibn El Walid19911Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Assiut 2LaboratoryEl Nasr Towers St. - 2nd District Assiut - Hassan El Bakorny St.19014Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - AssiutLaboratoryEl Gomhorreya St. - El Fardous Tower - above Cairo Bank19445 - 0882284118Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - AssiutLaboratoryEl Sadat District - El Azhar Tower - Extension of Ragheb St. - in front of Napoli Desserts - 3rd Floor16064 - 01129030355 - 0882371115Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryRoyal lab - AssuitLaboratoryEl Nahal Tower - Yousri Rghaeeb St. - fifth floor16064 - 0882341990 - 01144495452Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - AssiutLaboratoryEl Gomhoreya St. - Farmer Tower16191Online
AssuitAssuitRadiology CenterDr.Mohamed Nafady Radiology CenterRadiologyOsman Ibn Affan towers - El Gomheryia St.0882068200 - 0882068400Online
AssuitAssuitRadiology CenterCity Scan Radiology CenterRadiologyAhmed Khashaba St. From Ali Makarm St.0882084126Offline
AssuitAssuitOpticalOsama Maher Aziz Hanna Optical CenterOpticalEl Mostafa Mall St. - beside Ikhnaton Hotel01220708866Online
AssuitAssuitClinicEnas Magdy ShehataPediatricsYousry Rageb St. - El Zohour tower01003596925 - 0882373826Offline
AssuitAssuitClinicGeorge William AgbanInternal Medicine26th Of July St. - Beside Dr.Raafat Pharmacy01227117675 - 01116689455Offline
AssuitAssuitClinicEhab Halim GhalyDermatologyEl Zohour tower - Yousry Ragheb St.01001842940 - 0882373826Offline
AssuitAssuitClinicFadia Anis LozaOphthalmologyDar El Moalemeen St.- Yousry Ragheb Extension - First of El Sadat0882144152 - 01222825389Offline
AssuitAssuitClinicGeorge Labib AntwanOpthalmologyEl Manfaz Sq.- El Hassan Tower - 4th Floor0882323836 - 01006894562Offline
AssuitDayroutClinicMagdy Lamaey EliasDermatologyAbo Gabal division1225727024Offline
AssuitAssuitDentistMohamed El Saleh Abd El RadiDentistYousry Ragheb St. - El Togayereen Building - Apartment no. 4140882352100 - 01114544132 Online
AssuitAssuitDentistMohamed Mahmoud El SokaryDentistEl Hekmdar St.882056409Offline
AssuitDayroutDentistMohamed El Saleh Abd El RadiDentistEl Moalmeen St. -above El Arkam Pharmacy0882352100 - 01114544132 Online
AssuitAssuitClinicDr Hany Fathy Internal MedicineEl Zohour tower - Yousry Ragheb St.1020827479Offline
AssuitAssuitClinicDr.Tarek Ragaey Internal Medicine14 Governorate Street in front of Al Shahr Al Eaqariy01005263716 -0882067933Offline
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Assiut 3LaboratoryLand Piece No. 5 - El Gomhoria St intersecting with Mouris St. - Beside Banque Du Cairo -  infront of Othman Ebn Afan Towers19014Online
AssuitManfaloutPharmacyOm El Nour PharmacyPharmacyManfalout - Al 20 St1224668199Online
AssuitEl QoseyaClinic Dr.Gadallah Awad   Internal medicine specialist   El Qusia - El Galaa Street - Child Care Street 1224647390Offline
AssuitDayroutClinic Dr.Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Cardiologist professor Dairout- Egypt And Sudan Tower  1140058615Offline
AssuitAssuitPharmacy Dr.Nagwa Shehata PharmacyPharmacy El Telephonat street 01097402200-01200406864 Online
AssuitDayroutPharmacy  Dr.Mahmoud Abd El Megied Mahmoud new PharmacyPharmacy  Dairout - El Galaa street front of family court 1001964017Online
AssuitAbnoub Pharmacy Dr.George Nashaat Pharmacy Pharmacy Abnoub - north the town 01000801232  Online
Assuit El Fath Pharmacy Dr.Mariam Atef Zahgar New PharmacyPharmacy El Fath - El Wasta - El Ganayen Street  0882460088-01208017000 Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyTasnem Abd El Nasser PharmacyPharmacyWest Assiut - Nefrtary St.01020832669 Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Assiut AzharLaboratory139 Azhar University St.16191Online
AssuitAssuitLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - AssiutLaboratoryNahal Tower - Beside Faisal Bank16191Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyEl Ezaby - Assiut 2Pharmacy yousry ragheb - assuit19600Online
AssuitEl QoseyaClinicDr Emad SalamaENTAl Qusia Orabi Street1282392200Offline
AssuitAssuitRadiology CenterAl Rowad Scan Radiology Center RadiologyAssuit Yousry Ragheb Street - Wagdy Tower 0882368030 - 0882368020Offline
AssuitAssuitPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Rafik Yaqoub PharmacyPharmacy 29 Al-Adly St., in front of Nasser Secondary School - Assiut011-01433108Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Ahmed Al Nashar PharmacyPharmacyEl Zahraa St. - Assiut011-01438865Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Therese Ezzat PharmacyPharmacy150 El Thawra Street - Corniche El Nil - next to the governorate building - Bandar II - Assiut011-26744142Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Al-Fath PharmacyPharmacyEl Helaly St. - in front of the Civil Defense - Assiut011-26746363Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Yasser Farouk Ayyad PharmacyPharmacyAssiut Station - Assiut011-40166261Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Pharmacy d. Irene Breeze YoussefPharmacyEl Gomhoureya Street, Sharq District - Assiut011-03057607Online
AssuitAbo TeegLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Abo El TegLaboratoryDr. Mohamed Hashem St,(Galaa St.) - Above Misr Bank - Abo El Teg19014Online
AssuitEl QoseyaPharmacyOrange Pharmacies-Dr. Sahar Abdel Mawla RabiePharmacyDivision of Laws - next to Al-Fayrouz Hospital and Freedom Tower - Assiut19001Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyOrange Pharmacies-Dr. Sameh Saber HanadPharmacyTeachers - the main entrance - next to Al-Talawi Ceramics - Assiut19001Online
AssuitAssuitPharmacyOrange Pharmacies-Dr. Saher Sameh SamirPharmacyMohamed Naguib Serry Street (formerly the Presbyterian Church division) - Assiut19001Online
AssuitAssuitOpticalHany Look CenterOpticalgenena el nmees street ,Assuit 1012959234Offline
AssuitAssuitDentistDr. Amr Ahmed MahmoudDentist Assuit- Yossri Ragheb St, El Tawheed tower number 1 second floor1024120304Online
AssuitAbo TeegClinicDr. Wael MattaENT Abu Tig, Al-Jalaa Street, in front of Nasser Park 01000722896 / 2489888 Offline
AssuitAssuitClinicDr. Maged Emile Hanna Dermatology Assiut, Al Jaysh Street, above George's Pharmacy 0882336920 / 1203705015 / 1286219241Offline
AssuitAssuitClinicDr Rashad WahibInternal medicine El Gomhoria Street in front of Pharma Pharmacy 0882062365 Offline
AssuitAssuitClinicDr. Wael MattaENTAssiut, Thabet Street, in front of shikuril Moll - Al Assal Building, 2nd floor1009093401Offline
AswanAbo SimbelHospitalAbo Simbel International HospitalHospitalAbo Simbel0973400278Offline
AswanAswanHospitalEvangelical Mission Hospital Al GermaniyyaHospitalKornish El Nile Street0972450173 - 0972450176 - 0972450166 - 01221385685Offline
AswanAswanHospitalRed Crescent Hospital - AswanHospitalShark El Bandar St. - El Tabia Square0972448020Offline
AswanAswanHospitalAswan Oncology HospitalHospitalKorniesh El Nile - Beside Governmental Bodies Complex972428374Offline
AswanAswanSpecialized CenterAmplifon - AswanSpecialized CenterShark El Bandar St. - City Center Mall - beside El Tabeia Mosque0972323159 - 19508 - 01204433239Offline
AswanEl SodanyaPharmacyD. Magdy Vector Halim PharmacyPharmacyEl Hememy El Gabalawy St.97492384Online
AswanEdfoPharmacyEl Manar Pharmacy - AswanPharmacy23rd St. extension1006826528 - 0972456425Online
AswanAswanPharmacyRemon Kamal PharmacyPharmacyAbaas Mahmoud El Akaad St. (El Barka perviously)0972468061Online
AswanAswanPharmacyEl Tahrir PharmacyPharmacyAbtaal El Tahrir St. - Ali Gomaa building - behind Segal0972465019 - 01121589999Online
AswanAswanPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Aswan El Gam'eePharmacyInfront of The University Hospital19036Online
AswanAswanPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Cornish AswanPharmacyEl Gomhuria St. - Beside Vodafone19036Online
AswanAswanPharmacyEl Ezaby - AswanPharmacyChamber of commerce Building - beside Itslat - el Kornich St.19600Online
AswanAswanPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - El AkkadPharmacyEl Sadat Way - Beside Egyptian Agricultural Bank19036Online
AswanAswanPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - El FayrouzPharmacyEl Samad St. Beside Kobra El Nasreya19036Online
AswanKoum OmbouPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Kom OmboPharmacyEl Zohour St. - Infront Of Family Court 119036Online
AswanEdfoLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - EdfoLaboratory23 of july St. intersection with city ??Council - infront of Edfo Phone central19911Online
AswanEdfoLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - EdfoLaboratory23 july Street - in front of Health Insurance 3rd Floor19014Online
AswanAswanLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - AswanLaboratoryKornish El Nile - Mobinile Building19014Online
AswanAswanLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - AswanLaboratoryKornish El Nile - Alex Bank19911Online
AswanAswanLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - AswanLaboratoryCornich El Nile St. - 1st Floor - Above Alexandria Bank16064 - 01144415599 - 0972310285Online
AswanKoum OmbouLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Koum AmbouLaboratoryPort Saied Street front of El United Bank Of Egypt - Railway Station19014Online
AswanKoum OmbouLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Koum AmbouLaboratorySalah Salem Street - Train Station19911Online
AswanAswanRadiology CenterEgy Scan Radiology Center - AtlasRadiologyAtlas - Beside El Neyaba El Askaryia - Behind Oncology institute01125244440 - 01111961519Online
AswanAswanRadiology CenterEgy Scan Radiology Center - Kasr El HagarRadiologyKasr El Hagar - Infront of Specialized Nile Hospital1027360260Online
AswanKoum OmbouRadiology CenterEgy Scan Radiology Center - Koum OmbouRadiologyEl Sabeen - Beside El Shaab Club01124399211 - 01010195452Online
AswanEdfoClinicKirollos Sobhy MattaInternal Medicine23 July St. - Infront of Agricultural Club01111382539Offline
AswanEdfoClinicMohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud El GhalyUrology23rd July St. - ElKebly Sq. - In Front Of El Hager Bus Stop01002416618 - 01118589265 - 0974710130Offline
AswanAswanClinicMahrous Magly MosaadPediatricsAl Sail El Refee - 4 St. - Beside El Hussein for Electrical appliance01229190846Offline
AswanAswanClinicAlaa El Din  HabibENTEl Baraka Street - Beside El Baraka Pharmacy - El Omda Building0972469290Offline
AswanAswanClinicSayed Abd El Wahab Mohamed MahmoufOrthopedic SurgeryEl Baraka St. - beside Oscar Hotel01007139597 - 01112657744Offline
AswanAswanClinicHossam Abd El Fahim El Sayed MohamedObstetrics & GynecologyKasr El Hagar - El Atebaa tower - Amin Saad El Din Building - 1st floor01020000460 - 0972319192Offline
AswanAswanPharmacy Magdy Vector Halim PharmacyPharmacyEl Hememy El Gabalawy St.01274911449 - 01001663796Online
AswanAswanPharmacy Magdy Vector Halim PharmacyPharmacyEl Gasat Street . In front of the  El Gasat Factory01274911449 - 01001663796Online
AswanKoum OmbouPharmacyAmal PharmacyPharmacykoum ombou - Behind the Agrarian Reform1288058575Online
AswanKoum OmbouPharmacyEl Zohoor Pharmacy - AswanPharmacykoum ombou - Behind the health Department 1276452645Online
AswanKoum OmbouHospitalAl Saeid Hospital -Koum OmbouOutPatient ,Inpatient and EmergencyEl Zohour St - Koum Ombou - ِAswan  01159284898 - 01149398708Offline
AswanAswanOpticalMostafa Fathy Optical CenterOpticalAswan Airport Street , Essam Al Juhainy Building1220928885Online
AswanAswanClinicDr. Peter Adel Amin Internal MedicineKasr El Hagar Street Above Studio Karim -Aswan 1224197273Offline
AswanAswanDentistMadina Dental CenterDentistAbatal El Tahrir St. - Infront OF Seha Madina - 1st Mall01272047916-01129543792-01020460737Online
AswanAswanLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - AswanLaboratory63 Kasr El Hajar Street - Taiba Medical Center16191Online
AswanAswanClinic Dr.Mostafa Abd El Razek Cardiologist Consultant  El Shawarby Old Street Behind El Shawarby Pharmacy01148678898-0972460512Offline
AswanAswanPharmacy El Nasr PharmacyPharmacy El Hadadeen Street1285030577Online
AswanAswanPharmacy Queen PharmacyPharmacy Old industrial City Street front of Mobil Gas1287278795Online
AswanAswanPhysiotherapy CenterEl Shefaa Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyKasr El Hagar Street Behind Egy Scan Radiology Center01146085154 - 0972493434Offline
AswanAswanPharmacy El Gomhoria PharmacyPharmacy El Emam El Shafeey Street from Kasr El Hagar Street1227807025Online
AswanEdfoPharmacy El Rahma PharmacyPharmacy Edfo - Beside Nile Street1157635635Online
AswanAswanPharmacyAmr Zein PharmacyPharmacyEl Hadadeen St.1208182183Online
AswanKoum OmbouPharmacy Dr.Makram PharmacyPharmacy Kom Ombo - Adel Hamdy Street1287778788Online
AswanAswanLaboratoryAl Hekma LabLaboratoryAswan - Corniche -Above the Cairo Bank 01062777547 - 097246090Online
AswanAswanHospitalInternational Eye HospitalHospitalsaad zaghloul st. next to elnouba hotel1123686089Online
AswanAswanPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Ahmed Galal PharmacyPharmacyAl-Sail Road - next to Traffic - Aswan011-19418820Online
AswanAswanPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Pharmacy d. Ahmed Jalal Rashid newPharmacyNile Corniche - Aswan Plaza Mall011-03217786Online
AswanAswanClinicSayed Abd El Wahab Mohamed MahmoufOrthopedic Surgery Aswan - Kom Ombo - Al-Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz Street - next to the Abasyaa  parking01127887642 & 01007006390Offline
AswanKoum OmbouClinicDr Sayed Ahmed HassanDermatologist Aswan- Kom ombo- Borsaeed ST793629119Offline
AswanKoum OmbouDentistDr Moheb Adel AttiaDentist Aswan- Kom ombo- 10 Ahmed Fareed st 01225975251Online
AswanKoum OmbouOpticalEl Wardany Optical Center OpticalAswan- Kom ombo- Borsaeed ST, next to National Bank 1004747107Online
AswanKoum OmbouPharmacyDr. Mohamed Ahmed (Sofian) PharmacyPharmacy Aswan- Kom ombo- El Akkad road next to Abd El Rahman mosque  01007667194 Online
AswanKoum OmbouClinicDr. Magdy Youssef keke Pediatrics & Internal Medicine Aswan- Kom ombo- Mohamed Fareed st on front of Banl Misr 01152224181Offline
AswanDrawPharmacyEl Ameen pharmacyPharmacy Aswa ,Draw - Religious institutes St 01101101219Online
AswanKoum OmbouPhysiotherapy CenterSama Center for PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapyAswan- Kom ombo- Saad Zaghlol st El Zohor01222872450 / 01005634231Online
Aswan AswanClinic Dr.Ahmed Badawy Urology Surgery Specialist El Sodania Street Behind Khaled Pharmacy1123586687Offline
Bani SuefEl WastaHospitalEl Borg Specialized HospitalHospitalSaad Zaaghloul St.0822513111Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefHospitalBorg El Zahraa Hospital - Bani SueifHospitalIslam St. - intersection of Ahmed Orabi St.0822353507/8/9Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefHospitalEl Salam charity Hospital - Beni SuefHospitalTosoun St. - beside El Sayeda Horria St.01274680399Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefHospitalDar El Oyoun Hospital - Bani SueifHospitalTalaat St. - El Horreya Land - behind Police Station01099911337 - 0822333326Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefHospitalEl Rowad Hospital - Bani SueifHospitalEl Zohour District - Infront Of El Sadr Hospital01005697355 - 01113834322 - 01288228869 - 0822142143/4 - 19635Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefHospitalEl Daawa Hospital for Cardiac CatheterHospitalAbd El Salam Aaref intersection with Ring Road01115043506 - 01011203363Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefHospitalInternational Eye Hospital - Beni SuefHospitalEl Fayoum New Road - Beside El Safwa School19650Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefHospitalEl Hayah Complete Medical Center Hospital - Bani SwefHospitalAgriculture Sq. - El Sheimy Medical Tower01030955535 - 0822121213Online
Bani SuefBani SuefSpecialized CenterAmplifon - Bani SueifSpecialized CenterPort Said St. - Ard El Horreya - El Horreya Tower19508 - 01205518118 - 0822363617Offline
Bani SuefBebaPharmacyDr. Ahmed Mohamed Tharwat Ismail PharmacyPharmacyTorad El Nile St. - beside El Rahman Mosque01003324126Online
Bani SuefBani SuefPharmacyMohamed Hosny PharmacyPharmacySafy El Din El Abbasseri St. - Next to El Basha Restaurant01146404688 - 0822215070 - 01091021567Online
Bani SuefEl FashnLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- El FashnLaboratoryEl Ibrahimeya St. - beside Maghagha Bus Stop - El Atebaa Tower19911Online
Bani SuefEl FashnLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El FashnLaboratoryEl Ahly Bank Old St. - Above Orange - 1st Floor19014Online
Bani SuefEl WastaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - El WastaLaboratorySaad Zagloul St. with El Madares St.19911Online
Bani SuefEl WastaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories- El WastaLaboratoryAhmed Orabi St. with El Markaz St. - beside Wadeea Jewelery Shop19014Online
Bani SuefEl WastaLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - El WastaLaboratoryGamal Abd El Naser St. (El Thanawya)19445 - 0822517500Online
Bani SuefEl WastaLaboratoryMisr Laboratories (Cairo) - El WastaLaboratoryEl Mahlag building - infront of mahlag el kotn01018266601 - 0822512402Online
Bani SuefBebaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - BebaLaboratoryPort Said St. - Beside Ambulance19911Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Bani SueifLaboratoryHareth Sq. - El Gebaly Street19014Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Bani SwaifLaboratoryDr. Aly El Shafiy St. - Beside Omar Effindy19911Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Bani SueifLaboratoryAhmed Orabi St. - intersection with El Helal16191Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Bani SueifLaboratory23th July St. - in front of Cairo Bank19445 - 0822349126Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Bani SueifLaboratorySafia Zaghlool St.16064 - 01122872221 - 0822315732Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryMisr Laboratories (Cairo) - Beni Suef 1LaboratoryBorg El Zahraa Hospital01092922771 - 0822331727Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryMisr Laboratories (Cairo) - Beni Suef 2LaboratoryIslam St. - infront of El Zahraa Hospital01092922883 - 0822362535Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryMisr Laboratories (Cairo) - Beni Suef 3LaboratoryEl Hareth square01028005346 - 0822208051Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Bani Suef 2LaboratoryMetwally El Sharawy St. - previously Abd El Salam Aref St. - Hamdy Radwan Crossroad - Villas area - above El Mezanin - 1st Floor19014Online
Bani SuefEl FashnRadiology CenterTiba Health Care - El FashnRadiologyEl Ibrahmia St. - infront of old telephone center - beside zohoor El Hayah Hospital01145447485 - 01097778659Online
Bani SuefBani SuefRadiology CenterTiba Health Care - Bani SueifRadiologyPortsaid St. - El Nada tower0822350153 - 0822350159Online
Bani SuefBani SuefRadiology CenterTiba Health Care - Zenziya towerRadiologyArd El Horreya - Zezienya tower - beside Development Bank01124876622Online
Bani SuefBani SuefRadiology CenterTiba Health Care - El GeishRadiologyEl Geish St. - beside Nasser Central Hospital - infront of El Shamya bridge01147570602Online
Bani SuefBani SuefPhysiotherapy CenterEl Zaher PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapyEl Horeya Section - Behind KFC01010413889 - 0822130666Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefOpticalEl Lotus Optical CenterOpticalAbo Bakr El Manzalawy St. - In Front Of El Salam El Khairy Hospital01091631122 - 01279334491Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefOpticalJoly Optics - Bani SueifOpticalEl Sherouk Mall - South Nile  - New Bani Sueif01002565723Online
Bani SuefAhnsaiaClinicMohamed Sayed TantawyPediatricsIn Front Of El Nada Center - Behind El Noor Laboratories - Ahnasia01126945579Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefClinicMohamed Sayed TantawyPediatricsEast Nile - In Front Of Abou Bakr Mosque01007588796 - 01149632335Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefClinicAtwa Yassin HassanInternal MedicineSalah Salem St. - infront of Shafee St.- Beside El Eskan - In Front Of el Tahrir Pharmacy0822162628 - 01097009747 - 01005438021Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefClinicTarek Atef Taha MohamedInternal Medicine & Diabetes & NephrologyEl Zeraeen Sq. - Abd El Salam Aref St. - Mazaya tower1066880903Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefClinicHesham Ahmed Abdel Wehab NafadyGeneral Surgeryinfront of Directorate cross - El Hayah Tower - Second Floor01200873027 - 01550702900Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefClinicKhaled Mohamed MetwallyOrthopedic Surgery1st of Islam St. - Ahmed Oraby intersection01001961102 - 0822356020Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefClinicKhaled Refaat Mohamed Abd El MegedCardio-Vasc.& Thoracic SurgeryEl Nada tower - El Autobees St. - 2nd floor01001432397Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefClinicOsama Ahmed Amin Abd El MegedCardiologyEl Yousr tower - Salah Salem St. - infront of Education - 6th floor01281199544 - 01005261891Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefDentistAhmed Omar RamadanDentistAhmed Orabi St. - beside Abo El Dahab Patisserie01064889555 - 01118708996Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefSpecialized CenterNile Center For Gastro Enterology endoscopy and LiverSpecialized CenterAhmed Orabi Street, in front of Military High School, above Nile Pharmacy1228143000Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefOpticalTaiba Optics CenterOpticalBani Suef Al-Abaseer in front of the Al-Abasiri Mosque1003452793Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefClinicHesham GenedyENT Directorate Square - Jerusalem Tower - above Al Raya Market015511821421-01023557446Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefSpecialized CenterAman El Hayah Medical CenterSpecialized CenterPort Said Street, the intersection of Rajaei Street, in front of the Egypt Youth Exhibition01101533999-0822333999Online
Bani SuefAhnsaiaRadiology CenterTiba Health Care - AhnasyaRadiologyThe Doctor's Tower - In Front Of El Nada Center For Hijab1110139222Online
Bani SuefBebaRadiology CenterTiba Health Care - BebaRadiologyStart of the Hospital St. - BEside Bani Sueif Station and El Eman Laboratory01009215751-01141256600Online
Bani SuefSamestaRadiology CenterTiba Health Care - SamestaRadiology29 El Galaa St. - Beside El Hayah Hospital1015097374Online
Bani SuefBani SuefClinicEmad Mostafa GaberUrologyNext to Maymoun Youth Center – banii sueif01129704017- 01111789787Offline
Bani SuefBani SuefClinic Soha Hassan Rheumatology and RehabilitationSadat Road, next to the ice factory1114494887Offline
Bani SuefEl FashnClinicAbdel Moneim Hussein Abdel Alim Internal MedicineEl Fashn Police Station - Beni Suef1141206235Offline
Bani SuefEl FashnPharmacyAl Shifaa PharmacyPharmacyInfront of Police Station.1101679696Online
Bani SuefBani SuefPharmacyAshraf ShahtootPharmacy East of the Nile, the second district, the neighborhood 4/15, next to Al-Tawfiq School822067064Online
Bani SuefBebaPharmacyMamdouhPharmacyold cinema street824401802Online
Bani SuefEl FashnPharmacyMohamed Gaber PharmacyPharmacyAl-Bahr Al-Azam Street Al-Fashn - Beni Suef1005522519Online
Bani Suef El WastaPharmacyHadeer
PharmacyTrad El Nil Street in front of Misr El Wasta Bank1024685557Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- BanisweifLaboratory1030 banks district - beside National bank of Egypt -  new bani souif city - first  floor19911Online
Bani SuefBani SuefPharmacyElite Pharmacies - Bani SueifPharmacyAbd El Salam Aref St. - In Front Of The Civil Registry1093204964Online
Bani SuefBani SuefPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Hanan Qarni PharmacyPharmacySalah Salem Street - Beni Suef011-50875711Online
Bani SuefBani SuefPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Abbasia PharmacyPharmacyJuly 23 Sports St. (formerly King Farouk St.) - Beni Suef011-01433102Online
Bani SuefBani SuefPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Rania El-Sayed Younes Habas PharmacyPharmacySalah Salem St. - Television Buildings - Beni Suef011-02232044Online
Bani SuefBani SuefPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Hussein Mohamed PharmacyPharmacySalah Salem Street - Al Marmah - Beni Suef011-00390876Online
Bani SuefEl WastaPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Pharmacy d. Qutb successPharmacyAl-Mahalj Stores - Al-Wasiti - Beni Suef011-01833485Online
Bani SuefBani SuefSpecialized CenterCity ClinicSpecialized Center116 Villa Bank El Ahli street - Banques area15465 - 1281152610Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryTrust Laboratories - Bani Sueif 2Laboratoryport said st - el nada square - 2nd floor 16183Online
Bani SuefBani SuefLaboratoryTrust Laboratories - Bani Sueif 1Laboratorysalah salem st first floor - above el doghry16183Online
Bani SuefBebaPharmacyEl Shefa PharmacyPharmacy Tahrir street - Beba 01220736955Online
Bani SuefBani SuefOpticalFeteha Optical Center - Bani SuefOptical171 Ahmed oraby street - beni suef23576095Online
BehiraEdkoHospitalEl Gomhoreyia ClinicsHospitalEl Gomhoreyia St. - beside Seidi Dawoud Mosque0452910768Online
BehiraRasheedHospitalEl Basha HospitalHospitalAbd El Salam Aref St. - Rasheed0452925100Offline
BehiraAitay El BaroudHospitalEl Shefaa Specialized HospitalHospitalEtay el Barood beside Elsaha Elshaabya0453441172 - 0453441162   Offline
BehiraAitay El BaroudHospitalAitay for Health Care Hospital - CICHospitalEl Gomhoria St. - Amlit road0453435364 - 01030214142Offline
BehiraDamanhourHospitalEl Farouk Specialized HospitalHospitalEl Homeyyat Hospital St. - beside New Station01001824138 - 0453142626/36/46Offline
BehiraDamanhourHospitalEl Eman Spcialized Hospital - DamanhourHospitalEl Salam St. - infront of road and bridges administration0453327547 - 0453312943Offline
BehiraDamanhourHospitalEl Nour Ophthalmology CenterHospitalSedi Omar St. - beside Electricity Company1066600684Offline
BehiraKafr El DawarHospitalEl Mostakbal Hospital - Kafr El DawarHospitalEl Hadayek - Beside Electricity assosiation - El Mostakbal district0452248881/6 - 01227488200 - 01011154502Online
BehiraKafr El DawarHospitalEl Madina Medical CenterHospitalEl Noor Tower - Port Said St - behind Ahli Bank0452233200 - 01220093338Offline
BehiraKafr El DawarHospitalEl Safa Hospital - Kafr El DawarHospitalKafr El Dawar New Entrance - Panorama El Omda Tower - beside El Fath Mosque0452243323  -  0452243322 - 01275052800Offline
BehiraKoum HamadaHospitalMakka Medical Center HospitalHospitalEl Kholfaa El Rashedeen St.0453681371 - 01004785934 - 01000598206Offline
BehiraKoum HamadaHospitalHegaz Hospital - BehiraHospitalEl Gawhara St. - infront of Medical Adminstiration0453682149 -  0453681860Offline
BehiraAitay El BaroudSpecialized CenterAmplifon - Etay El BaroudSpecialized CenterHousing and Development Buildings - 1st Floor - beside Abdel Hady School19508 - 01274156284Offline
BehiraDamanhourSpecialized CenterAmplifon - DamanhourSpecialized CenterAhmed Orabi St. - El Atebaa Tower - 4th Floor apartment no. 219508 - 01220323932 - 0453303014Offline
BehiraDamanhourSpecialized CenterDamanhour Cardiac Center ( DCC )Specialized Centerbehind Madareb El Orz St. - from Cornich El Nil01000185757 - 0453333372Offline
BehiraKoum HamadaSpecialized CenterDr. Mahmoud Atallah Center for Orthopedic SurgerySpecialized CenterMashahet St. - in front of Bublic Hospital0453696911 -  01007575630Offline
BehiraDamanhourPharmacyDr. Amal PharmacyPharmacyAbo Abdallah St. - Beside Kidney Center0453336160 - 01090751020Online
BehiraDamanhourPharmacyDr.Ghada El Khouly PharmacyPharmacyBehind Security Directorate Building - extension of Abo Abdallah0453305100 - 01147900006Online
BehiraDamanhourPharmacyEl Ezaby - DamanhourPharmacyAbd El Salam El Shazly St.19600Online
BehiraKafr El DawarPharmacyAyman Balbaa Pharmacy- Kafr El DawarPharmacyEl Geish St. - in front of  El Waty Bridge0452230400 - 01280066705Online
BehiraKafr El DawarPharmacyEl Ezaby - Kafr El DawarPharmacyEl Geish St.19600Online
BehiraKoum HamadaPharmacyDr.Gamal Soliman PharmacyPharmacyEl Tahrir St. - infront of Development and agriculture Credit Bank0453683411 - 01003733504 - 01200713100Online
BehiraEl DelengatLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - DelengatLaboratoryEl Naggar Tower - El Gomhoriya St. - El Zeraa Mosque Sq.19911Online
BehiraAitay El BaroudLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Eatai El BaroudLaboratoryMagles El Madina Street with Islamic Center19014Online
BehiraAitay El BaroudLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Etai El BaroudLaboratoryRamses Street with El Thawra Street - El Gamaa Sq19911Online
BehiraAitay El BaroudLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -Etay El BaroodLaboratoryEl Gomhoryia St. - infront of Etay El Barood Court19445 - 0453440513Online
BehiraAitay El BaroudLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Etay El BaroudLaboratoryRamsis St. - El Gamee Square16191Online
BehiraAbo El MatameerLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Abo El MatamirLaboratoryShaarawy St. - Doctors Tower - Above Rady Pharmacy19911Online
BehiraDamanhourLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-DamanhourLaboratoryAhmed Moharam St. - infront of State Security19014Online
BehiraDamanhourLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-DamanhourLaboratoryAhmed Oraby Street - Sakala Sq.19911Online
BehiraDamanhourLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -DamanhourLaboratoryEl Sheikh Selim El Beshry - Oraby Sq.19445 - 0453330585Online
BehiraDamanhourLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - DamanhourLaboratoryOrabi Basha Tower - Ahmed Orabi St.16191Online
BehiraRasheedLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - RashedLaboratoryAbd El Salam Aref St. - Front of Alex Bank19014Online
BehiraRasheedLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -RasheedLaboratoryAbd El Salam Aref St.19445 - 0452930016Online
BehiraRasheedLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - RasheedLaboratoryEl Geish St. - branched from El Galal St. - bside Rasheed Museum19911Online
BehiraKafr El DawarLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Kafr El DawarLaboratoryAhmed Oraby St. - Zamzam Tower19014Online
BehiraKafr El DawarLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Kafr El DawarLaboratoryPort Saied St. - National Bank Building19911Online
BehiraKafr El DawarLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -Kafr El DawarLaboratoryBorg Zamzam - El Bahr St. - infront of El Moshah bridge19445 - 0452220966Online
BehiraKafr El DawarLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Kafr El DawwarLaboratoryOm El Qorra Tower - Ahmed Orabi St.16191Online
BehiraKoum HamadaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Kom HamadaLaboratoryEl Tahrir St. - infront of the barrier - beside The National Bank - 1st Floor19014Online
BehiraKoum HamadaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Koum HamadaLaboratoryEl Tahrir St. - Beside National Bank of Egypt19911Online
BehiraKafr El DawarRadiology CenterKafr El Dawar Radiology CenterRadiologyNew Kafr El Dawar Enterance - Beside Esso El Araby Cafe - Above Market0452237223/4Online
BehiraAitay El BaroudPhysiotherapy CenterEl Rahma Physiotherapy Center - BehiraPhysiotherapyin front of El Noor Mosque0453441114 - 01006938369Offline
BehiraKafr El DawarPhysiotherapy CenterDr. Mario Magdy Azmy PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapyKafr El Dawar Entrance - Beside the Upper Bridge - Dahab Tower - 4th Floor01221405797Online
BehiraDamanhourClinicSerag El Din Kamal Abo AlloPediatricsAhmed Moharam St. - El Sa'a Square - El Serag Tower - in front of State Security Investigations Previously0453294505 - 01147071530 Offline
BehiraKoum HamadaHospitalAl Andalous Specialized HospitalHospitalEl Thawra St.01003239991 - 01063271716 - 0453688095 - 0453685500Online
BehiraKoum HamadaHospitalTiba Specialized Hospital - Kom HamadaHospitalEl Etihad St. - behind city counsil01009679516 - 0453682422Offline
BehiraMarkaz BadrHospitalEl Resala HospitalHospitalMarkaz Badr - Moderiat El Tahrir - El Horiya St. - infront of The Public Hospital01011900088 - 0453629161Offline
BehiraEdkoPharmacyDr. Mohamed Waheeb PharmacyPharmacyEl Homosany St. - Ali Mostafa Waheb0452903773Online
BehiraAitay El BaroudPharmacyDr. Ehab El Said PharmacyPharmacySalah Salem St. - extension of El Saghaa St.01007614636Online
BehiraRasheedPharmacyDr. Doaa Hegab PharmacyPharmacyAbd El Salam Aref St.01025031112Online
BehiraKafr El DawarPharmacyDr. Eman Said PharmacyPharmacyEl Mostakbal District - El Hadayek - beside El Kahrbaa Foundation0452212510 - 01288858830 - 01288864402Online
BehiraKafr El DawarPharmacyKerles Neseem PharmacyPharmacyRawda El Sherif St. - In front of Family Court0452247778 - 01224703983 - 01554404893 - 01227104811Online
BehiraMarkaz BadrPharmacyEl Resala PharmacyPharmacyMarkaz Badr - Moderiat El Tahrir - El Horiya St.01011900088Online
BehiraDamanhourRadiology CenterEl Mostakbal Radiology Center - DamanhourRadiologyAbd El Salam El Shazly St. - Infront of Governorate Building - beside Abo Karim Restaurant01287273773 - 0453340099 - 0453340066Online
BehiraKoum HamadaClinicHamdy Mohamed Abd El Moteleb ShaabanGeneral SurgeryOraby St. - above El Shefa Pharmacy01003314442Offline
BehiraDamanhourDentistMarwan Mohamed Farid MohamedDentistEl Rawda St. - beside Dr. Hassan Pharmacy0453168070 - 01001825663Online
BehiraKoum HamadaDentistMostafa Abd El Megeed Gabr - Tiba Dental CenterDentistEl Kholafaa El Rashedeen St. - Behind Magles El Madina01094738720Online
Behira Abo HomosHospitalBelal Specialized Hospital - Abo HemsHospitalEL Ershad St. - Behind the station - Bilal Islamic Charity complex452565019Offline
BehiraAitay El BaroudLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - Eitay El BaroudLaboratoryUniversity Sequare - Beside Mohamed Majed Pharmacy16987Online
BehiraDamanhourLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - DamanhourLaboratoryMerry Land - Doctors Tower16987Online
BehiraKafr El DawarLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - Kafr El DawwarLaboratoryAhmed Orabi Street - Safa Tower16987Online
BehiraAbo El MatameerClinicMary PhillipGynacology20 Port Said St.1273220302Offline
BehiraAbo El MatameerClinicFarag NashedIM & Pediatrics Alexandria St.1006902273Offline
BehiraAbo El MatameerClinicAhmed Saber BarakatGeneral Surgery and OncologyEl Markaz St. - In Front Of El Sheikh Abd El Hakim1005356086Offline
BehiraAbo El MatameerPharmacyDr. Fouad Saad Morris PharmacyPharmacyAquatic Inspection - Janakleez1006465060Online
BehiraAbo El MatameerPharmacyEl Hayat Pharmacy - BehiraPharmacyAllaam St. - of El Tahrir St.1096505000Online
BehiraAbo El MatameerPharmacySherein Awad PharmacyPharmacyJanakleez's branch - In Front Of the traffic Blockade1210951371Online
BehiraAbo El MatameerPharmacyDr.Nadia Makar PharmacyPharmacyEl Nobareyia Company - Abo El Matameer1002210811Online
BehiraAbo El MatameerHospitalDar El Shefa Specialized Hospital - Abo El MatameerHospitalAndalous St. - Off Merkaz St. - Educational adminstration - Beside the High School1028882120Offline
BehiraAbo El MatameerLaboratoryHedia LaboratoriesLaboratoryEl Markaz St. - In Front Of El Sheikh Abd El Hakim1010870353Online
BehiraDamanhourDentistLouran Dental CareDentistEl Saa'a Sq. - Beside el Mokhtabar Laboratories045/3302888Online
BehiraDamanhourDentistAmerican Dental CareDentistAhmed Oraby St. El Kanafany tower- in front of Shalaby lab453301191Online
BehiraDamanhourPharmacyEman Refaat Karkar Pharmacy - DamanhourPharmacyMostashar Refaat St. - Behind Social club0453353355 / 01111287557  Online
BehiraAbo El MatameerRadiology CenterEl Hekma Scan - Abo El Matameer - Main BranchRadiologyNawwar Tower - Beside The Central Bridge - Ring Road0114549033-01015555198Offline
BehiraDamanhourPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - DamnhurPharmacyMazaya Tower - Abdelsalam Al Shazly St - Next to Al Gamasy showroom19110Online
BehiraRasheedPharmacyTarek Basha PharmacyPharmacyAbd El Salam Aref St. next to El Basha specialized hospital452933922Online
Behira Abo HomosPharmacy El Shifa Pharmacy - Abo HomoosPharmacy  Nasser St.452560200Online
BehiraNubaria Clinic Essam El FetianyOrthopedics In front of general hospital1014387894Offline
BehiraNubaria ClinicMohamed Khairy TantawyENTCommercial city center- behind national security1010271245Offline
BehiraNubaria ClinicDr Ahmed Mousa General Surgeryplaza mall - second neighborhood 1017261940Offline
BehiraNubaria LaboratoryEl Amal LaboratoryLaboratory Behind national security452636234Online
BehiraNubaria ClinicAdley Saleh Awad Abu AlKasemNeurology in front of National Security Mosque above Sabry Awad Pharmacy1099883769Offline
BehiraAbo El MatameerClinicAdley Saleh Awad Abu AlKasemNeurologyNext to El Sheikh Khaled Mosque above El Hewely Pharmacy1012503506Offline
BehiraDamanhourHospital Concord HospitalHospital Abdel Salam Aref street, besides train station, concord tower , Damanhur - el beheira 0453159581/01032777704Online
BehiraNubariaPhysiotherapy CenterMohamed Waer Physiotherapy - NubariaPhysiotherapyAbove Abo Ashraf Center - Next To National security Mosque.1001876432Online
BehiraHosh EissaPhysiotherapy CenterMohamed Waer Physiotherapy - Hosh EissaPhysiotherapyNext to The Educational Administration1156043047Online
BehiraNubariaSpecialized CenterSalma Medical CenterEmergencies / clinicsin front of General hospital1006563412Online
BehiraNubariaPharmacyYoustina Medhat PharmacyPharmacyOthman Moharm Village - West Nobaria1060765083Online
BehiraDamanhourSpecialized CenterDamanhur ophthalmic centerophthalmic centerAbdelsalam aref st, besides el safwa private school , Damanhur, el behera 01022267911 - 0453364800Online
Behira Wadi el natronLaboratoryEl Wadi LaboratoriesLaboratoryIn Front Of El Nour Mosque 01212400911-
BehiraNubariaDentistMahmoud Abd Al - Aziz ِAbu KabshaDentistNoubaria Commercial Center St - Behind National Security Mosque - Above Saby Awad Pharmacy 01093639398\01277545881Online
BehiraDamanhourClinic Dr Kamal Agban Hanna Internal Medicine15El Geish towers St.453326559Offline
BehiraEl MahmodiyaPharmacyNermine Helmy pharmacyPharmacyEl Mahmodiya1208013580 - 01275434181Online
BehiraDamanhourPhysiotherapy CenterEl Mesery CenterPhysiotherapy9 elmoaz lden ellah - damnhour1004355351Online
BehiraKoum HamadaLaboratoryHassab Laboratory - Kom HamadaLaboratoryAl-Tahrir St., in front of the city council lounge16987Online
BehiraEl MahmodiyaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- ElMahmoudiaLaboratoryseka haded delta street - New manshia19911Online
BehiraEl DelengatLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- DelngatLaboratoryel galaa street -khalak allah tower - in front of health management19911Online
BehiraMarkaz BadrPharmacy Dr. Khaled Abd El SalamPharmacy Markz Badr- Elbehira1090054965Online
BehiraDamanhourHospitalLady Care HospitalHospital Nile Tower ,republice st beside general hospital 01068522117/0453121215Online
Behira Shobra KheetPharmacy Magdy Karson pharmacyPharmacy Mahmoud Abo Shroaa - in front of  Agriculture bank of Egypt453800536Online
Behira Shobra KheetPharmacyMakka PharmacyPharmacySalah Salem St. next to Bank Misr453800538Online
BehiraEl MahmodiyaHospitalMabarret el mahmoudya hospitalHospitalEl rashedya lake st. - el mahmoudya - el beheira452502766-452502765Offline
BehiraDamanhourPharmacy Dr.Samar ElAaskaryPharmacy AbdelSalam ELShazli behind Beruit flower restaurant453154074Online
BehiraDamanhourDentistElite Dental CenterDentistAbd El Salam El Shazly St. Above McDonald's1060657676Online
BehiraNubariaPharmacy Iman Hamed Hendy Pharmacy PharmacyBehind National Security 452633199Online
BehiraDamanhourPharmacyMohamed Abu Bakr Edris PharmacyPharmacyThe End Of Rawda St - Infront Of Shona Building - Under Al Feshawy Tower453284044Online
BehiraAbo El MatameerLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr LaboratoriesLaboratorySheikh Shaarawy Street, Banque Misr Building19014Online
BehiraDamanhourPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Dr. Khaled Zagloula PharmacyPharmacyAbdel Salam El Shazly Street - Damanhour - Beheira011-24200775Online
BehiraDamanhourPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Pharmacy d. Al-Moataz Allah Al-GhoulPharmacy9 Abdel Salam El Shazly St., Al Moataz Billah Tower 1, in front of Al Safwa School - Damanhour - Beheira011-56983997Online
BehiraAitay El BaroudPharmacyCare Pharmacies / Central PharmacyPharmacyThe corners of Ramses and Mostafa Kamel Streets - Beheira011-56984027Online
BehiraAitay El BaroudPharmacyOrange Pharmacies-Pharmacy / AdwaPharmacyChild Care St. - Off Mostafa Kamel St. - Behind Abdel Hadi El Sakka School - Itay Al-Baroud - Beheira19001Online
BehiraKafr El DawarPharmacyOrange Pharmacies-Dr. Ahmed Amer PharmacyPharmacy10 Sobhi St - Al-Bizana - behind Omar Effendi, next to the Kafr El-Dawwar parking complex - Kafr El-Dawwar19001Online
BehiraAbo El MatameerPharmacy Orange Pharmacies - Dr. Nardin MaherPharmacyAbd Al Kader Taha St.19001Online
BehiraDamanhourLaboratoryShalaby LabLaboratoryAhmed Oraby str. el safa tower453308888Online
BehiraDamanhourPharmacyMohamed & AhmedPharmacy El wekalah st. in front of the new social security building  , el qasr tower , damanhour - el beheira453330678Online
Behira Shobra KheetLaboratory El Fouad LaboratoryLaboratoryMahmoud Abu Shaloua in front of the city council, main street - Shubrakhit - Beheira1004472181Online
BehiraNubariaClinicDr. Arafa Mahmoud EsmailPediatrics Behind the state security above the Egyptian company1010558369Offline
Behira Shobra KheetPharmacyDr. Hazem & Amr PharmacyPharmacy Imam Muhammad Abdo Street - Shabrakhit 0453810545Online
BehiraNubariaDentistDr. Hussein LotfiDentist Behind State Security, Plot No. 9, Abdel Fattah Omar Building1111225591Online
BehiraAitay El BaroudPharmacyOrange Pharmacies - Amr GamalPharmacyAbo Eisha st, branched from Gamal Abdelnaser st.19001Online
BehiraKoum HamadaPhysiotherapy CenterDr Ammar Yasser PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapynext to el resala hospital01111571579 / 01011134116Online
BehiraAbo El MatameerLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr LaboratoriesLaboratorySheikh Al Shaarawy Street - Banque Misr Building - Abu Al Matamir19014Online
BehiraMarkaz BadrClinicDr. Ahmed SakrOpthalmologist gamal abd el naser st next to el shekh pharm 01094777698 / 01005298679Offline
BehiraAbo El MatameerClinicDr. Sherif MagdyOpthalmologistThe beginning of Al Markaz Street - from the side of the Ashour Bridge - next to Al Hanawy Cafeteria 01099338413Offline
CairoGizaHospitalDar El Oyoun Hospital - Saft El LabanHospitalEl Moaatasem Bellah St. - El Tahrir St.0233253110-01226155599Offline
CairoDokkiHospitalDar El Teb HospitalHospitalOman St.0237608741 -19613  - 0237608721 - 0237608741 - 01000778700Offline
CairoDokkiHospitalMisr International HospitalHospitalAdel Hussein Rostom St. (El Saraya previously)0233353345 - 0237617208Online
CairoDokkiHospitalEl Katib HospitalHospitalAbdallah El Katib St. - Veny Sq.19668Online
CairoDokkiHospitalEl Shabraweshy HospitalHospitalVini Square0237606444Offline
CairoDokkiHospitalEl Rowad Hospital - DokkiHospitalIran St. - from El Tahrir St. - Behind Asd Ibn El Forat mosque0233365214 - 0233365213 - 0233361664 – 01150774433  - 19635Online
CairoDokkiHospitalAl Assema HospitalHospitalEl Gomhoreyia St.16670Online
CairoDokkiHospitalInternational Eye Hospital - Children Eye BranchHospitalAdel Hussien Rostom St. - Off  Fini Square0233362622Online
CairoDokkiHospitalAl-Hayat Eye CenterHospitalAbd El Aziz Selim St. - from El Thawra St. - Beside Shooting Club0237625965 - 0233363651/0 - 0237626094 - 01006149966 - 01281030081Online
CairoDokkiHospitalEl Kawkab HospitalHospitalDoctor Al Saloly St. - Al Mesaha sq.01065801551 - 01205271390 - 37617936/7Offline
CairoDokkiHospitalDar El Oyoun Hospital - Main BranchHospitalEl Ghazaly St. - Mesadak0233359051 - 01000180780 - 01226155588Online
CairoDokkiHospitalInternational Eye Hospital - Main BranchHospitalAdel Hussien Rostom St. - Off  Fini Square0233381818Online
CairoZamalekHospitalAnglo American HospitalHospitalHadekat El Zohria St. - El Gezira0227356162 - 0227356163 - 0227356165Offline
Cairo6th Of OctoberHospital6th of October University HospitalHospitalEl Mehwar El Markazi0238362487 - 0238362483Offline
Cairo6th Of OctoberHospitalDar El Fouad HospitalHospitalEl Hay El Motamayez - Extension 26 July axis - Tourist Area16378Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberHospitalAl Safwa Hospital - OctoberHospital1st District0238372255/66/77/88Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberHospitalZohour Hospital - OctoberHospital7th district - behind El Raaeda Language School0238362462/3/4/5 - 01154864099 - 01001793217 - 01027169966 Offline
Cairo6th Of OctoberHospitalDream HospitalHospitalDream Land - Entrance No. 319351 - 0238580435/6/7Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberHospitalIHUN - OctoberHospitalPlot no. 5 - El Motamyez District - Abd El Moniem Riyad St. - Hospitals Area238831170 - 238837500 - 01000806153/4/6/7Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberHospitalNeuro Spine HospitalHospitalLa City Mall Behind El Hosary Mosque - 7th District16621 - 01023470203/2 - 38382240/50/60Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberHospitalEl Gabry HospitalHospitalEl Nagda Sq. - Beside Ammar for Orphans01126688124 - 01012496388Offline
Cairo6th Of OctoberHospitalKids Hospital - 6 octoberHospitalLa City Mall - Centeral Axis - beside Neuro Spine Hospital - behind El Hosary Mosque01099774747 - 01099773737Online
CairoAl Sayeda NafisaHospitalMaghraby Specializied Hospital - Manial El RoudaHospitalEl Sayeda Nafisa Sq.0223631111 - 19505Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedHospitalEl Sheikh Zayed HospitalHospitalEl Sheikh Zayed City0238500921 - 0238500926 - 0238500922 - 0238500923Offline
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedHospitalGlobal Care HospitalHospitalEl Mehwar El Markazy El Awsat - El Awsat St. - El Shabab St. - Behind the Islamic Complex01111808588-
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedHospitalDar El Oyoun Hospital - El Sheikh ZayedHospitalZayed Entrance 2000 - Rofayda Medical City - Behind Urban Communities Authority building01026116635 - 0237963012Online
CairoAbbaseyaHospitalAir Force General HospitalHospitalAhmed Saeed St.0226832328 - 0226832321 - 0226825616Offline
CairoAbbaseyaHospitalItalian HospitalHospitalEl Sarayat St.16143Offline
CairoEl AyiatHospitalAl Zahraa Specialized HospitalHospitalEl Geish St. - Beside the Agricultural Managment0238607947 - 01001410158 - 01112010111Offline
CairoNew CairoHospitalAir Force Specialized HospitalHospitalEl Teseen st.0226176981/5 - 19448 - 01211181199Online
CairoNew CairoHospitalClinica - 5th SettelmentHospitalEl Teseen  St. - Behind Air Force Specialized Hospital - CMC Mall01010094779 - 01159500027Offline
CairoNew CairoHospitalShifa Specialized HospitalHospitalNorth 90th St. - Behind Air Force Specialized Hospital15051 - 01068828886Online
CairoNew CairoHospitalKatameya Clinic HospitalHospitalServices Center - Piece No. 8 - Block H - Next to Police Station15027 - 0225865100Online
CairoMaadiHospitalNile Badrawy HospitalHospitalCornish El Nile19668Online
CairoMaadiHospitalEl Salam International Hospital - MaadiHospitalCornish El Nile19885 - 0225240250Online
CairoMaadiHospitalOthman HospitalHospital107 St.0225288811/22/33 - 0225249996/7/8Online
CairoMaadiHospitalAndalusyat El Nakhil HospitalHospitalPlot 4G-6 - El Laselky St.16781 - 0225036100Online
CairoMaadiHospitalAlaa Ezzat HospitalHospitalAgriculture Misr Helwan Road01090103330 - 01000171899 - 0225265584/3 - 0225287622/1Online
CairoMaadiHospitalEye Subspecialty Center, MaadiHospitalEl Nasr St. - Taqseem El Laselky19980 - 01221723732 - 01221723999 - 0227536922Online
CairoMaadiHospitalClinica - MaadiHospitalZahraa El Maadi towers - Beside El Kauwity mosque01011654448 - 01123334400Online
CairoMaadiHospitalMedical Military Complex Hospital - MaadiHospitalMaadi Corniche0225256289Offline
CairoMaadiHospitalMaghraby Specialized Hospital - MaadiHospitalZahraa El Maadi - Morshedy Tower ( Rayhanah ) - Above Kheir Zaman19505 - 0223661830Online
CairoEl MokattamHospitalMokattam Specalized HospitalHospitalstreet 9 - El Hadba El Wosta0225079854 - 0225079853 - 0225079855Offline
CairoMohandseenHospitalMaghraby Specialized Hospital - MohandessenHospitalMohy El Din Abo El Ezz St.0237610878 - 19505Online
CairoMohandseenHospitalEl Marwa HospitalHospitalSudan St.0237494328 - 0237494327Offline
CairoMohandseenHospitalEl Sherouk Hospital - MohandessenHospitalBahr El Ghazal St. - from Ahmed Orabi St.19668Online
CairoMohandseenHospitalEl Amal Hospital - MohandessenHospitalFawzy Ramah St. - from Sudan St.0233057492Offline
CairoMohandseenHospitalIHUN - MohandseenHospitalAdnan El Madany St. - From El Sudan St.0233052000 - 01008008184 - 01008008155Online
CairoMohandseenHospitalDamscus Specialized HospitalHospitalDamscus St.0233470194Online
CairoMohandseenHospitalEl Salam Hospital - MohandessenHospitalSyria St.0233030502 - 0233030504 - 0233034781-  15745 Online
CairoMohandseenHospitalBorg El Atebaa HospitalHospitalAbd El Moniem Reyad St.0233039050 - 0233030810 - 01006644991Offline
CairoMohandseenHospitalRowad Corrective Center RCCHospitalSyria St.01289999112 - 0237628739 - 0237628740Online
CairoMohandseenHospitalEl Reda Specialized HospitalHospitalEl Alamain St.0233047296 - 01206666827Offline
CairoMohandseenHospitalKids Hospital - MohandessenHospitalAsad Ibn El Forat St.- Gameat El Dewal El Arabeyia St.0237495030Online
CairoEl Nozha El GedidaHospitalSaudi German Hospital - CairoHospitalJoseph Teto St. - Nozha16259 - 0226252499 - 0226252400Online
CairoHaramHospitalEl Sherouk Hospital - HaramHospitalPrincess Fadia - from Sphinx Tourism St.0233824501 - 0233833730 - 01001716505Online
CairoHaramHospitalEl Gabry HospitalHospitalEl Haram St. - beside El Arish St.01066383395 - 01159312662Offline
CairoGisr El SuezHospitalEl Razy Medical Center - Gisr El SuezHospitalMostafa El Sharkawy St.0102616167 - 01110030339 - 0226986131 - 0226986130Offline
CairoHadayek El KobbaHospitalEl Qobba Specialized HospitalHospitalMecca St. - Administrative Control Division0222570417 - 0226036640 - 01111829733Online
CairoHadayek El KobbaHospitalEl Aml Specialized Hospital - HadayekHospitalAdminstrative Control Division - Beside El Noqrashy secondary School0224531119 - 0224531118Online
CairoHelwanHospitalAman HospitalHospitalEl Riyad St. - intersection of mostafa fahmy St.0228166656 - 0228166657Online
CairoHelwanHospitalRowad Corrective Center RCC - HelwanHospitalMohamed Sayed Ahmed St. - intersection with Riyad St. - behind Benzaion022708442-01003717722Online
CairoShoubraHospitalInternational Medical Center - ShobraHospitalAhmed Helmy St.0222345693 - 0222345693 - 0223367212Offline
CairoShoubraHospitalEl Raaee El Saleh Hospital - ShoubraHospitalShobra St.0224329567 - 0222049258 - 0222049256 - 0222049254Offline
CairoShoubraHospitalEl Araby Hospital - ShobraHospitalBadran Island St. 0225761266 - 19444 - 25785004Offline
CairoFaisalHospitalAl - Gazeera HospitalHospitalAhmed Lotfy El Sayed St.0233925111 - 0233926555 - 01013300661 - 01013300225Online
CairoFaisalHospitalEl Gabry HospitalHospitalEl Malek Faisal St0233926237  - 0233925457Offline
CairoFaisalHospitalEl Gabry HospitalHospitalFaisal St. - infront of the Hopital St. - El Mariotia01287979645 - 01142466696Offline
CairoKerdasaHospitalEl Ghozlany HospitalHospitalKerdasa Station0237981807Online
CairoEl Sherouk CityHospitalNour El Sherouk Hospital - Sherouk CityHospital1st Enterance from El Horreyia Sq. - 8th district - infront of El Sherouk telephone Central - Beside the Post Office01113444234 - 01020054404Offline
CairoEl Sherouk CityHospitalEl Sherouk Royal HospitalHospitalEl Taawonyat El Mostakbal 6301028990387 - 01224411205Online
CairoEl Sherouk CityHospitalInternational Medical CenterHospitalKM. 42 - Ismailia Desert Road16221 - 0224775047 - 0224775060 - 0224775067Offline
CairoObour CityHospitalFarid Habib HospitalHospital5th District - Plot no. 50246142066 - 0246142000Online
CairoObour CityHospitalDar El Yosr HospitalHospital1st District - 800 Metre - Segment 1 - beside Investors Association01030252005 - 01008001760Offline
CairoNasr CityHospitalDar El Fouad Hospital - Nasr CityHospitalIntersection of Nasr Road with Yossef Abaas St.16378Online
CairoNasr CityHospitalMaghraby Specialized Hospital - Nasr CityHospitalAbass El Akkad St.19505Online
CairoNasr CityHospitalDay Case Surgery Hospital - Nasr CityHospital6th District - El Sehaa St. - infront of El Azhar University Student Residence - beside Specialized Medical Councils 0223810415 - 0223810451 - 01067333851 - 0223810429/23Offline
CairoNasr CityHospitalEl Andalous Specialized Hospital - Nasr CityHospitalEl Tayaran St. - beside Ebad El Rahman Mosque - 7th district01012000825 - 0222705324Offline
CairoNasr CityHospitalEl Rowad Hospital - Nasr CityHospitalAnwar El Mofty St. - behind Tiba Mall19635 - 0224018502Online
CairoNasr CityHospitalViva ELAakad hospitalHospitalMohamed Mostafa Hamam St.from Abbas El Akkad St. - 1st District0222610040Online
CairoNasr CityHospitalEl Masah HospitalHospitalMetwaly El Shaarawy St. - 10th District01141664095 - 0223575163 - 0223575162 - 01099678574Offline
CairoNasr CityHospitalKids Hospital - Nasr City (El Osra)HospitalEl Mekaryf St. - parellel to Hassan El Mamoon St. - Beside Costa Cafe01020115115 - 0236775381Online
CairoHeliopolisHospitalSaint Peter HospitalHospitalAbdel Rahman El Refaie St. - El Hegaz Sq.0221804034/9 - 0221805484 - 0221804483 - 01227440261/2Online
CairoHeliopolisHospitalCleopatra HospitalHospitalCleopatra St. - Salah El Din Sq.19668Online
CairoHeliopolisHospitalNozha International HospitalHospitalEl Rashid St. - from El Mosheer Ahmed Ismail - Masaken Sheratoon0222660555 - 0222664249Online
CairoHeliopolisHospitalAmerican HospitalHospitalKhaled ibn El Walid St. - Off Abdel Hamid Badawy St.0222670702Offline
CairoHeliopolisHospitalDr. Abdel Kader Fahmy HospitalHospitalHassan Aflaton St. - Ard El Golf0222918700 - 0224183097 - 0222918511 - 0222918687Online
CairoHeliopolisHospitalEl Badr Specialized HospitalHospitalMourad Bek St. - Salah El Din Square01068830198 - 0224186564Offline
CairoHeliopolisHospitalCairo Specialized HospitalHospitalAbo Ebida St.- Roxy19668Online
CairoHeliopolisHospitalEl Hayah Hospital - El KorbaHospitalMinis St. - from Baghdad St. - El Korba0222907017 - 01008888081 - 01008888082- 0222907017Offline
CairoHeliopolisHospitalNour El Hayat Eye's HospitalHospitalEl Merghany St.0222907003 - 0222907005 - 01210200081 - Online
CairoHeliopolisHospitalAl Ein for Ophthalmic Medicine & SurgeryHospitalMoharam Shawky St. - from El Oroba St. - infront of El Baron Palace0222911633 - 0222911611 - 01000086297Online
CairoHeliopolisHospitalGohar HospitalHospitalAlmaza Square0222900887 - 0222900526Offline
CairoHeliopolisHospitalInternational Eye Hospital - HeliopolisHospitalEl Andalus St. - behinde Merryland Garden - Roxy0224554468Online
CairoHeliopolisHospitalI-Vision Ophthalmic HospitalHospitalAhmed Tayser St. - in front of Koleyet El Banat - El Merghany01010868686 - 01060060090Online
CairoDown TownHospitalEvangilian Medical CenterHospitalEl Melegy St. - from El Gomhoreyia St. - El Azbakiya0225882801 - 0225882802 - 0225903872 Online
CairoDown TownSpecialized CenterCare ClinicSpecialized CenterAhmed Orabi St. -  Al Azbakia0225776699Online
CairoEl DarasaSpecialized CenterElaraby Modern Specialized ClinicsSpecialized CenterEl Rahman El Rahim Mosque - Salah Salem St. - in front of Vehicle management01119069921 - 01113472222 - 01118719466Offline
CairoDokkiSpecialized CenterAmplifon - GizaSpecialized CenterNady El Seid St.0237608582 - 19508 - 01220472255Offline
CairoDokkiSpecialized CenterNabd El Hayat Hospital - DokkiCardiologyEl Mesaha Sq - infront of Safir hotel01157057091/92 - 0233382614Online
CairoDokkiSpecialized CenterMisr Scoop For Endoscopy - DokkiSpecialized Center107 El Tahrir St. - above Egy Bank02 33357243\01 022167782\01 152360225Online
CairoDokkiSpecialized CenterVeni Dialysis CenterSpecialized CenterKhalaf Mohamed Khalaf St. - inside Veni Hospital01223545747Online
CairoDokkiSpecialized CenterAbu Hamella Specialized Orthopedic CenterSpecialized CenterBabel St. from Mosadak St.01000356818Offline
CairoDokkiSpecialized CenterEgypt Heart Cath - LabSpecialized CenterDokki St.0237488556 - 01033304332Online
CairoDokkiSpecialized CenterEl Fajr Hearing Aids CenterSpecialized CenterMesadak St01113152470 - 0233376775 - 01002078319Offline
Cairo6th Of OctoberSpecialized CenterDr. Essam Balegh Cardiovascular CenterCardiologyEl Fath buildings - El Atebaa tower01118555333  - 0238355777 - 0233535321 -  01117555333 Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberSpecialized CenterMisr Scoop For Endoscopy - OctoberSpecialized Center2nd District - next to El Tawhid & El Nor and El Borg Lab.01152360225 - 01116262202Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberSpecialized CenterHealth and Beauty Clinics Center - Go ClinicSpecialized CenterKm 28 - Cairo-Alexandria desert road01111332332Offline
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedSpecialized CenterENT Clinic - Sheikh ZayedSpecialized CenterCommercial Market  - Mazar Mall - 5TH Neighbourhood - 16th District01014198168Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedSpecialized CenterSpecialized Reaaya ClinicsSpecialized Center2nd district - neighbourhood no. 10237944000 - 01024440752 - 01024440751Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedSpecialized CenterHope PolyclinicsSpecialized CenterSaraya Mall - 2nd Floor - Next to Seoudi Super Market01000056041 - 01000056048Online
CairoNew CairoSpecialized CenterENT Clinic - 5th SettelmentSpecialized Center4th Area - 1st District - 36 St. - Medical Center - 5th Settelment01015336667Online
CairoNew CairoSpecialized CenterMandour Medical CenterSpecialized Center2nd District - 4th Zone01061555549 - 16709 - 01128323232Online
CairoNew CairoSpecialized CenterNasayem Medical CenterSpecialized CenterMedical Park - infront of the Primary Court16522Online
CairoNew CairoSpecialized CenterI Vein Clinic for your Legs Veins -New CairoSpecialized CenterNorth 90 St. - CMC medical center - clinic No. 223 -behind Air Forced Hospital01110060088Offline
CairoNew CairoSpecialized CenterEl Hemamy Center for Orthopedics and physiotherapy - New CairoSpecialized Center90 St. - CMC mall - behind air force hospitals01143434317 - 01101434303 - 01101434305 - 01101434306Offline
CairoNew CairoSpecialized CenterNeuroMed Center - 5th SettlementSpecialized CenterHCC Building - Behind Air Force Specialized Hospital - Third Floor01212913030Offline
CairoFaisalSpecialized CenterSpecialized Care Clinics CenterSpecialized CenterFaisal St - Saaed Tower - above Cairo Scan 1022280000Online
CairoNew CairoSpecialized CenterGastrocare Specialized CenterSpecialized CenterMedical Park 1 - Floor no. 1 - Clinic no. 114 - Infront of New Cairo Court - 5th Settelment01275377005 - 0226184293Online
CairoMaadiSpecialized CenterEye Care Center - EinayaSpecialized CenterDemashq St. - Swars Sq.1000015004Online
CairoMaadiSpecialized CenterNile Cure Oncology CenterSpecialized CenterEl Laselky Division - 2nd Floor0225203302 - 01060002055Offline
CairoMaadiSpecialized CenterElite Heart For Health CareSpecialized CenterMisr - Helwan Agricultural Way - Inside Alaa Ezzat Hospital01000170995 - 0225265583 - 02252876213Online
CairoMohandseenSpecialized CenterENT Clinic - MohandseenSpecialized CenterSyria St.0237628741 - 0237628804 - 0237628845 - 16368Online
CairoMohandseenSpecialized CenterAlfa Oncology Center - MohandseenSpecialized CenterGameet El Dewal El Arabeya St. - 5th Floor - above Company Coffee Shop01147447390 - 0233058526Online
CairoMohandseenSpecialized CenterGerman Telemedicine ClinicSpecialized CenterSoliman Abaza St.0237621701 - 0237621703Offline
CairoMohandseenSpecialized CenterBarada Eye Center - MohandessenSpecialized CenterSphinx Sq.01100886585 - 01142711308 - 01120236663Offline
CairoMohandseenSpecialized CenterLife Kidney CenterSpecialized CenterAbd El Moneim Riyad St.0233035063 - 01026000533Online
CairoMohandseenSpecialized CenterElixir Gastro and Liver Care CenterSpecialized CenterSyria St. - Mostafa Mahmoud Sq.0233457307 - 0233457306 - 16617Online
CairoMohandseenSpecialized CenterExperts Eye CenterSpecialized CenterSudan St. - Off Syria St0233469425 - 01060669613Offline
CairoMohandseenSpecialized CenterEl Hemamy Center for Orthopedics and physiotherapy - El MohndseenSpecialized CenterGamaet El Dewal El Arabia St.  - beside the united bank01143434344 - 01101434303 - 01101434304 - 01101434302Offline
CairoMohandseenSpecialized CenterThe Capital Digestive Diseases CenterSpecialized CenterEl Themar St. - Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque's Sq. - 8th Floor - Apartment 40233384314 - 01000909895Online
CairoEl Nozha El GedidaSpecialized CenterFayrouz Dental & Physiotherapy Center - Nozha El GedidaSpecialized CenterEl Moa'rekh Mohamed Refaat St. - infront of KFC - above Vodafone - El Nozha El Gedida0226209765Online
CairoHaramSpecialized CenterMisr Clinics for Internal Medicine and OncologySpecialized CenterEl Haram Mashaal St. - Zaghloul Corner - Third Floor - In Front Of Gad and above Dark Store1013330947Offline
CairoHaramSpecialized CenterAmplifon - El HaramSpecialized CenterEl Arish St. - El Malky Building19508 - 0237802027 - 01211431104Offline
CairoHaramSpecialized CenterNour El Oyuon Specialized Center - HaramSpecialized CenterHaram St. - infront of Night casino0235865654 /55 - 01144146813 - 01144146812Online
CairoHaramSpecialized CenterEl Haram Ophthalmic Center - El HaramSpecialized CenterEl Haram St. - infront of Europe Hotel0235857823 - 0235857824 - 01289032090Online
CairoOseemSpecialized CenterSpecialized Clinics Center - OseemSpecialized CenterEl Omda St. - Darb El Bahyra - Legitimacy Assembly Mosque01113106069 - 0238700755 - 01146496458Online
CairoShoubraSpecialized CenterAmplifon - ShobraSpecialized CenterEl Arosy St. - Toson Station - Shobra Misr0224570977 - 19508 - 01220339663Offline
CairoShoubraSpecialized CenterRoayah Vision Correction Centers - ShoubraSpecialized CenterShoubra St- above Mezalat Metro Station - Mariam Tower0224330961 - 01000430317 - 01000430318Online
CairoFaisalSpecialized CenterMisr Clinics for Internal Medicine and OncologySpecialized CenterEl Malek Faisal St. - El Kom El Akhdar0237420709Offline
CairoFaisalSpecialized CenterEl Wafaa Center for Obstetrics and PediatricsSpecialized CenterAbd El Latif St. from Sahl Hamza St. - El Arish0233886207 - 01149595596 - 01065857115Offline
CairoEl Rehab CitySpecialized CenterEl Rehab Specialized Clinics Complex - RihabSpecialized CenterAhmed Shawky St. - beside El Rihab Cinema0226070316 - 0226070314Offline
CairoEl Sherouk CitySpecialized CenterENT Clinic - SheroukSpecialized CenterPanorama Commercial Mall - Above Happy Family Market - Beside Ahmed Abou El Fatouh Pharmacy - Appartment no.10 - Floor G01278687179 - 01009110710 - 0226307996Online
CairoEl Sherouk CitySpecialized CenterNabd El Hayat Hospital - Sherouk CityCardiologyGrand Mall El Sherouk - Beside Total Gas Station - Infront of Traffic Department01157057095Online
CairoEl Sherouk CitySpecialized CenterEl Amin Specialized Clinics - El SheroukSpecialized CenterEl Sherouk Grand Mall - behind Total Gas Station1155632323Online
CairoObour CitySpecialized CenterNabd El Hayat Hospital - El ObourCardiologyThe First District - El Loaloa Center - The Second Floor01128825561 - 01206690993Online
CairoNasr CitySpecialized CenterENT Clinic - Nasr CitySpecialized CenterHassan El Mamoun Street, El Ahly Club0222738836 -  01066641224  -  01286383782 - 23546826/36/96Offline
CairoNasr CitySpecialized CenterEgy Heart - El Serag MallCardiologyAtia El Sawlhy St. - El Serag Mall - Building no. 2 - 3rd Entrance0222755577 - 01200023220 Online
CairoNasr CitySpecialized CenterEl Hemamy Center for Orthopedics and physiotherapySpecialized CenterAbaas El Akaad St. - infront of costa0222878730 - 0222878760 - 01143434314 - 01101434301Offline
CairoNasr CitySpecialized CenterCapital Eye CenterSpecialized CenterHassan El Ma'amon St. - infront of Ahly Club01117579944 - 0223547091 - 0223546971Offline
CairoNasr CitySpecialized CenterNeuro Care CenterSpecialized CenterEl Razy St. - The Begining of the 7th District01206104042Offline
CairoMadintySpecialized CenterEl Rehab Specialized Clinics Complex - MadintySpecialized CenterMadinty Clinics Complex - behind Metro Market01116603186 - 01200038597Offline
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterRespiratory Care Center (RCC)Specialized CenterFarid Semika St. - Hegaz Sq.0221810497 - 0221810111Offline
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterDr. Sherif Ahmed Bahr Oncology CenterSpecialized CenterAbd El Latif El Makbaty St. - Behind Heliopolis Hospital - Heliopolis Square0222716012 - 0222716014 - 01558188795 - 01003878795 - 01204144336 - 01100036559Offline
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterAlfa Oncology Center - HeliopolisSpecialized CenterEl Nozha st. - Triumph sq. - 1st floor01273730579 - 01005297332Offline
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterEGENT - Egyptian German Ear Nose & Throat CenterSpecialized CenterEl Ahram St. - beside Normandy Cinema - El Korba01111444247 - 0222562444 -  01202711110Online
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterAmplifon - HeliopolisSpecialized CenterNabil El Wakkad St. - off El Nozha St. - Ard El Golf19508 - 01220399881 - 0224159813Offline
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterNabd El Hayat Hospital - HelipolisCardiologySalah El Din Sq.01157057093 - 01028290083 - 0222903982 - 01157057091Offline
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterEgy Heart - HelioplisCardiologyEl Nozha Hospital - Behind airport Sheratoon0222658666 - 01200023220Offline
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterEgy Heart - Ard El GolfCardiologyNabil Wakad St. - Ard El Golf01288225541 - 01200023220Offline
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterUro CareSpecialized CenterEl Merghany St. - intersection with El Khalifa El Ma'moun0222566319/20 - 01116333650 - 01005873999Online
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterMisr Scoop For Endoscopy - HelioplisSpecialized Center20 Nabil El Wakad St. - Ard El Golf01211546666/01050169666Online
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterEl Ganzoury Urology CenterSpecialized CenterMahmoud Hassan St. - from El Marghany St.0224177267 - 0224177268 - 01001526626Online
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterCardio Cath Medical CenterSpecialized CenterMenis St. - El Korba0224194429 - 01281211214Offline
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterNeuroMed Center - HeliopolisSpecialized CenterEl Fayoum St. From Cleopatra St. - Doctors Tower Building - Floor 60222915000 - 0226901348 - 01222915005 - 01222915000Online
CairoHeliopolisSpecialized CenterCAI MED Specialized Clinics CenterSpecialized CenterSoliman Basha St. - From Ibrahim El Lakkany St. - !st Floor0222575138 - 01007820098Online
CairoDown TownSpecialized CenterEye of the World CenterSpecialized CenterRoushdy St. - In front Abdeen Court0223920083 - 0223920084 - 01205566002/3Online
CairoAl AmiriaPharmacyTaba Pharmacy - El AmeryiaPharmacyMarfak El Meyah St. - Beside Sema Factory - El Sawah0224233316 - 01017111404Online
CairoAl AmiriaPharmacyEl Mona Pharmacy - El AmeryiaPharmacyPortsaid St. - El Sawah0222594790Online
CairoEl BadrashinPharmacyAhmed Ali Gad PharmacyPharmacyAbo Ragoon El Qebly01090424004 - 01001962888  - 0238424538 - 0238420752Online
CairoGizaPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Bahr El AzamPharmacyEl Bahr El Azam St.19600Online
CairoGizaPharmacyEl Ezaby - Meet AukbaPharmacyWadi El Nile St. - Meet Aukba19600Online
CairoGizaPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - MouradPharmacyMourd St. - in front of Gad Restaurant19110Online
CairoGizaPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - El LebinyPharmacyEl Lebiny - Faisal Tunnel19036Online
CairoGizaPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Khatem El MorsalinPharmacyKhatem El Morsalin St.19036Online
CairoGizaPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Tersa 1PharmacyTarsa St. - El Mariotia19036Online
CairoGizaPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Tersa 2PharmacyTersa St. - Beside El Atbaa Tower19036Online
CairoGizaPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - GizaPharmacyRabeaa EL Gizy - Infront of Giza Train station19036Online
CairoEl HussienPharmacyEl Ezaby - El HusseinPharmacyCommercial Market - In front of El Hussein Mosque19600Online
CairoDokkiPharmacyEl Ezaby - MesadakPharmacy22 Mesadak St. - El Dokki19600Online
CairoDokkiPharmacyEl Ezaby - Shooting Club - DokkiPharmacyShooting Club - Gate 4 - El Dokki19600Online
CairoDokkiPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - El BehosPharmacyAl Tahrir St. - Beside El Behos Metro Station19110Online
CairoDokkiPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Dokki St.Pharmacy1 Rashdan St. - before Dokki Bridge19600Online
CairoDokkiPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - DokkiPharmacyEl Tahrir St. - Beside El Dokki Metro Station19110Online
CairoZamalekPharmacyEl Ezaby - El ZamalekPharmacyBahgat Aly St. - Zamalek19600Online
CairoZamalekPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - ZamalekPharmacyHassan Sabry St.19110Online
CairoZamalekPharmacyEl Ezaby - Zamalek 2PharmacyEl Malek El Afdal St.19600Online
CairoEl ZaitounPharmacyEl Ezaby - Selim El AwalPharmacySelim El Awal St. - El Naam19600Online
CairoEl ZaitounPharmacyDr. Mina Rizk PharmacyPharmacyMohamed Shokry St. - from Gesr El Suis0222405877 - 01202022211Online
CairoEl ZaitounPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - El ZaytounPharmacySelim El Awal St. - beside Ragab Sons Supermarket  - beside kasr el deyafa19036Online
CairoEl ZaitounPharmacy El Ezaby - Ibn SendarPharmacyToman Bay St. - Ibn Sendar Sq.19600Online
CairoEl ZaitounPharmacyEl Ezaby - Ibn El HakamPharmacyIbn Hakm Sq. - Next to 6th October Club19600Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyDr. Magda PharmacyPharmacyEl Mokhtar City - Vodafone sq. - Services axis of ؟ 5th & 6th district0238336468 - - 0238322728 - 01001534983Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyDr. Magda PharmacyPharmacyEl Mokhtar City - Vodafone sq. - Services axis of ؟ 5th & 6th district0238336468 - 0238322728 - 01004958499 - 01028299090 - 01155504690Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyEl Ezaby - La City MallPharmacy17G Central axis - La City Mall19600Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyEl Ezaby - 6th of October UniversityPharmacy7th district - Behind 6th of October University19600Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - OctoberPharmacy1st District - Behind Dolphin Mall - beside October Tele. Central19110Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Dream LandPharmacyEl Souq El Gharby - Dream land - Entrance 319110Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - VodafonePharmacyGolden Mall - Vodafone Sq.19110Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - El Hay El MotamayezPharmacyEl Hay El Motamayez19110Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyReham Kamal PharmacyPharmacy3rd District-El Mehwar El Markazy0238373790 - 01221153066Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyEl Ezaby - Mall of ArabiaPharmacyJuhyna Sq. - Mall of Arabia - unit no. H05219600Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyEl Ezaby - Mehwar El MarkazyPharmacyPlot no. 101 - 3rd District - 1st Neighbourhood - El Mehwar El Markazy19600Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - PrimavistaPharmacyEl Hosary Sq. - Prima Vista Mall19110Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - OctoberPharmacyEl Nagda Square - Building No. 15 - The 4th District - 1st Area19036Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyFouda Pharmacies - OctoberPharmacyEl Horiya Sq. - Cityscape Mall19395 - 01141229115 - 01010682266 - 01270019395Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyDr. Adel Pharmacy - OctoberPharmacy6th District - El Tahrir way - 1st Neighborhood0238890904 - 01032247226 - 01207737554Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - El BoseilyPharmacyFourth District - El Kafrawy Axis With El Khazan St.19110Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPharmacy El Ezaby - Media CityPharmacyMedia City - Medical Center - inside Gate 419600Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedPharmacyEl Ezaby - Arkan MallPharmacyArkan Mall Buildings -  El Sheikh Zayid 2000 - Shop no. 2619600Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - El Sheikh ZayedPharmacyCity Mark - beside Seoudi19110Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedPharmacyEl Ezaby - Smart VillagePharmacyCairo Alex. road - below El Dawaran bridge - facing Smart Village towards Alex.19600Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedPharmacy El Ezaby - Misr Alex RoadPharmacyAlex. desert road - around El Dawaran bridge - Smart Village towards Cairo19600Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Beverly HillsPharmacyBeverly Hills West Square G18 19110Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Biverly HillsPharmacyGate 4 Services - Biverly Hills19036Online
CairoAbbaseyaPharmacyEl Ezaby - El WailyPharmacyEl Abbaseia Street19600Online
CairoAbbaseyaPharmacyEl Ezaby - Abbaseia squarePharmacy13 Aly Siedky St. - Abbaseia Square19600Online
CairoAgouzaPharmacyEl Ezaby - AgouzaPharmacyAbd El Rahman El Kawakby Sq. - Nasr Sayed Hassaan - Aal Othman19600Online
CairoEl AyiatPharmacyDr. Shaaban Pharmacies - El AyatPharmacyMostagad St. - from El Thawra St. - beside The New Central - El Aiyat0238608666 - 01129303478Online
CairoEl AyiatPharmacyDr. Shaaban Pharmacies - Dr. Shendy PharmacyPharmacyEl Amir St. - beside The Preparatory School - El Aiyat01129303478Online
CairoNew CairoPharmacyEl Ezaby - FuturePharmacyService area19600Online
CairoNew CairoPharmacyEl Ezaby - 3rd DistrictPharmacy3rd District - First area19600Online
CairoNew CairoPharmacyEl Ezaby - Silver MallPharmacySilver Star Mall19600Online
CairoNew CairoPharmacyEl Ezaby - Cairo Festival City MallPharmacyPlot no. 2-078 - Cairo Festival City Mall - New Cairo19600Online
CairoNew CairoPharmacySehha Pharmacies - 5th SettelmentPharmacyEl Ehyaa Services Center - in front of Primary Court in Cairo16377Online
CairoNew CairoPharmacyMisr Pharmacies -5th SettelmentPharmacyLife Mall 2 - 5th Settelment Service St.19110Online
CairoNew CairoPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - 3rd SettelmentPharmacyEl Mahlya El Khamsa - Qortoba Mall - infront of Rabaa Center - beside El Waad El Haq Mosque19110Online
CairoNew CairoPharmacyEl Ezaby PharmacyPharmacyCommercial Unit No. CGS3 - Ground Floor - Building C - Water Way19600Online
CairoNew CairoPharmacyDr. Adel Pharmacy - First SettlementPharmacyBanfseg 6 - Banfseg Service Center - Mall0223298000 - 01099937878 - 01286433230Online
CairoNew CairoPharmacySehha Pharmacies - 5th Settelment 2PharmacyPremier Building - behind Air Force Specialized Hospital16377Online
CairoEl kattameyaPharmacyFouda Pharmacies - El KattamyaPharmacyEl Forsan Mall - Ring road - Beside El Baron Mall19395 - 01007276433 - 01144463856 - 0223151072Online
CairoEL MatareyaPharmacyThe Central Pharmacy - MataryaPharmacyEl Troly St. - infront of El Matarya tele. Central0222549797 - 0222512356Online
CairoEL MatareyaPharmacyEl Ezaby - El MataryaPharmacyEl Horeya St. - Matarya Sq. - Masajed El Anwar El Mohamadya19600Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyEl Ezaby - Naglaa El MaadiPharmacyEl Nasr St. - El Gazayer Square19600Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Horreya - El MaadiPharmacyEl Horreya Square - Maadi19600Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Salam El DawleePharmacyGround floor - El Salam El Maadi tower19600Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - MaadiPharmacyZahraa El Maadi Enterance - El Rihana tower19110Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Sakanat El MaadiPharmacy87 St. - in front of El Horreya Leciaa School - Sakanat El Maadi19110Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Maadi 1PharmacyEl Nasr St. - Infront of Om Hasan 219036Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Maadi 2PharmacyEl Sarayat St.19036Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyFouda Pharmacies - MaadiPharmacyCarefour road - Phase 13 - Block No. 86 - building No. 4 - El Mansouri Tower - infront of Wataniya Gas Station - beside Kheir Zaman19395 - 01024856518 - 01206777273 - 01270019395Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Grand CityPharmacyCompound Grand City - Behind Carrefour - Al Meraag Area19110Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyEl Ezaby - Nasr St. MaadiPharmacyEl Nasr St. - The Third Part19600Online
CairoMaadiPharmacy El Ezaby - Zahraa El MaadiPharmacySector 26 - Blog Y. - Division 3221 - Constructing Cooperation association19600Online
CairoMaadiPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Bandar MallPharmacyPalestine St.19110Online
CairoEl MokattamPharmacyEl Ezaby - El MokattamPharmacy9 St. - Beside El Tawhid W El Nour19600Online
CairoAl ManialPharmacyEl Ezaby - El ManialPharmacyAbd El Aziz Aal Soud St.19600Online
CairoAl ManialPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Basha SquarePharmacyManial El Roda - El Basha Sq. - Masr El Kadema19600Online
CairoAl ManialPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Al ManialPharmacyAl Manial St. - Infront of El Ghamrwy Market19036Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacyEl Ezaby - El MohandeseenPharmacySyria St. - Mohandessen19600Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacyEl Esraa PharmacyPharmacyLebanon St.0233046378 - 0233460020 Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacyEl Ezaby - Ahmed OrabiPharmacyAhmed Orabi St. - Block no. 5 - Naser Blocks19600Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacyEl Ezaby - El SudanPharmacyEl Sudan St. - intersection El Sudan St. with Syria St.19600Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Mohi El DinPharmacyMohi El Din Abo El Ezz St.19110Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Lebanon st.PharmacyLebanon St.19110Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacyEl Ezaby - ShehabPharmacyShehab St. - from Wadi El Nile St.19600Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Sphinx SquarePharmacyfirst of Ahmed Orabi St. - Sphinx Sq.19110Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - El MohandseenPharmacySyria St. - Infront of Metro Market19036Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacyFouda Pharmacies - MohandseenPharmacyGamaet El Dewal El Arabia St.19395 - 01118810423 - 01067708884 - 01270019395Online
CairoMohandseenPharmacy El Ezaby - Gameeat El DewalPharmacyGameeat El Dewal St.19600Online
CairoEl Nozha El GedidaPharmacySaudi German Hospital PharmacyPharmacyJoseph Teto St. - Nozha - Inside Saudi German Hospital0226252400Online
CairoHaramPharmacyEl Ezaby - El HaramPharmacyEl Haram St.19600Online
CairoHaramPharmacyEl Ezaby - Giza SquarePharmacyEl Ahram St. - Beside Misr Bank - Giza Square19600Online
CairoHaramPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Arish st.PharmacyEl Arish St. - beside Metero Market19110Online
CairoHaramPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - HaramPharmacyEl Haram St. - Beside Gowharet El Haram Hotel - El Kom El Akhdar19110Online
CairoHaramPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - MeshaalPharmacyEl Haram St. - Betko city - Meshaal19110Online
CairoHaramPharmacyDr. Ahmed Samy El Houfy PharmacyPharmacy El Haram St. - El Eitahad El Hayaat towers - Shop no. 10237813002Online
CairoHaramPharmacyEl Ezaby - Crystal PalacePharmacyEl Haram St. - Crystal Palace Mall19600Online
CairoHaramPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Giza Sq.PharmacyEl Giza International Hospital - El Ahram St.19110Online
CairoHaramPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Haram MallPharmacyUnit no. 100 - ground floor - Zezina Mall - El Haram St.19600Online
CairoHaramPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Haram 2PharmacyEl Haram St. - around the corner of Abd El Khalek tharwat - Beside El Sallab19600Online
CairoImbabaPharmacyDr. Micheal Fikry Abd El Malek PharmacyPharmacyMamdouh Mahdly St. - from El Qawmia El Arabiya - infront of New Cooperation gas Station0233168014 - 01110000567Online
CairoImbabaPharmacyDr. Tamer and Adham PharmacyPharmacyMoussa Noseir St. - El Gameyia Land0233121972Online
CairoImbabaPharmacy El Ezaby - ImbabaPharmacyStore No. 6,7 - Gamaet Ansar El Sona El Mohamadeya Association - Imbaba Sports Club St. - Beside the Church19600Online
CairoImbabaPharmacy El Ezaby - Qawmeya SquarePharmacyEl Qawmeya St. - Warak El Arab19600Online
CairoBab El LoukPharmacyEl Boustan PharmacyPharmacyBeside El Boustan Center0223930473Online
CairoBashteelPharmacyRamy PharmacyPharmacyGohar Ibrahim St. - 6 Meter St. - from Teraat El Zomor St. - Lea'ba0237094465 - 01110000576Online
CairoGisr El SuezPharmacyEl Ezaby - Gesr El SuezPharmacyGesr El Suez St. - infront of Manshiyet El Tahrir St.19600Online
CairoGizaPharmacy El Ezaby - El Giza ResidencePharmacyEl Giza Residence Tower - Block D no. 44-46 - Mourad St. - In Front Of Egyptian Council Of State19600Online
CairoHadayek El AhramPharmacyEl Ezaby - Hadayek El AhramPharmacy Hada'ek El Ahram - Gate 119600Online
CairoHadayek El AhramPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Hadayek El AhramPharmacyEnterance Of Gate 419036Online
CairoHadayek El KobbaPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Saraya MallPharmacyWalley El Aahd Street - El Saraya Mall - Hadayek El Kobba19600Online
CairoHadayek El KobbaPharmacyAbou Khaled Pharmacy - El KobbaPharmacy151 Misr & Sudan St. - Hadayek el Kobba0226833255 - 01276601020Online
CairoHelwanPharmacyJack Watson PharmacyPharmacyEl Tereaa St. - Hekr El Tebeen El Bahary0225434120 - 01016224012Online
CairoHelwanPharmacyNew Reda Pharmacies - New Reda PharmacyPharmacyAbd El Rahman St. - Cross Heidar St. - Zaham Zaman Building0227076700 - 01222434222 - 01000079896Online
CairoHelwanPharmacyEl Ezaby - HelwanPharmacyAhmed Onsy St. - El Shohda Sq.19600Online
CairoHelwanPharmacyDr. Ahmed El Ezaby Pharmacies - Metro HelwanPharmacyMansour St. - beside Helwan Metro Station01007455779  - 0228165455Online
CairoHelwanPharmacyDr. Ahmed El Ezaby Pharmacies - Saudi BuildingsPharmacySherif St. - Saudi Buildings01007509333 - 0228180191Online
CairoHelwanPharmacyDr. Ahmed El Ezaby Pharmacies - Mohamed Sayed St.PharmacyMohamed Sayed Ahmed St.01007455722 - 0227070720 - 0227070605Online
CairoHelwanPharmacyEl Ezaby - Helwan 2PharmacyMohamed Sayed St.19600Online
CairoHelwanPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - 15 MayPharmacy3rd Neighbourhood - Commercial Center - Businessmen District - Beside El Fardous Mosque - 15th of May19110Online
CairoRamsisPharmacyEl Ezaby - RamsisPharmacyShop no. 104 a - Misr Railway Station19600Online
CairoRamsisPharmacyEl Ezaby - El DemerdashPharmacyRamsis St.19600Online
CairoShoubraPharmacyEl Ezaby - Shobra StreetPharmacyShoubra St. - in front of Saint Theraza Metro Station19600Online
CairoShoubraPharmacyMaggi PharmacyPharmacyYalbogha Sq. - Shoubra St.01227338807 - 0222015430Online
CairoShoubraPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - ShoubraPharmacyShoubra St. - Beside El Masara Metro Station19110Online
CairoShoubraPharmacyEl Ezaby - Shoubra 2PharmacyShoubra St.19600Online
CairoShoubraPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - ShobraPharmacyBeside Ranin19036Online
CairoShoubraPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Shoubra 2PharmacyShoubra St. - infront of Omar Ibn El Khatab Mosque19110Online
CairoShoubraPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Teraa El BolaqiaPharmacyEl Teraa El Bolaqia St.19600Online
CairoEzbet El NakhlPharmacyNew Dr. Hany Fayez Pharmacy - Ezbet El Nakhl - El SabahPharmacyKhaled Ibn Al Waleed St. From Charity Corporation St.0228705243 - 01022323384Online
CairoAin ShamsPharmacyDr. Andro Ibrahim PharmacyPharmacyMohamed Omar St - from Ahmed Orabi St. - Eastern Ain Shams0220988435 - 01222734903Online
CairoAin ShamsPharmacyNew Dr. Hany Fayez Pharmacy - Ein ShamsPharmacyEl Tawfekeya Canal St. - Gheit El Enab Intersection with Ezbet El Nakhl Station St. - Beside Metro Station01000284838 - 0224410293Online
CairoGhamraPharmacyEl Ezaby - Coptic HospitalPharmacyRamsis St. - Beside Coptic Hospital19600Online
CairoFaisalPharmacyEl Ezaby - Faisal 1PharmacyFaysal Street - Madkour Station - infront of El Rakib restraunt19600Online
CairoFaisalPharmacyEl Ezaby - Faisal 2PharmacyFaysal St.19600Online
CairoFaisalPharmacyFouda Pharmacies - FaisalPharmacyFaisal St. - El Mesaha Station - in front of El Gezira Hospital19395 - 0235852055 - 01110572596Online
CairoFaisalPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - El MesahaPharmacyKing Faisal St.19036Online
CairoFaisalPharmacy El Ezaby - Faisal Matba'aPharmacyKing Faisal St. - Next to Antar Restaurant19600Online
CairoFaisalPharmacy El Ezaby - Faisal MansouryiaPharmacyEl Mansouryia Canal - Shop No. 3 - Behind Kuwait National Bank19600Online
CairoKerdasaPharmacyDr. Ahmed Samy PharmacyPharmacySaad Zagloul St.01026373636 - 0237988744Online
CairoEl Rehab CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - El RehabPharmacyEl Rehab -  Mall 219600Online
CairoEl Rehab CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Rehab - MarketPharmacyEl Rehab - El Souk El Togaree - Services Area19600Online
CairoEl Salam CityPharmacyBarsoum Pharmacy - El Salam CityPharmacyEl Salam City - El Mahmoudyia El Adeema - Alexandria Buildings-Beside Technical school for girls19069 - 0222816882 - 01220005213Online
CairoEl Salam CityPharmacyMamdouh El Morshed PharmacyPharmacyMilitary Buildings extension - Belbis Road - infront of Sekem Co. and Helioplis University0222802780Online
CairoEl Salam CityPharmacyDr. Mahmoud Mansour PharmacyPharmacyAmnhotob association - El Nahda - blot 1 - block 701006411113 - 01006633034Online
CairoEl Salam CityPharmacy El Ezaby - El Salam CityPharmacyEl Saf Police Officers Housing - El Sadat St. - Store No. 2 Middle - Appartment 3 - In Front Of Supermarket Macro19600Online
CairoEl Sherouk CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - Sky Plaza El ShoroukPharmacySky Plaza Mall - Shop no. 217A - Ground Floor - Kilo 37 - Misr Ismailia Desert Road19600Online
CairoObour CityPharmacyAbou Khaled Pharmacy - ObourPharmacyNozhat Al Obour infront of Ragab sons1200430666Online
CairoBadr CityPharmacyEl Ezaby PharmacyPharmacy1st District - 2nd Nighbourhood - Area 6 - Shop No. 419600Online
CairoBadr CityPharmacyFouda Pharmacies - Badr 2PharmacyEl Horeya Road - First District - 2nd Neighbourhood - Block No. 6919395 - 01270019395Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - Mostafa El NahasPharmacyMostafa El Nahas St.19600Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - El TabbahPharmacy42 El Basmala Tower - Metwally El Shaarawy St. With Mostafa El Nahas St. - 10th Area19600Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - City Stars MallPharmacyIn front of City Stars - Gate 719600Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Ahly ClubPharmacyHassan El Mammon St؟ - In front of El Ahly Club19600Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - Dar El DefaaPharmacySaudi company Buildings - El Nozha St.19600Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyDr. Magdy Fayez Pharmacy - Nasr CityPharmacyHafez Badawy St. - 7th District - Beside Real estate0223544119 0223544120Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Tayaran St.PharmacyExtension of El Tayaran St. - Abdallah El Araby St. - 7th District19600Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - El Sa'aa Sq.PharmacyInvestmental Rab'a Buildings - El Sa'aa Sq.19110Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacySehha Pharmacies - Nasr CityPharmacyHassan El Ma'moun St. - 8th District16377Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - El TayaranPharmacyKhedr El Tony St. - El Tawfik Buildings19110Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - Ahmed FakhryPharmacyAhmed Fakhry St.19600Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - Genina MallPharmacyEl Batrawy St. -  Abbas El Akkad St.19036Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyFouda Pharmacies - Nasr City 1PharmacyMostafa El Nahas St. - beside El Mahalawy Sons Supermarket19395 - 01118810489 - 01067677798 - 0222878920Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyFouda Pharmacies - Nasr City 2PharmacyEl Madfaea Buildings - infront of Armed Forces Mosque19395 - 01118810359 - 01067716669 - 0224180882Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyEl Ezaby - Geneena MallPharmacyEl Batrawy Street - Geneena Mall19600Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyEzaby - Abaas El AkaadPharmacyAbaas El Akaad St.19600Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Mostafa El NahasPharmacyMostafa El Nahas with Makram Ebeid St. - In Front of Mahgoub Ceramics19110Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacyDr.Iman Darwish PharmacyPharmacyAhmed Fakhry St. - next to Hasabo Hospital01003033034Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacy El Ezaby - El ZomorPharmacyPlot no. 5 - Block no. 21 - 10th district - Ahmed El Zomor St.19600Online
CairoNasr CityPharmacy El Ezaby - Makram EbeidPharmacyMakram Ebeid Intersection From El Nasr St. - Store No. 10 and 11 - Nasr City First - Beside B-Tech19600Online
CairoMadintyPharmacyEl Ezaby - MadinatyPharmacyB1 Shop no. 2 - Building Area19600Online
CairoMadintyPharmacyFouda Pharmacies - MadintyPharmacyArabisc Mall - Malls Regions - Madinty19395 - 01204169437 - 01204169475 - 01149911891Online
CairoMadintyPharmacySehha Pharmacies - MadintyPharmacyB7 Group 716377Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyEl Ezaby - HelioplisPharmacyAhmed Tayseer St. - Koleyet El Banat19600Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyEl Ezaby - MetropolisPharmacyIbrahim St. - El Korba19600Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyEl Ezaby - El HegazPharmacyEl Hegaz St.19600Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyEl Ezaby - RoxyPharmacyEl Kobba Street - Roxy19600Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyEl Ezaby - SheratonPharmacyEl Nasr Street - Sheraton - Sakr Qornish Buildings19600Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Nozha El GedidaPharmacy36 Mohamed Kamel Hussein Street - El Nozha El Gedida19600Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyEl Ezaby - Cairo Air Port 1PharmacyCario Airport - Hall 119600Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - HelioplisPharmacyAbo Bakr El Seddik St. - Safir Sq19110Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyEl Ezaby - TriumphPharmacyNozha St. - Triumph Sq.19600Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyJimmy PharmacyPharmacyMohamed Shafik St.0226365088 - 01223331999Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyBarsoum Pharmacy - Heliopolis 1PharmacyEl Nozha St. - in front of Mobile Gas Station and On the Run19069 - 0226900030 - 01004009003Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyBarsoum Pharmacy - Heliopolis 2PharmacyEl Hegaz St. - in front of National Eye Hospital19069 - 0221808585 - 01220005213Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - El MerghanyPharmacyEl Merghany St. - Beside La poire19110Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyMedhat Shoukry PharmacyPharmacyEl Khalifa El Mansour St. - from Nakhla El Moteaee - Triumph Sq.01270299223Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - HelipolisPharmacyEl Higaz St. - From El Higaz Square19036Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Shams ClubPharmacyAbd El Hamid Badawy St. - infront of El Shams Clun19600Online
CairoHeliopolisPharmacyOlivia PharmacyPharmacyYousef Genena St. Branching From Mohamed Refaat St. - New Nozha01277977056Online
CairoDown TownPharmacyAbdeen Pharmacies - El AtabaPharmacyArd Sherif - Abd El Aziz St. - El Atba19036Online
CairoDown TownPharmacyWasfy PharmacyPharmacyRoushdy St. - Abdeen0223912394Online
CairoDown TownPharmacyEl Ezaby - El Kasr El AinyPharmacyEl Kasr El Ainy St.19600Online
CairoDown TownPharmacyEl Ezaby - El BostanPharmacyHuda Shaarawy St. - In front of Chamber of Commerce - El Bostan Mall19600Online
CairoDown TownPharmacyEl Ezaby - Talaat HarbPharmacyTalaat Harb Square - Shop no. 219600Online
CairoDown TownPharmacyTaghreed PharmacyPharmacyMohamed Mahmoud St. - Bab El Lok01001461014 -   0227944185Online
CairoDown TownPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Bab El LoqPharmacyEl Tahrir St. - Bab El Louq19110Online
CairoDown TownPharmacyMisr Pharmacies - Talaat HarbPharmacyTalaat Harb St.19110Online
CairoDown TownPharmacyNobar Pharmacies - DowntownPharmacyNobar St.0227941947Online
CairoDown TownPharmacyAdel And Yasser PharmacyPharmacyEl Galaa St. - Ramsis Sq.640225787901 - 0225771070Online
CairoEl BadrashinLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-El BadrashinLaboratoryEid El Kombashy Alley - From El Nile El Saied Street19014Online
CairoGamalyaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-El GamaleyaLaboratoryEl Mansoureya Street19014Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-El Bahr El AazamLaboratoryEl Bahr El Aazam Street19014Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - GizaLaboratoryMourad Street - Beside Omar Effindy19014Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-GizaLaboratorySalah Salem St. - Beside train Station19911Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Mourad St.LaboratoryMourad St19445 - 0235727306Online
CairoGizaRadiology CenterCairo Scan -GizaRadiologyMorad St. - above Ragbs' Sons Super Market19144Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - MoradLaboratoryMorad St16191Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Giza SquareLaboratoryEl Nasr Tower - El Giza Square16191Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryMisr Laboratories (Cairo) - El Madina El Monawara HospitalLaboratoryEl Madina El Monawara Hospital - Atfih01028005347 - 0238414500Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Giza 2LaboratoryMourad St. - infront of Omar Efendi - 2nd Floor19911Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Al MoneebLaboratoryFarag Amer Hamza St. - The Schools St.19911Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Al MoneebLaboratoryEl Khalifa Tower - Abu Zarreaa St. - El Koneisa - Al Monib19014Online
CairoGizaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - OmaraniaLaboratoryZaki Hareidy St. - Off El Zomor canal St, - Infront of El Sadr Hospital - floor no.1 - Omarania19014Online
CairoEl HawamdeyaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El HawamdeyaLaboratorySalah Salem Street -around the corner of El Sahafa Street - Beside Village Bank19014Online
CairoEl HawamdeyaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El HawamdeyaLaboratoryEl Gomhorreya St. - El Hawamdeya16191Online
CairoEl DarasaLaboratoryBio Lab - El DrassaLaboratoryEl Zafr Tower - Infront of El Hussein Hospital0225911091 - 01015071222Online
CairoDokkiLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-DokkiLaboratoryEl Tahrir St. - 2nd floor19014Online
CairoDokkiLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-DokkiLaboratoryEl Tahrir Street - Dokki Sq.19911Online
CairoDokkiLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -DokkiLaboratoryEl Tahrir St.19445 - 0237620576Online
CairoDokkiLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - DokkiLaboratoryEl Tahrir St. - above GAD resturant - 8th floor16064 - 0237489794 - 01117551218Online
CairoDokkiLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - MesadakLaboratoryMesadak St.16191Online
CairoDokkiLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - DokkiLaboratoryMesadak St. - In Front Of Costa19962Online
CairoDokkiLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - DokkiLaboratoryEl Dokki St. - Dokki Sq. - Misr Insurance Building0233375927 - 01211130789Online
CairoZamalekLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-ZamalekLaboratoryEl Maraashly Street with Ahmed Heshmat Street19911Online
CairoZamalekLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-ZamalekLaboratory26 July Street - Front of Zamalek Central19014Online
CairoEl ZaitounLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Helmeyet El ZaitonLaboratorySelim El Awal St.19911Online
CairoHelmyet El ZaitounLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Helmeyet El ZaitonLaboratory2 Ain Shams Street in front of Bakheet Hospital19014Online
CairoEl ZaitounLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - El ZatoonLaboratoryEl Ezz Towers - Ibn El Hakam Sq. - TomanBay St.19962Online
CairoEl ZaitounLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Helmyet El ZaitoonLaboratoryIbn El Hakam St. - El Helmeya Sq. - 3rd floor16064 - 0226320357 - 01155570011Online
CairoEl ZaitounLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Helmiyet El ZaitoonLaboratoryIbn El Hakam St.16191Online
CairoEl ZaitounLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Helmiyet El Zaitoon 2LaboratoryIbn El Hakam St. - El Helmiya Square - above Misr Bank16191Online
CairoEl ZaitounLaboratorySpeedLab - Helmeyet El ZaytounLaboratorySelim El Awl St. - El Fahim Tower - First Floor - Above Mohamed Fahim Pharmacy19358Online
CairoEl ZaitounLaboratoryDr. Samir Shaker Laboratory Center - Helmyet ZaitoonLaboratorySelim El Awal St. - infront of Omar Afandi01278589150 - 0222403816Online
CairoEl ZaitounLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Helmyet El Zaitoun 2LaboratoryIbn El Hakam St. - Bet El Ezz Building A - Ibn El Hakam Sq. - In Front of 6th of October Club19911Online
CairoEl ZaitounLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - El ZaytounLaboratorySeleem The 1st St. - Beside Qatar Bank0220674066 - 01200105876Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-6th of OctoberLaboratoryEl Mehwar El Markazi - Beside Police Station19911Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-6 of October - Kasr El ThakafaLaboratory6th Dist. - Front of Kasr El Thakafa19014Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-6 of October2 - El MehwarLaboratoryEl Mehwar El Markazi - 7th Dist. - Besid El Hosary Mosque19014Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - 6th of OctoberLaboratoryEl Mehwar ElMarkaze - La City Buildings - Behind El Hosary mosque19962Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -6 of octoberLaboratoryCentral axis - 2nd District - 1st neighbourhood - beside El Hosary mosque19445 - 0236998015 Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - 7th DistrictLaboratory7th District - beside El Hosary Mosque - El Boraay towers 216064 - 0238361406 - 01117551121Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - 6th DistrictLaboratory6th District - 2nd Neighbourhood - at the first of El Dolsy St.16064 - 01154088479 - 0238347950Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - 6th October 1LaboratoryMagda Complex16191Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - 6th October 2LaboratoryCairo Medical - El Mehwar El Markazy El Khadamy16191Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El Hay El MotamayezLaboratoryAbdul Aziz Fahmy St. -  Block 3 units 11,12 d - above the ground - dew El Nada Hospital19014Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- October 2Laboratory7th District - El Ordoniya Center19911Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - 6th October 3LaboratoryPalm Strip Mall - El Motamayez District16191Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratorySpeedLab - 6th OctoberLaboratoryDistrict no. 1 - centeral axis - 4th floor - Infront of Gad restaurant19358Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - October 3 El MotamayezLaboratoryOctober House Mall - El Motamayez District Entrance - Above Bank Misr19911Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - FardosLaboratoryFardous City - floor no. 1 - Above Farghaly Shop19014Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Silver MallLaboratory2nd District - 7th Neighbourhood - Silver Mall Center19014Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - OctoberLaboratoryAlexandria Desert Road - Dandy Mall - Inside Go Clinic Clinics1211048800Online
CairoEl SawahLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El SawahLaboratoryEl Awkaf Building16191Online
CairoAl Sayeda ZainabLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Sayeda ZeinabLaboratoryMagles El Ouma St with Port Saied St.19911Online
CairoAl Sayeda ZainabLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Sayeda ZainabLaboratoryPort Saied Street - Front of Ahmed Maher Hospital19014Online
CairoAl Sayeda ZainabLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Sayeda ZeinabLaboratoryPort Said St. - El Loloaa tower19445 - 0223915331Online
CairoAl Sayeda ZainabLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Sayeda ZainabLaboratoryPort Said St16191Online
CairoAl Sayeda ZainabLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Sayeda ZeinabLaboratoryPort Saied - El Sayeda Zeinab - 1st floor19962Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Shiekh ZayedLaboratoryin front of El Sheikh Zayed Hospital - Services Center of 3rd Dist.19014Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryZayed City Center - Beside El Shiekh Zayed Hospital19911Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -El Sheikh ZayeidLaboratory1st District Service Center - beside El Sheikh Zayied Hospital19445 - 0238522882Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Sheikh Zayed 1Laboratory1st District - Entrance No. 1-6B - Apartment No 104 - Ground Floor - after Hyper One - El Sheikh Zayed16191Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Sheikh Zayed 2LaboratoryEl Sheikh Zayed Entrance - Arkan Mall16191Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Americana PlazaLaboratoryAmericana Plaza Mall16191Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryMehwar 26 Juli - Block 28 - Twin Towers - Building C - Floor 4 - Clinic B01100884355 - 0237938043Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Sheikh Zayed 2LaboratoryDown Town19911Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratorySpeedLab - El Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryLeganda Compound - Entrance 2 - 2nd floor -Infront of zayed specialized Hospital - Inside Care Clinic19358Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Sheikh Zayed 1Laboratory1st District - Entrance No. 1-6B - Apartment No 104 - Ground Floor - after Hyper One - El Sheikh Zayed16191Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Gezira PlazaLaboratoryMehwar Commercial Crazy Water St. - On 26th July Axis Road - Next to Arkan Mall19014Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Beverly HillsLaboratoryThe Strip Mall - Beverly Hills  - CD - 14 Unit - First Floor19014Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories- Mazar MallLaboratory5TH Neighbourhood - 16TH District - Mazar Mall19014Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El Sheikh Zayed 2Laboratory11th District - Commercial Center19014Online
CairoEl ZaherLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Al ZaherLaboratoryPort Saied Street - Bab El Shareya19014Online
CairoAbbaseyaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-AbbaseyaLaboratoryAbbaseya Street19911Online
CairoAbbaseyaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El DemerdashLaboratoryRamsis Street - Front of El Demerdash Hospital19014Online
CairoAbbaseyaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-AbbaseyaLaboratoryAbbaseya Street - Abdoh Pacha Sq.19014Online
CairoAbbaseyaLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - AbasseiaLaboratoryEl Abasseia St. - Abdo Pasha Sq. - infront of El Hesania School19445 - 02248599426Online
CairoAbbaseyaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El ZaherLaboratoryGaafar El Zaher16191Online
CairoAbbaseyaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - AbbasiaLaboratoryEl Abbasia St16191Online
CairoAbbaseyaLaboratorySpeedLab  - El AbassiaLaboratoryRamsees St. - second floor - app. 919358Online
CairoAbbaseyaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - DemerdashLaboratoryRamsis St. - In Front of El Demerdash Hospital16191Online
CairoAgouzaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - AgouzaLaboratoryAbd El Meneem Reyad St.16191Online
CairoEl AyiatLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - AyiatLaboratoryEl Montaza St. - from El Geish St. - beside El Ayiat Police Station19014Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-5th Dist.LaboratoryMarina Mall - Beside 7 Stars19014Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - 5th SettelmentLaboratorySilver Mall - Above Saudi Market19911Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - 5th SettelmentLaboratory16 St. - Dana One Mall - Behind The Court19962Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - 5th SettelmentLaboratorySilver Star Mall - Ekhnaton St. - above Seoudy Market16064 - 0223130465 - 01117551128Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - 5th Settelment 1LaboratoryCity Plaza Mall - beside Silver Star Mall16191Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - 5th Settelment 2LaboratoryCornard Mall - El Teseen St.16191Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryIbn Sinai Laboratories - 5th SettelmentLaboratoryMedical Park Center - in front of Court01140422884 - 010108366655Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryIbn Sinai Laboratories - El KattameyaLaboratoryEl Nasr St. - El Nasr Station01119400119 - 01003347811Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Nasayem CenterLaboratoryMedical Park 2 - behind 5th Settelment Court - beside El Sehha Pharmacy - El Nasayem Hospital19014Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratorySpeedLab - New CairoLaboratoryCity Plaza Center - El Teseen St.19358Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratorySpeedLab - 5th SettlementLaboratoryEl Tabib St. off Akhnaton - behind Saudi Market - Inside Care Radiology Center19358Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - 5TH Settlement 2LaboratorySilver Star Mall - Akhnaton St. - Above Seoudi market19962Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Nasaem 2LaboratoryInside El Nasaem New Hospital - Behind Air Force Specialized Hospital - 90th Street19014Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - First SettelmentLaboratoryNew Cairo Clinic Mall - Beside First Settelment Central16191Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Fifth Sett. 3LaboratoryAUC Axis - Spot Mall - In Front Of Gate 4 AUC16191Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Porto CairoLaboratoryMedical Unit No ( G1 - 23- 24 - 25 ) - Ground Floor - El Sadat's Extension - Porto Cairo Medical Center19014Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - ConcordLaboratoryConcord Plaza Trading Mall - Land No. 44 On The East Of the Ring Road - Near AUC - 1st Floor19014Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - PremierLaboratoryMedical Park - 5th settelment19014Online
CairoNew CairoLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - 5th SettelementLaboratoryBank Area - 1st District - Beside El Borg Restaurant And Above El Shabrawy Restaurant - 5th Settelment0228121005 - 01211130535Online
CairoEL MatareyaLaboratoryEgy Lab - El MatareyaLaboratoryEl Matareya Sq. - El Hana Towers0222842471Online
CairoEL MatareyaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - MatariyaLaboratoryEl Cablat St. - El Matariya Sq.16191Online
CairoEL MatareyaLaboratoryDr. Samir Shaker Laboratory Center - MataryaLaboratoryBeit El Ezz Buildings - Apartment no. 11601146060566Online
CairoEL MatareyaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-SwahLaboratorySawah St. - Next to Cairo Bank - floor no. 2 - appartment no. 219014Online
CairoEL MatareyaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Al MataryiaLaboratoryMataryia St. - Tower A - Beit El Ezz Towers19014Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Maadi 3LaboratoryRoad 153 - Horreya Sq.19911Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Maadi 2LaboratoryEl Gazayer Sq.19911Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - MaadiLaboratoryStreet 151 - Beside Mobil Station - From Horreya Sq.19014Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryEgy Lab - El MaadiLaboratoryStreet 9 - Front of Maadi Metro Station - El Tabae Building0223584808Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryThe LAB LaboratoryLaboratory200 St. - Degla 0227546400 - 0227542403 - 01014191116Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - El Horreya Sq.Laboratory153 St. - El Horreya tower - Beside El Horreya Sq.19445 - 0223599021Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - El Nasr St.LaboratoryEl Nasr St. intersection with El Laselky19445 - 0225160714Online
CairoMaadiRadiology CenterCairo Scan -MaadiRadiologyEl Gazyer St. - above Ragbs' Sons Super Market19144Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - MaadiLaboratoryEl Nasr St. - El Gazayer Sq. - above El Ezaby16064 - 01117551125 - 0225175358Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Maadi 1LaboratoryCorniche El Nile - El Maadi - El Moneeb Bridge Descent16191Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Maadi 2LaboratoryEl Nasr St.16191Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Maadi 3LaboratoryEl Horreya Square16191Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Maadi 4Laboratory9 St.16191Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Zahraa El MaadiLaboratoryRihana Residencey - El Morshedy tower16191Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Zahraa El MaadyLaboratoryCarfour Main St. - El Meraag El Olwee16191Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Maadi 3Laboratory10061 St. - El Sharawy Tower - El Merag - Neighborhood 10 - 1st Floor - Carrefour19014Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Maadi 4LaboratorySama Cairo Towers - Tower W9 - beside Sama Administrative Tower & National Bank Hospital - 1st Floor - apartment (1-2)19014Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Zahraa El MaadiLaboratoryTeiba Towers - Zahraa El Maadi - 1st Floor - apartment 10419014Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryBio Lab - MaadiLaboratoryAbd El Monem Reyad St. - Arab El Maadi - Infront of El Shabrawshy01023855529Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Maadi 5Laboratoryneighborhood 2 - building 2020 - Maerag City - on the ring road16191Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Maadi CarefourLaboratoryBadr Towers - Above Carefour Tunnel Ringroad- beside Ceramica Cleopatra - Floor 219911Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-New MaadiLaboratoryEl Nasr Street - Above Tika19014Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Maadi 4LaboratoryMaadi St. - Above Bank Ahly19911Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories- Maadi 6 CornicheLaboratoryTransportation St. - Nile Corniche  - Next to Nile El Badrawy Hospital19014Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories- Maadi 7Laboratory9th St.  - Misr El Kheir Building - Infront of Misr Bank19014Online
CairoMaadiLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - MaadiLaboratoryEl Nasr St. - In Front Of Tahrir Koshary And Above Tikka Chicken0225192835 - 01200105945Online
CairoEl MokattamLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-MokattamLaboratoryStreet 9 - Near to El Nafoura Sq.19911Online
CairoEl MokattamLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-MokattamLaboratoryZone D - El Hadaba El Oleya19014Online
CairoEl MokattamLaboratoryEgy Lab - El MokattamLaboratoryStreet 9 - El Hadaba El Oulya0225050599Online
CairoEl MokattamLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - El MokattamLaboratory9 St. - infront of El Mokattam Club19962Online
CairoEl MokattamRadiology CenterCairo Scan -MokattamRadiology9 St. - infront of Shell Gas Station19144Online
CairoEl MokattamLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - El Nafoura Sq.Laboratory9 St. - El Nafora Sq. - ground floor - infront of El Sokaryia16064 - 0225077367 - 01117551136Online
CairoEl MokattamLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - AltlasLaboratory9 St. - Altlas Buildings G- Block no. 19 - above El Nasagoon16064 - 0226654502 - 01117664398Online
CairoEl MokattamLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - MokattamLaboratory9 St. - beside Misr Insurance Club16191Online
CairoEl MokattamLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - El RahmaLaboratoryAbo Bakr El Seddek St. - Behind Shooting Club - Ring Road - Middle Plateau1022328898Online
CairoEl MokattamLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Mokattam 2Laboratory9th St. - Division 8840 - Rawda Building - first Floor - Appartment 1 - Infront Of Mokattam Specialized Hospital19014Online
CairoAl ManialLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Manial 2LaboratoryManial St. - Appartment no. 3 - Floor No. 1 - Next to Pizza King19014Online
CairoAl ManialLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - El ManialLaboratoryEl Manyal St. - Above New Market1200230726Online
CairoAl ManialLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-ManialLaboratorySayed Zou El Fakkar Street - El Basha Sq.19911Online
CairoAl ManialLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-El ManialLaboratoryEl Manial St. - 1st floor - appartement no. 119014Online
CairoAl ManialLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - ManialLaboratoryEl Manial St.19962Online
CairoAl ManialLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -ManialLaboratorySaaed Zo El Faqqar - El Basha Sq.19445 - 0223649057Online
CairoAl ManialLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Manial 1LaboratoryEl Manial St16191Online
CairoAl ManialLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Manial 2LaboratoryEl Manial St.16191Online
CairoAl ManialLaboratoryMisr Laboratories (Cairo) - El ManialLaboratoryEl Manial St. - next to Banque Misr0225312805 - 01282305257Online
CairoAl ManialLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Bahr El AazamLaboratoryEl Bahr El Aazam St. - Giza16191Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Ard El LewaaLaboratoryTeraet El Zomor St. - infront of Ard El Lewaa barrier - above Tabarak Hospital16191Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - MohandeseenLaboratoryGameet El Dewal Street19014Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Abdel Moniem RiadLaboratoryEl Shaheed Abdel Moniem Reyad Street - Beside Doctors Tower - infront of Senegal Embassy19014Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - LebanonLaboratoryLebanon Street - Above Audi Bank19014Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Mohandeseen(Abd ElMoneim Riyad)LaboratoryAbdel Moniem Riad Street19911Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Mohandeseen(Ahmed Oraby)LaboratoryAhmed Oraby St19911Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryEgy Lab - El MohandeseenLaboratoryGameet El Dewal Street - Beside Metro Market0233057500Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Ahmed OurabyLaboratoryAhmed Oraby St.19014Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - MohandessenLaboratoryShehab St.19962Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Mohandessen 1Laboratory26 july St - Sphinx Sq.19445 - 0233039669Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -Mohandessen 2LaboratorySudan St. - beside Bolaaq El Dakroor bus Station19445 - 0237620969Online
CairoMohandseenRadiology CenterCairo Scan -Mohanedseen 1RadiologySoliman Abaza St. - Beside American Commercial Chamber19144Online
CairoMohandseenRadiology CenterCairo Scan -Women's Health UnitRadiologyAbd El Monem Riyad St. - Medical tower - 4th floor19144Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - MohandassenLaboratoryShehab St. - Fawzy Ramah intersection - 5th floor16064 - 0233469152 - 01117551216Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - MohandseenLaboratoryEl Safa Medical Tower - El Hegaz Square16191Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - OrabiLaboratoryAhmed Orabi16191Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Mohandessen 3LaboratorySyria St. - in front of El Salam Hospital19445 - 0237620575Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Mohandsen 2LaboratoryAbd El Menaem Riad St.01144421354 - 0233483628Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - SphinxLaboratorySphinx Sq. - Gamaet El Dewal El Arabia St.01144918889 - 0233027601Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El Safa MohandessenLaboratoryEl Hegaz St. - from Gamaet El Dewal El Arabiya St. - El Safa Medical Tower - Floor 519014Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Mohandseen 2LaboratoryEl Batal Ahmed Abd El Aziz St.16191Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratorySpeedLab - Mohandeseen 2LaboratoryAbd El Monaem Reyad St. - El Atbba Tower - 12th Floor19358Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratorySpeedLab - Mohandeseen 3Laboratory Mohandeseen - Abd El Monaem Reyad - 2nd Floor - Next To El Hikma Tower19358Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratorySpeedLab - MohandessinLaboratoryDegla St. Off League of Arab States - 1st floor - inside Emad Abeid center19358Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratorySpeedLab - Mohandessin 4LaboratoryAbd El Moneim Reyad St. - Inside of Melenium Center - In Front Of Doctors Tower19358Online
CairoMohandseenLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - El MohandeseenLaboratoryAhmad Oraby St. - Genedy Building0233456922 - 01211131019Online
CairoEl Nozha El GedidaLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Nozha El GedidaLaboratoryMagdy St. - infront of El Shabrawy16064 - 0226218127 - 01117551130Online
CairoEl Nozha El GedidaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Nozha El GedidaLaboratoryTaha Hussein St.16191Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-TalbeyaLaboratoryEl Haram Street - Front of Europe Hotel19014Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Haram 1 - KhazanLaboratoryEl Haram Street - Beside El Khazaan19014Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Haram 2 - National United BankLaboratoryEl Haram Street - Above National United Bank19014Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-TalbeyaLaboratoryKamel Auda Street from Osman Moharam Street19911Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Haram 2LaboratoryEl Haram St. - El Salam Hospital19911Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Haram 1LaboratoryEl Haram St. with El Arish St. - Mirak Center19911Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Haram 3LaboratoryEl Haram St.19911Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - HaramLaboratoryEl Malek Faisal St. - El Nasr Tower19962Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -El Haram 1LaboratoryEl Haram St. -above Bloom Bank19445 - 0235684455Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -El Haram 2LaboratoryEl Haram St. - abone the Chinese restaurant19445 - 01000756044Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Haram 1LaboratoryEl Haram St.16191Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Haram 2LaboratoryEl Haram St.16191Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Haram 3LaboratoryEl Haram St.16191Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryRoyal Lab - El HaramLaboratoryEl Haram St. - El Talbia16064Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - El Haram 2LaboratoryEl Haram - In Front of El Gabri Hospital19962Online
CairoHaramLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - El HaramLaboratoryEl Haram St. - El Talbia0233971460 - 01211131051Online
CairoEl WarrakLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El WarrakLaboratoryAbdel Salam Abdel Shafy St. - off El Sawahel Canal - Warrak El Arab19014Online
CairoImbabaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-EmbabaLaboratoryEl Wehda Street - 2nd Floor19014Online
CairoImbabaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- EmbabaLaboratoryEl Wehda El Arabeya St - El Warak Central19911Online
CairoImbabaLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -ImbabaLaboratoryEl Qawmeyia El Arabiya St. - around the corner of Mohamed Roushdy St. - infront of El Taawon gas Station19445 - 0233164379Online
CairoImbabaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - ImbabaLaboratoryEl Wehda St.16191Online
CairoImbabaLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - ImbabaLaboratoryEl Wehda St. - Above Etisalat Branch16064Online
CairoOseemLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - OseemLaboratoryEl Gomhouriya St. - beside the hospital19014Online
CairoBab El ShaeriaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- Bab El ShaarieaLaboratoryPortsaid St. - beside the District Presidency19911Online
CairoBab El LoukLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Bab El LoukLaboratoryAl Batal Ahmed A.Aziz St. - from El Saha St. - bab Elouk Sq.19014Online
CairoBab El LoukLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-NobarLaboratoryNoubar Street19911Online
CairoBab El LoukLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Bab El LoukLaboratorySherif St. - El Lewa Building - 4th floor16064 - 0223924201 - 01117551129Online
CairoBashteelLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- BashteelLaboratoryBashteel main St. - Mekka Tower - infront of the Company wall - Warrak El Arab19911Online
CairoBashteelLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - BashtilLaboratoryBashtil General St. - Makka Tower16191Online
CairoBolak El DakrorLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Bolaq El Dakrour 1LaboratoryNahia St.19014Online
CairoBolak El DakrorLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Boulak El DakrourLaboratoryEl Nahia Street with Abou Bakr El Sedik Street19911Online
CairoBolak El DakrorLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Bolak El DokrorLaboratoryNahia St. - 3rd Floor - Apartment no 516064 - 01157801878 - 0237012329Online
CairoBolak El DakrorLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Bolaq El Dakrour 2LaboratoryNahia St. - above El Shabrawy19014Online
CairoBolak El DakrorLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Boulaq El DakrourLaboratoryNahya St. - Boulaq El Dakrour16191Online
CairoGisr El SuezLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Gesr El SuizLaboratoryEl Faroukeya Buildings19911Online
CairoGisr El SuezLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Gesr El SuezLaboratoryGesr El Suez St. - Omar Ibn El Khatab Section - at the begining of Gamal Abd El Naser St.19014Online
CairoGisr El SuezLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Gesr El SuezLaboratoryEl Faroukia Buildings - Above El Shabrawy Shops - 2nd floor19445 - 0226221843Online
CairoGisr El SuezLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Gesr El SuezLaboratoryGesr El Suez - in front of Gate No. 5 - El Shams Club16191Online
CairoGisr El SuezLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Gesr El Suez 2LaboratoryMaryland Buildings - Gesr El Suez St.16191Online
CairoGisr El SuezLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Gesr El Suez 3LaboratoryEl Faroukeya Buildings - Gesr El Suez 316191Online
CairoHadayek El AhramLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Hadayek El AhramLaboratoryG Area - cooperative association division19014Online
CairoHadayek El AhramLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Hadayek El AhramLaboratoryKhofo Enterance  - The 1st Enterance19911Online
CairoHadayek El AhramLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Hadayek El AhramLaboratory1st Gate (1G) - Gardenia St.16191Online
CairoHadayek El AhramLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Hadayek El Ahram 2LaboratoryPlot ع - Hadayek El Ahram - Beside Mina Gate - Unit no. 6 - 2nd Floor19911Online
CairoHadayek El AhramLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Hadayek El Ahram 2LaboratoryGate 4 - Mina Gate16191Online
CairoHadayek El KobbaLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Hadayek El KobbaLaboratoryMisr W El Sudan St.19911Online
CairoHadayek El KobbaLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Hadayek El KobbaLaboratoryMasr & Elsudan St. - Tower A - Apartment 2A - Hadayek Elkoba19014Online
CairoHadayek El KobbaLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Hadayek El KobaLaboratoryMasr w El Sudan St. - Vodafone Building - 3rd floor19445 - 0226848198Online
CairoHadayek El KobbaLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El KobbaLaboratoryMisr and Sudan St16191Online
CairoHadayek El KobbaLaboratoryRoyal Lab - Hadayek El KobbaLaboratoryMisr and Sudan St. - above B-Tech16064Online
CairoHadayek El KobbaRadiology CenterCairo Scan - Hadayek El KobbaRadiologyMasr and El Sudan St. - Above Bank Of Egypt19144Online
CairoHadayek HelwanLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- Hadayek HelwanLaboratoryKhaled Ibn El Waleed St. - Farid Zaki Division19911Online
CairoHelwanLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-HelwanLaboratoryHaydar Basha St. - Sherif St. Corner19014Online
CairoHelwanLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-HelwanLaboratorySherif Basha Street19911Online
CairoHelwanLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - HelwanLaboratoryMostafa El Maraghy St. - El Max tower - beside Magda cinema19445 - 0225589562Online
CairoHelwanRadiology CenterCairo Scan -HelwanRadiologyMohamed Sayed Ahmed St. - Borg El Nadi - infront of Moaemen19144Online
CairoHelwanLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - HelwanLaboratoryMohmaed El Sayed St. - 2nd floor - above Ahmed El Ezaby Pharmacy - Beside Helwan Post Office16064 - 01129223677 - 0227070648Online
CairoHelwanLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - HelwanLaboratoryReyad St. - Sherif St. Corner16191Online
CairoHelwanLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Hadayek HelwanLaboratoryEl Husseiny St. - from Khaled Ibn El Waleed St.19014Online
CairoDar El SalamLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Dar El SalamLaboratory50 El Fayoum St. - Around the corner of Ibrahim Abd El.Hady St.19014Online
CairoDar El SalamLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Dar El SalamLaboratoryAhmed Zaky Street - Extention of El Faioumy St.19911Online
CairoDar El SalamLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Dar El SalamLaboratoryAhmed Zaki St. - Next To Faida Kamel - 1st Floor01144411990 - 0227207924Online
CairoDar El SalamLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Dar El SalamLaboratoryEl Fayoum Intersection With Schools St.16191Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-AghakhanLaboratoryAl Salam St. - AgaKhan Towers - Cournich El nile19014Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-ShobraLaboratoryShoubra St.19014Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Shobra 2LaboratoryMohamed El Halafawy St. - El Halafawy Sq.19911Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Shobra 1LaboratoryShoubra St.19911Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - ShoubraLaboratoryShoubra St. - Beside Hay Shoubra19962Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - El KhalafawyLaboratoryShoubra St. - El Khalafawy19445 - 0222043146Online
CairoShoubraRadiology CenterCairo Scan -Shoubra 2RadiologyShoubra St. - Beside El Tawfikia School19144Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - ShoubraLaboratoryShoubra St. - Abo Shaleb Shops - 1st floor16064 - 0225789225 - 01117551217Online
CairoShoubraRadiology CenterCairo Scan - Shoubra 1RadiologyShoubra St.19144Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - ShobraLaboratoryShobra St16191Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Aga KhanLaboratoryAga Khan Buildings16191Online
CairoShoubraLaboratorySpeedLab - Shobra MisrLaboratoryDoltian St. - El Khalfawy Sq. - Above KFC - Inside Eyes Center - First Floor19358Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Shobra 2LaboratoryShobra St. - El Khalafawy Metro Station16191Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryDr. Samir Shaker Laboratory Center - ShoubraLaboratoryShoubra St. infront of Omar Afandi01066815733 - 0222044155Online
CairoShoubraLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - ShobraLaboratoryShobra St - Beside Shobra District0224606058 - 01200105209Online
CairoEzbet El NakhlLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Ezbet El NakhlLaboratoryEl Sehha St. - previously 107 Shark El Sekka El Hadid St. - 2nd Floor - Ezbet El Nakhl El Sharkia - El Marg19014Online
CairoEzbet El NakhlLaboratoryRoyal Lab - Ezbet El NakhlLaboratoryEin Shams St. - Tower A - Ghonim Towers - First Floor - Appartment 816064Online
CairoAin ShamsLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Ein ShamsLaboratoryAin Shams St. Across Ahmed Essmat St. - Ain Shams19014Online
CairoAin ShamsLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Ein ShamsLaboratoryShabaan Moussa St.19911Online
CairoAin ShamsLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Ain ShamsLaboratoryAin Shams St. - Ahmed Esmat St. intersection - first floor19445 - 0224972799Online
CairoAin ShamsLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Ain ShamsLaboratoryAhmed Esmaat St. - with Ein Shams St.16191Online
CairoAin ShamsLaboratoryDr. Samir Shaker Laboratory Center - Ain Shams 1Laboratoryat the beginning of El Eshreen St. - from 6 of October - infront of Bus Stop01114090897 - 01200784474 - 0221915286Online
CairoAin ShamsLaboratoryDr. Samir Shaker Laboratory Center - Ain Shams 2LaboratoryEl Eshreen St.01115926694 - 0224923999Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Talbia El BahriaLaboratoryFaisal St. - El Talbia El Bahria16191Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Fisal 1- 366LaboratoryMalek Faysal Street19014Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Fisal 2 - 109LaboratoryMalek Faysal Street19014Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Fisal 3 - 446LaboratoryMalek Faysal Street19014Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Faisal 1LaboratoryFaisal St. - El Taaoun19911Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Faisal 2LaboratoryFaysal St with Eid Mostafa St.19911Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -Faisal 1LaboratoryEl Helw tower - around the corner of Nasser El Thawra St. - El Meshaha Station19445 - 0239766576Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. -Faisal 2LaboratoryEl Malek Faisal St. - El Tahra tower19445 - 0233870099Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Malek FaisalLaboratoryEl Malek Faisal St. - Madkour Station - beside El Ezaby Ph.16064 - 0233930349 - 01117551127Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - TawabekLaboratoryEl Tawabek - Gendeya Mall - 3rd floor - unit no. 1516064 - 0233837264 - 01154025818Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Faisal 1LaboratoryLoaloet Faisal Tower - infront of Faculty of Physical Education16191Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Faisal 2LaboratoryFaisal St. - El Kom El Aghdar16191Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories- Faisal 3LaboratoryKing Faisal St. - El Talbiya Station - above El Ezaby Pharmacy19911Online
CairoFaisalLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - FaisalLaboratoryEl Nady El Ryady St. - Doctors Tower0235725335 - 01200106824Online
CairoEl Rehab CityLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-RehabLaboratoryFirst Medical Center19911Online
CairoEl Rehab CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-RihabLaboratory1st Medical Center - First Floor19014Online
CairoEl Rehab CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El RehabLaboratoryCorner Mall - Infront Of Gate 616191Online
CairoEl Rehab CityLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - El RehabLaboratoryMedical Center 2 - Clinic 10419962Online
CairoEl Rehab CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Al Rehab HospitalLaboratoryMedical Center 2 - Behind The Bank Complex19014Online
CairoEl Rehab CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Rehab 1LaboratoryThe First Medical Center - Clinic no. 20916191Online
CairoEl Salam CityLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - El Salam CityLaboratory6 October St.- Alexandria Sq.- El Salam Police Station- Above Koshary Al Soltan- Building No.1 First Floor19911Online
CairoEl Sherouk CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El SheroukLaboratory2 D Neighbourhood - 2nd district16191Online
CairoEl Sherouk CityLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - El SheroukLaboratoryGalaxy Mall - District 9 - Neighbourhood 4 - beside Mcdonald's19962Online
CairoEl Sherouk CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El Sherouk CityLaboratoryCity Plaza Mall - Egypt Suez Road - 2nd Floor - Beside The British University19014Online
CairoObour CityLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-ObourLaboratoryFirst District. -  El Hegaz Center19911Online
CairoObour CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-ObourLaboratoryLoulouet El Obour Project - Center of First Dist. - Front of Islamic complex19014Online
CairoObour CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - ObourLaboratoryEl Hegaz Mall - First District16191Online
CairoObour CityLaboratorySpeedLab - ObourLaboratoryLo'loa El Obour Center - apartment no. 9 - 1st District19358Online
CairoObour CityLaboratoryRoyal Lab - El ObourLaboratoryFirst district - El Hegaz Mall - Third Floor16064Online
CairoObour CityLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - El Obour CityLaboratory1st District - Loaloaa El Obour Center -3rd Floor19962Online
CairoObour CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El Obour 2LaboratoryTown Stars Mall - 7th District - Infront Of Amoun's Water Fountain19014Online
CairoBadr CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Badr CityLaboratoryMall 60 - 1st District - 2nd Neibhorhood - Above Vodafone19014Online
CairoBadr CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Badr CityLaboratoryEl Horeya Way - 1st District - 2nd Neighborhood - Next to Russian University16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - 10th DistrictLaboratory10th Dist. - Plot 4 - Area 1219014Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Nasr City 1 - TibaLaboratoryEl Nasr St. - beside Tiba Mall - Nasr City19014Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Nasr City 2  - M.El NahasLaboratoryMostafa El Nahas St.19014Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryEgy Lab - Nasr CityLaboratoryAbaas El Akaad St.0224050155Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Nasr City 3LaboratoryEl Nasr St. - El Mohandessen El Shabab Building19911Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Nasr City 4LaboratoryHassan El Maamoun Street - Front of El Ahly Club19911Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Nasr City 1LaboratorySamir Farahat Street19911Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Nasr City 2LaboratoryZaker Hussein with Metwaly El Shaarawy Street - El Asher Station19911Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Nasr CityLaboratoryOsman Buildings - Mostafa El Nahas St.19962Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El Ahly ClubLaboratoryHassan El Maamoun St. - in front of El Ahli Club19014Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Abaas El AkaadLaboratoryAbaas El Akaad St. - Beside Mostafa El Nahas Intersection - 2nd floor19445 - 0222744115Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - AutostradLaboratoryFirst of May Buildings - El Nasr road - Beside El Sa'aa Square & Nasr City Police Station - first floor19445 - 0222744116Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - 10th DistrictLaboratoryMohamed Mahdy Arafaa - infront of 10th district Bus Stop - Beside El Tayseer Medical Center - first floor19445 - 0224098098Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryD. El Hawary LaboratoryLaboratoryMakram Ebeid St. - Beside City Center.01227847176 - 0223492728 - 0223492638Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - 7th districtLaboratoryAbdallah El Araby St.-  El Tayaran St. - 7th district19911Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Nasr City 1LaboratoryAbaas El Akaad St. - 7th floor16064 - 0224013797 - 01117551120Online
CairoNasr CityRadiology CenterCairo Scan - Nasr CityRadiologySamir Abd El Raaof St. - Makram Obaeid19144Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Abbas El AkadLaboratoryAbbas El Akad St. - intersection with Mostafa El Nahas16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Makram EbaidLaboratoryMakram Ebaid St. - in front of Children Garden16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Nasr RoadLaboratoryEl Nasr Road - in front of Tiba Mall16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - 10th DistrictLaboratoryAhmed El Zomor st - 10th District Square16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - City StarsLaboratoryin front of Holiday N Gate16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Nasr City 2LaboratoryAbd El Hamid Awad St. - beside Mahjoub for Ceramics - above Mcdonald's - intersection with Mostafa El Nahaas16064 - 01149666882 - 0222756456Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - 7th DistrictLaboratoryZaker Hussien St. - 1st Floor - Block 79 - Unit 18 - above Arabiata19014Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Tayaran St.LaboratoryAbdallah El Araby St. - 7th District16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryRoyal Lab - Nasr CityLaboratoryMohamed Mahdy Arafa St. - zaker Hussien intersection16064Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Mostafa El NahasLaboratoryMostafa El Nahas St.16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Ahly ClubLaboratoryNasr City In Front Of Al Ahly Club16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Nasr City 2LaboratoryShabab El Mohandessin - El Nasr Way - The Begining Of Makram Abeid St.19962Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El WahaLaboratoryBlock 1 - El Seddek Tower - El Waha District19014Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Zahraa NasrcityLaboratoryMethaq St. - El Safwa Towers - Zahraa Nasrcity16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Mostafa El NahasLaboratoryMostafa El Nahas St. - Above Bank QNB19911Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Abbas El AkkadLaboratoryAbbas El Akkad St. - Infront of Macdoland's - First Floor19014Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - EnppiLaboratory1 Ibrahim Abu Al Naga Street, above Exception Sweets19014Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - City StarsLaboratoryEl Madfa'aya Buildings - Golf land19911Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Nasrcity3LaboratoryMethaq St. - Next to El Nasgoon Shop19962Online
CairoMadintyLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - MadinatyLaboratoryMedical Center No.1 - Clinic 315 - Third Floor19014Online
CairoMadintyLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - MadintyLaboratoryMedical Center - Beside Madinty's Hall16191Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - Nasr City 1LaboratoryMohamed Abdel El Halim St. From Hasanein Heykal St. - Beside Dar El Hekma Hospital02267406778 - 01200105313Online
CairoNasr CityLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - Nasr City 2LaboratoryMostafa El Nahas St. - Doctors Tower0222744226 - 01211126426Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-HegazLaboratoryEl Hegaz Street - Amoun Tower19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-TriumphLaboratory130 El Nozha St. - Triumph Sq.19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-TriumphLaboratory130 El Nozha St. - Triumph Sq.19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Roxy 1LaboratoryEl Kahlefa El Mamoun St. - Roxy19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Obour BuildingsLaboratorybuilding no. 9 El Obour Buildings - Salah Salem St.19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-SheratonLaboratorybuilding no. 3 - El Shaheed Sayed Zakaria St. - Sheraton Residence19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Ismaileya Sq.LaboratoryEl Imam Ali St. - Ismailia Sq.19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryEgy Lab - HeliopolisLaboratoryOsman Ibn Affan St. - El Tawhed w El Nour Building0226394666Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-RoxyLaboratoryEl Marwa St. - Beside Roxy Cinema19911Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-Saint FatimaLaboratoryEl Nozha St. - Saint Fatima - beside Credit Agricole Bank19911Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-SheratonLaboratoryEnd of Sayed Zakareya St - in front of El Sediek Mosque19911Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-HeliopolisLaboratoryEl Emam Aly Street - Ismaileya Sq.19911Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Helipolis 1LaboratoryEl Horryea St. - El Sabaa Omarat19962Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Helipolis 2LaboratoryEl Nozha St. - Panorama Tower - Triumph Sq.19962Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Helipolis 3LaboratoryEl Mansoura St. - El Gameaa Sq.19962Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - RoxyLaboratoryEl Ahram St. - Roxy - beside El Itahadia Palace - first floor19445 - 0224177224Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - El Khalifa El MamonLaboratoryEl Khalifa El Maamon St. - Souk El Asr - 2nd floor19445 - 0224536410Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - Sheraton BlocksLaboratory Sakr Koresh Buildings - Abd El Hameed Badawee St. extention - El Sheraton Blocks - first floor19445 - 0222695015Online
CairoHeliopolisRadiology CenterCairo Scan -HelioplisRadiologyFarid Semika St. - infront of El Shams Road19144Online
CairoHeliopolisRadiology CenterCairo Scan -RoxyRadiologyEl Kobba St. - Beside Advantist Church19144Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - RoxyLaboratoryEl Tahawy St. - El Safwa tower - El Khalifa El Ma'amoon - Roxy16064 - 01155570022Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Manshyet BakryLaboratoryEl Makrezy St. - El Atebaa tower - 4th floor - Mansheyet El Bakry16064 - 01154012626 - 0224518187Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - MerghanyLaboratoryEl Merghany St. - Koleyet El Banat16191Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Saint FatimaLaboratoryAbd El Aziz Fahmi St. - Saint Fatima Square16191Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Salah El DinLaboratoryOsman Ibn Affan St. - Salah El Din Square16191Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - RoxyLaboratoryEl Athary Ibn Nafeaa St - behind Roxy Cinema - Zahret Roxy Building - Roxy16191Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Sheraton HousingLaboratorySayed Zakaria St. - Sakr qoraish Housing16191Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories-El MarghanyLaboratoryEl Merghany - Beside Abou Ghaly Motors19911Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryEl Shams Lab. - HeliopolisLaboratoryEl Hegaz St. - in front of Heliopolis Hospital19445 - 0226368900Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Roxy 2LaboratoryEl Khalifa El Ma'moun - Roxy19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Alf MasknLaboratoryGisr Al Suez St. - in front of Alf Maskan Station19911Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratorySpeedLab - Main BranchLaboratoryOsthman Ibn Affan St. - Salah El Din Sq.19358Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryDr. Samir Shaker Laboratory CenterLaboratoryOthman Ibn Affan St. - Ismalia Square.01112669924 - 0222409003 - 0226337910Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - El NozhaLaboratoryEl Nozha St. - Saint Fatima Sq. - Above Ragab Sons - Infront of Misr Bank01122949566 - 0227752177Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Agial HospitalLaboratory18 Josip Tito St. - El Nozha19014Online
CairoGisr El SuezLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Alf MaskanLaboratoryGesr El Swis St. - Alf Maskan Sq. - infront of Rabaa Station19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratorySpeedLab - Helipolis 2LaboratoryNahro St. - Behind Mirland - Inside Speed Clinics - Ground Floor - Roxy19358Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryDr. Samir Shaker Laboratory Center - Helipolis 2LaboratoryEl Hegaz St. - Helioplis Sq.0226362559 - 01128364612Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryRoyal Lab - Misr El GedidaLaboratoryGisr El Suez - Alf Maskn square - third floor -16064Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - HelioplisLaboratoryEl Nozha St. - Trimuph Seq. - Panorama Tower - Above Gesraha Pharmacy16064 - 01117665984 - 0226380197Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - HeliopolisLaboratoryHegaz St.- Amoun tower- Masr El Gdida16191Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratorySpeedLab - Heliopolis 6LaboratoryMohamed El Mahdy St. off Abdullah Deraz St. behind Almaza Central - Inside Safwat El Golf Hospital19358Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Alf MaskanLaboratoryAlf Masakan Sq. - Gesr El suez - 2nd floor19962Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryRoyal Lab. - Salah El DinLaboratoryOthman Ibn Affan St.16064Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - Nozha El GdidaLaboratoryTaha Hussein St. - In Front Of Military Forces Training Institute19911Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - Al NozhaLaboratoryTaha Hussein St. - Police Division - Next to El Moneiry Pharmacy19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories - El Mostakbal CityLaboratoryFuture Mall next to Sun Mall19014Online
CairoHeliopolisLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - HeliopolisLaboratoryNakhla Moteay St. - In Front Ahli Bank - Triumph Sq.0227758251 - 01211131046Online
CairoDown TownLaboratoryAl Mokhtabr Laboratories-Kasr El AinyLaboratoryEl Kasr El Ainy St.19014Online
CairoDown TownLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Down Town 1LaboratorySherif St.19962Online
CairoDown TownLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Down Town 2LaboratoryAbd El Khalea Tharwat St.19962Online
CairoDown TownLaboratoryCairo Lab Laboratories - Down Town 3LaboratoryNobar St. - Around the corner of Ismail Abaza St. - infront of Saad Zaglool Metro Station19962Online
CairoDown TownRadiology CenterCairo Scan -Down TownRadiologyEl Tahrir Sq. - Beside KFC19144Online
CairoDown TownLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - El Tahrir SquareLaboratoryTalaat Harb St16191Online
CairoDown TownLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Emaaret El lewaaLaboratorySherif St16191Online
CairoDown TownLaboratoryAlfa Laboratories - Kasr El EinyLaboratoryEl Kasr El Einy St.16191Online
CairoDown TownLaboratoryAl Borg Laboratories - El Kasr El EinyLaboratoryEl Kasr El Einy St. - Beside El Ahly Bank - In Front Of Diabetes Institute - First Upper Floor19911Online
CairoDown TownLaboratoryGrand Laboratories - DownTownLaboratorySherif St. - In Front Of Major General's Building0223907228 - 01200105898Online
CairoGizaRadiology CenterTecnoscan (Osama Khalil Radiology center)-Morad St.RadiologyMorad Street19989Online
CairoGizaRadiology CenterCairo Scan -GizaRadiologyMorad St. - above Ragbs' Sons Super Market19144Online
CairoDokkiRadiology CenterEl Nile Scan - DokkiRadiology / LaboratoryMosadak St.19656Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberRadiology CenterTecnoscan (Osama Khalil Radiology center) - 6th OctRadiologyEl-Sala Mall -Third District -Beside B.Tec -6th. October 19989Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberRadiology CenterBright Scan Radiology CenterRadiologyThe Service Axis - The 8th district - infront of Metro Market01024599699 - 01027400046 - 0238371869Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedRadiology CenterEl Nile Scan - 6 of OctoberRadiology / Laboratory2nd Enterance - beside El Sheikh Zayed hospital - El Sheikh Zayed19656Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberRadiology CenterAlfa Scan - Sheikh ZayedRadiologyArkan Mall - building no.6 - 3rd floor16171Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberRadiology CenterBaligh Scan Radiology CenterRadiologyLailet El Qadr Square - El Sewedy Mall - 3rd Floor0238838866 - 0238838850 - 0238838830 - 01013893333Online
CairoAl Sayeda ZainabRadiology CenterAl Tahra Radiology Center - El Sayeda zeinabRadiologyPort Said St.19173  - 0223925733Online
CairoEl AyiatRadiology CenterSama ScanRadiologyinfront of El Ayiat Police Station0238606727 - 01225745165Offline
CairoNew CairoRadiology CenterTecnoscan (Osama Khalil Radiology center)-5th Dist.RadiologyPlot no.43 G - El Hay El Awal Service Center19989Online
CairoNew CairoRadiology CenterAlfa Scan - 5th SettelmentRadiologyEl Tessen St. - Concord Plaza Mall - 2nd Floor16171Online
CairoNew CairoRadiology CenterEl Nile Scan - 5th Settelment - Down Town MallRadiology / LaboratoryEl Teseen St. - Down Town Mall - S2B Building - 2nd Floor19656Online
CairoNew CairoRadiology CenterReaaya Radiology CenterRadiologyEl Tayeb St. from Akhnatoun - Behind Saudi Market01000083637 - 01000083638 - 0226180555Online
CairoNew CairoRadiology CenterMisr Radiology Center - 5th SettlementRadiologyTasaeen St. - Behind Air Forces Hospital0228124282 - 0228124281Online
CairoMaadiRadiology CenterTecnoscan (Osama Khalil Radiology center) - MaadiRadiologyHorreya Sq. - street 15019989Online
CairoMaadiRadiology CenterEl Nile Scan - MaadiRadiology / LaboratoryEl Mahata Sq. - 9 St. - El Maadi Palace Building19656Online
CairoMaadiRadiology CenterAlfa Scan - MaadiRadiologyfirst of El Korneish road - beside As-salam International Hospital - Korneish El Maadi16171Online
CairoMaadiRadiology CenterCairo Scan -MaadiRadiologyEl Gazyer St. - above Ragbs' Sons Super Market19144Online
CairoMaadiRadiology CenterCapital Scan Center - MaadiRadiologyEl Nasr Street - Gazaier Sq.0225171115 - 01066619000 - 01000585606Online
CairoEl MokattamRadiology CenterEl Mokattam ScanRadiologyStreet 9 - Plot no. 9109 Front of Caltex.01271207772 - 0225070778Online
CairoEl MokattamRadiology CenterCairo Scan -MokattamRadiology9 St. - infront of Shell Gas Station19144Online
CairoMohandseenRadiology CenterTecnoscan(Osama Khalil Radiology center) - MohandseenRadiologyAnas Ebn Malek Street from Shehab Street19989Online
CairoMohandseenRadiology CenterCairo Scan -Women's Health UnitRadiologyAbd El Monem Riyad St. - Medical tower - 4th floor19144Online
CairoMohandseenRadiology CenterCapital Scan Center - MohandessenRadiologyEl Sudan St. - Beside IHUN0225171115 - 01066619000 - 01000585606Online
CairoMohandseenRadiology CenterAlfa Scan - MohandessenRadiologyEl Hegaz Sq. - El Safaa Medical tower16171Online
CairoMohandseenRadiology CenterCairo Scan -Mohanedseen 1RadiologySoliman Abaza St. - Beside American Commercial Chamber19144Online
CairoMohandseenRadiology CenterEl Borg Scan - MohandseenRadiologyAbd El Moniem Riyad St. - El Atebaa tower - 2nd floor19911Online
CairoMohandseenRadiology CenterEl Nile Scan - MohandessenRadiology / LaboratoryLebanon St.19656Online
CairoHadayek El AhramRadiology CenterAl Tahra Radiology Center - Hadayek El AhramRadiologyRight Side of the 3rd Gate19173 - 0233807828 - 0233807829Online
CairoHadayek El KobbaRadiology CenterDwedar Center for UltrasonographyRadiologyDwedar St.01221606166 - 0223304452 - 01117771100Online
CairoHelwanRadiology CenterCairo Scan -HelwanRadiologyMohamed Sayed Ahmed St. - Borg El Nadi - infront of Moaemen19144Online
CairoShoubraRadiology CenterTecnoscan (Osama Khalil Radiology center) - ShobraRadiologyShobra Street - in front of El Khalafawy Metro Station19989Online
CairoShoubraRadiology CenterCairo Scan -Shoubra 2RadiologyShoubra St. - Beside El Tawfikia School19144Online
CairoShoubraRadiology CenterCairo Scan - Shoubra 1RadiologyShoubra St.19144Online
CairoFaisalRadiology CenterAl Tahra Radiology Center - FaisalRadiologyEl Malek Faisal St. - around the corner of El Mostashfa St.0233832303 - 19173Online
CairoFaisalRadiology CenterCairo Scan - FaisalRadiologyFaisal St. - Hassan Mohamed Station - above Kentucky19144Online
CairoEl Rehab CityRadiology CenterEl Rehab Scan CenterRadiologyMedical Center 1 - Clininc no. 11401061481389 - 0226077244 - 01000289860Online
CairoNasr CityRadiology CenterSmart Scan Radiology CenterRadiologyAhmed El Zomor St. - El Hay El Asher Sq.0224730417 -  01010805062Online
CairoNasr CityRadiology CenterCairo Scan - Nasr CityRadiologySamir Abd El Raaof St. - Makram Obaeid19144Online
CairoNasr CityRadiology CenterCairo Scan - Nasr City 2RadiologyIntersection of Youssef Abbas Dar El Fouad Medical  Tower19144Online
CairoNasr CityRadiology CenterMisr Radiology Center - Nasr CityRadiologyMostafa El Nahas St. with Abbas El Akkad19774Online
CairoNasr CityRadiology CenterEl Nile Scan - Nasr CityRadiology / LaboratoryAbd Elrazek Elsanhori St. - Makram Abeed St.19656Online
CairoHeliopolisRadiology CenterEl Nile Scan - HelioplisRadiology / LaboratoryAhmed El Rashidy St. - from Nabil El Wakad St. -Ard El Golf19656Online
CairoHeliopolisRadiology CenterAlfa Scan - HelioplisRadiologyEl Marghany St. - infront of Girls Collage16171Online
CairoHeliopolisRadiology CenterAl Tahra Radiology Center - RoxyRadiologyEl Makrezy St.- Roxy19173 - 0224528989Online
CairoHeliopolisRadiology CenterCairo Scan -HelioplisRadiologyFarid Semika St. - infront of El Shams Road19144Online
CairoHeliopolisRadiology CenterCairo Scan -RoxyRadiologyEl Kobba St. - Beside Advantist Church19144Online
CairoHeliopolisRadiology CenterMisr Radiology Center - El Khalifa El MamoonRadiologyEl Khalifa El Mamoon St. - Manshyet El bakry19773Online
CairoHeliopolisRadiology CenterMisr Radiology Center - El MarghanyRadiologyEl Marghany St. - Lotfy Building - Beside Helioplis Club - Roxy0222908667 - 0224171070Online
CairoDown TownRadiology CenterEl Nile Scan - Down TownRadiology / LaboratoryHuda Sharawy St. - Bab El Louk19656Online
CairoDown TownRadiology CenterCairo Scan -Down TownRadiologyEl Tahrir Sq. - Beside KFC19144Online
CairoGizaPhysiotherapy CenterEl Helal Physiotherapy Center 5PhysiotherapyFoad El Demerdash St.- 1st right off El Thalatheni St. - El Omaraneya1010084814Online
CairoGizaPhysiotherapy CenterEl Helal Physiotherapy Center 6PhysiotherapyMahmoud El Faioumy - behind Saft El Labn - ground floor - Beside El Sawy Store1010084894Online
CairoDokkiPhysiotherapy CenterEl Safa Physiotherapy Center - DokkiPhysiotherapyEl Ansar St.01117607693 - 01211252233 Online
CairoDokkiPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - DokkiPhysiotherapyNile St. - El Galaa Square01090200292Online
CairoEl ZaitounPhysiotherapy CenterDr. Ahmed Abd El Latif Physiotherapy Center - ZaitounPhysiotherapySelim St. - Helmyet El Zaytoun Square - El Fahim Building0226322069  - 01141140066Offline
Cairo6th Of OctoberPhysiotherapy CenterEl Masry for PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapyEl Mehwar El Ra'esee - Vodafone Sq. - Golden Mall - 3rd floor - apartment no. 501090955569Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPhysiotherapy CenterEl Awady Physiotherapy Center - 6th OctoberPhysiotherapy7th District - Zamzam Mall - 2nd floor - apartment no. 201283357999Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPhysiotherapy CenterHasabo for Physiotherapy - 6th October 2PhysiotherapyCentral axis - next to Housing and Developement Bank - beside Eden Hospital - Cairo medical center01007412217 - 01007412218Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPhysiotherapy CenterLife Sport Physiotherapy Center - OctoberPhysiotherapyEl Yasmine Mall - 8th district - behind Hosari Mosque01065953333Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPhysiotherapy CenterEl Helal Physiotherapy Center - OctoberPhysiotherapyTax Tower 1 - above koshry EL prince -  Centeral Axis - Hosary Square 1225725490Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - 6th OctoberPhysiotherapy2nd Neighborhood - 1st District - Solaimaneya Building In Front Of 6th Of October University's Wall01032777703Online
CairoEl Sheikh ZayedPhysiotherapy CenterPhysioCare Physiotherapy Center - Sheikh ZayedPhysiotherapyAkran Plaza Mall - Unit no. 52 - building no. 501024443117-01024443118Online
CairoAgouzaPhysiotherapy CenterSerien Life Physiotherapy Center - AgouzaPhysiotherapyEl Faloga Street - Front of El Kawmeya School - 3rd Floor - apartment no. 3030233458999 - 01007994411Online
CairoNew CairoPhysiotherapy CenterDr. Mohamed Mosaad Physiotherapy Center - 5th Sett.PhysiotherapyOmar Ibn El Khattab St. - Infront of Coop Gas Station & 5th Settlement Office01124469357 - 01090998541 - 01124262602Online
CairoNew CairoPhysiotherapy CenterPhysioCare Physiotherapy Center - 5th SettlementPhysiotherapyMedical Park - Behind Air Forces Hospital - 2nd Floor - clinic no.21001024443117-01024443118Online
CairoNew CairoPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - 5th SettlementPhysiotherapyEl Tabib Center - Behind Saudi Market - 5th Settelment01012898973Online
CairoMaadiPhysiotherapy CenterEl Toqa Physiotherapy Center - Maadi 1Physiotherapy77 St. - El Mansoor Building01110008110 - 01116752333 - 0223802439Online
CairoMaadiPhysiotherapy CenterEl Gana for Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapy76 St. - from 9 St.01005111668 - 0223804060 - 01001067608 Online
CairoMaadiPhysiotherapy CenterDr. Ismail El Khashab Physiotherapy Center - Zahraa El MaadiPhysiotherapyBlock no. 63 - the 10 th Sector - Zahraa El Maadi02-23103720 // 01223336111 // 01223332667Online
CairoMaadiPhysiotherapy CenterTRUE CARE Physical Therapy CenterPhysiotherapyEl Nasr St. - Infront of Om Hasan 201015559272 - 01015559373Online
CairoMaadiPhysiotherapy CenterWomen Slim Physiotherapy Center (El Nasr for Physiotherapy)PhysiotherapyEl Nasr St. - in front of Pizza Hut - above El Ghazaly for Lenses01116469090 - 01026884221 - 01000442616Online
CairoEl MokattamPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - El MokktamPhysiotherapySt. 9 - beside Dar El Omm Hospital - infront of Barcleys Bank01017055549Online
CairoMohandseenPhysiotherapy CenterMedical Center for Physiotherapy - MohandeseenPhysiotherapySudan St0233374833Online
CairoMohandseenPhysiotherapy CenterDr. Ismail El Khashab Physiotherapy Center - MohandeseenPhysiotherapyAhmed Orabi St. - El Shabrawy Building01112513032 - 0233046333Online
CairoMohandseenPhysiotherapy CenterLife Sport Physiotherapy Center - BolakPhysiotherapyTeraat El Zomor St. - Beside El Lewa Supermarket01006002009Online
CairoHaramPhysiotherapy CenterSerien Life Physiotherapy Center - HaramPhysiotherapyMashtal El Ward Street - From El Magzar El Aaly Street beside Ragab Sons Market - Maryoteya0233839175 - 01007995588 - 01001891894Online
CairoHaramPhysiotherapy CenterAman Center for PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapyEl Haram ST. - El Talbeyia Station01063604151 - 0235862461Offline
CairoHaramPhysiotherapy CenterEl Gizera for PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapyEl Sadat St - El Tawheed W El Noor - El Koom El Akhdar0237428235Online
CairoHaramPhysiotherapy CenterHasabo for Physiotherapy - HaramPhysiotherapyHousing and Development Bank Building - El Omda El Gedid St. - El Koum El Akhdar0237720840 - 01007412217 - 01007412218Online
CairoHaramPhysiotherapy CenterDr. Ismail El Khashab Physiotherapy Center - El HaramPhysiotherapyEl Haram St. - above Bloom Bank - Nasr El Din0235702431 - 0235704290 - 01000058781Online
CairoHaramPhysiotherapy CenterKolthoum Mohamed Abd El Hamid Physiotherapy Center - FaisalPhysiotherapyWahdan St. - El Matbaa Station01006572119 - 0235860497Online
CairoHaramPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - HaramPhysiotherapyGardinia buldings - Beside Residence and Construction Bank  - El Areesh Stop01029907176Online
CairoBab El LoukPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - Bab El LoukPhysiotherapyEl Tahrir St. - Strand Building - Fourth Floor - Apartment 130227949988 - 01008143504Online
CairoHadayek El AhramPhysiotherapy CenterKolthoum Mohamed Abd El Hamid Physiotherapy Center - Hadayek El AhramPhysiotherapy16 St. - Sector A - Khofoo01006572119 - 01060003399 - 0233919312Online
CairoHelwanPhysiotherapy CenterMekka Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapySaleh Sobhy St. - with Mostafa Safwat St.0227075242 - 0227075212 - 01011949493 - 01020313220Offline
CairoRamsisPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - RamsesPhysiotherapyRamses St. - Emad El Din St. Intersection - Beside El Helal Hospital - Eighth Floor - Insurance Building01000024542Online
CairoShoubraPhysiotherapy CenterEl Sherouk Phsyiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyFakhr El Din St. - infront of El Sahel eductional Hospital - beside Ragab's sons market0222007005 - 01011224180Online
CairoShoubraPhysiotherapy CenterDr. Ashraf Ismail Physiotherapy Center - ShoubraPhysiotherapyShoubra St. -  Beside Khair Zaman - Saint Teriza Station0222007575 - 01110625686Offline
CairoShoubraPhysiotherapy CenterEl Mostakbal For Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyGamal St. From Shobra St. - El Sahel - Ground Floor01157233371Online
CairoAin ShamsPhysiotherapy CenterEl Raaee for Physiotherapy Center - El ZahraaPhysiotherapyEl Zahraa St. - Behind Marigerges Church - Infront of Mahmoud Khatir School01228319463 - 01203944660Online
CairoFaisalPhysiotherapy CenterEl Awady Physiotherapy Center - El HaramPhysiotherapyDr Khaled St. - From El Matbaa St. -  Grand floor 01204127445Online
CairoFaisalPhysiotherapy CenterLife Sport Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyAshraf El Batran St. - Mariotia Tunnel01006002009Online
CairoFaisalPhysiotherapy CenterEl Helal Physiotherapy Center 3PhysiotherapyFaisal St. - El Kom El Akhdar Station - above El Nabawy Car Gallery01121122121Online
CairoFaisalPhysiotherapy CenterEl Safwa for Physiotherapy - FaisalPhysiotherapyEl Manshya El Gedida St. - El Tawabek Station0233843429 - 01129955320Offline
CairoObour CityPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - Obour CityPhysiotherapyEl Emam Malek St. from Ahmed Badawy Square - Beside Ekhtarna Lak Market - The Sixth Neighborhood01064411554Online
CairoNasr CityPhysiotherapy CenterDr. Ahmed Abd El Latif Physiotherapy Center - Nasr CityPhysiotherapyAbdallah El Araby - El tayaran Extension - first floor0223894746 - 01008208144Offline
CairoNasr CityPhysiotherapy CenterDr. Ashraf Ismail Physiotherapy Center - Nasr CityPhysiotherapyMostafa El Nahas St. - Osman buildings0220802372 - 01110625686Offline
CairoNasr CityPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - Makram EbeidPhysiotherapyAtia El Sawalhy St. from Makram Ebeid St. - In front of El Serag Mall01012808094Online
CairoNasr CityPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - MayoPhysiotherapy1st Of May Buildings - Nasr Road - Beside Nasr City Police Station01098439897Online
CairoNasr CityPhysiotherapy CenterGolf Physiotherapy Center - Nasr cityPhysiotherapyMohamed Ibrahim St. - from Hassanein Heikal0222718800 - 01202525252Online
CairoHeliopolisPhysiotherapy CenterGolf Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyGalal Hagag St. - Ard El Golf - From Ahmed Tayseer St.0222903777 - 01272666111 - 01202525252Online
CairoHeliopolisPhysiotherapy CenterEl Safwa Center For Physiotherapy - Gisr El SuezPhysiotherapyGisr El Suez St. - Beside El Mahmal Super Market - first floor - apartment no 110224542072 - 0224542073 -  01119612196 - 01148496239Online
CairoHeliopolisPhysiotherapy CenterEl Hayat Physiotherapy Center - SheratonPhysiotherapySayed Zakaria St. - Sheraton Housing - Apartment no 21226060360 - 0222679540Online
CairoHeliopolisPhysiotherapy CenterSaint Fatima Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyOmar Bekir St. - Saint Fatima Square - Sporting Airport Club Road0227748855/99 - 01112152282Offline
CairoHeliopolisPhysiotherapy CenterTree Of  Life Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyEl Moltaka El Arabi District - sheratoon autostard beside B auto02220644171 - 01011264969Offline
CairoHeliopolisPhysiotherapy CenterEnas Rageh Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyMohamed Kamel Hussien St. - El Nozha El Gedida0226213288Online
CairoHeliopolisPhysiotherapy CenterAlfa Care Physiotherapy Center - HeliopolisPhysiotherapySafwat El Golf Hospital - Ard El Golf - Behind Almaza Central01001804041Online
CairoDown TownPhysiotherapy CenterEl Zahed Physiotherapy CenterPhysiotherapyEl Saha St. - Abdeen0223930801 - 01223533996Online
CairoDown TownPhysiotherapy CenterEl Awady Physiotherapy Center - Down TownPhysiotherapy26th July St.01090214999Online
CairoDown TownPhysiotherapy CenterDr. Ismail El Khashab Physiotherapy Center - AbdeenPhysiotherapyEl Gomhoreyia St. - intersection of Hassan El Akbar St. - Abdeen]0223909509 - 01004915596Online
CairoDown TownPhysiotherapy CenterMedical Center for Physiotherapy - Bab El LokPhysiotherapyRoshdy St, - Bab El Lok0223939440 - 01223168205Online
CairoGizaOpticalBaraka Optics - first mallOpticalFirst mall - Morad St.0235734009 - 19848 - 01065547394Offline
CairoGizaOpticalYasser Optical CenterOpticalAthar Sakara St. - El Badrasheen1117379807Online
CairoDokkiOpticalNew Vision Optical CenterOpticalDokki St. - beside T.N.T01007944205Offline
CairoDokkiOpticalJoly Optics - DokkiOpticalMosadak St.1066603128Online
CairoDokkiOpticalHappy Vision Optical Center - DokkiOpticalDokki St. - El Galaa sq. - Shop no. 401023199899 - 0233360313Online
CairoDokkiOpticalOptic Gallery - DokkiOpticalIran St.  - behind Asd Ibn El forat mosque1002140193Online
CairoZamalekOpticalBaraka Optics - ZamalekOptical26th Of July St.0227370343 - 01065547391 - 0227351559Online
CairoZamalekOpticalHappy Vision Optical Center - ZamalekOpticalEl Mansour Mohamed St. - Shop no. 601022884797Online
CairoZamalekOpticalBaraka Optics - El Gezira Sporting ClubOpticalEl Gezira Sporting Club1027091133Online
CairoZamalekOpticalMagrabi Optical - ZamalekOptical26 July St .0227357929Online
CairoZamalekOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - ZamalekOpticalEl Sayed El Bakry St - Corner Of 26 July St01097708577Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalC&Co - Mall of ArabiaOpticalMall of Arabia - Juhaynah Sq.01002194429Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalC&Co - Mall of ArabiaOpticalMall of Arabia - Juhaynah Sq.01002194430Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalIris Optical Center - 6th of OctoberOpticalMagda Art Center - Beside Cairo Bank - Central Axis0238358968 - 01014666525Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalMagic Eyes Optical Center - 6th districtOptical6th district - behind 6th of october Telephone Central - El Nakhil Market 101112555835 - 01005175707 - 0238322080Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalJoly Optics - 6 Oct.OpticalMall of Arabia1069999093Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalOptic Gallery - Diamond MallOpticalDiamond Mall - Shop no. 680238369098 - 01002140190Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalBaraka Optics - GalleriaOpticalGalleria 40, Raya Building01000358205Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalBaraka Optics - SodicOpticalHub Mall - Sodic - Egypt Alexandria Desert Road]01095981130Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalHappy Vision Optical Center - Mall of Arabia 2OpticalUnit no. 238 - Mall of Arabia01092507776Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalBaraka Optics - Mall Of EgyptOpticalMall Of Egypt - Al Wahat Road - In Front Of Media Production City Unit G04101000457951Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalHappy Vision Optical Center - Mall of EgyptOptical Mall Of Egypt , Shop no. C015 , Ground Floor.1122247111Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalJoly Optics - Mall Of EgyptOpticalMall Of Egypt - Shop No. 130-131 Second Floor - In Front Of Media Production City01066603148Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalMagrabi Optical - Mall of ArabiaOpticalJuhaina Sq. - 26th of July Corridor - Mall of Arabia01001787060Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalMagrabi Optical - Mall of EgyptOpticalMall of Egypt - Shop no. C045 - ground floor01028044774Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalBaraka Optics - Dandy MallOpticalDandy Mall - Cairo Alexandria road0235393537 - 01065547397Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalHappy Vision Optical Center - Dandy MallOpticalDandy Mall - Unit no. 92 - Misr Alexandria Desert Road01060020285Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - Mall Of ArabiaOpticalMall Of Arabia - Shop No. G26101097708886Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - Mall Of EgyptOpticalMall Of Egypt -Shop No. B11501011000275Online
CairoAl Sayeda ZainabOpticalEl Islam Optical Center - El SayedaOpticalPort Said St. - infront of Dar El Helal assosiation0229812067/01001423096 / 01067819238Offline
CairoAgouzaOpticalSoulet Optics - El AgouzaOpticalMohamed Taalat St. from Shaheen St.01115700900Offline
CairoNew CairoOpticalMagrabi Optical - Down Town Mall - New CairoOpticalQatmaiyaHightes -90 Street - Down Town Mall0223146217 - 01002283272Online
CairoNew CairoOpticalHappy Vision Optical Center - Cairo Festival City MallOpticalCairo Festival City Mall - Unit no. 130-201099974956Offline
CairoNew CairoOpticalJoly Optics - New Cairo 2OpticalMirage Mall01066603142Online
CairoNew CairoOpticalOptic Gallery - 5th Settelment 2OpticalNasaem Medical center - Medical Park 2 - infront of New Cairo Court01033301872 - 01033301871Online
CairoNew CairoOpticalOptic Gallery - Nasaem Medical HospitalOpticalNasaem Medical Hospital - Behind Air Force Specialized Hospital01008820103Online
CairoNew CairoOpticalMagrabi Optical - Cairo Festival City - New CairoOpticalCairo Festival City - Zone 10A - unit no. 2-01501002593292 - 0226168089Online
CairoNew CairoOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - 5th SettelmentOptical90th St - Hala Mall 2 - 5th Settelment01028089822Online
CairoMaadiOpticalC&Co - City CenterOpticalCity Centre - Carrefour ( A16 )01002194428 - 0225204071 Online
CairoMaadiOpticalJoly Optics - El LaselkyOpticalEl Laselky St.1066603117Online
CairoMaadiOpticalOptic Gallery - El MaadiOpticalSakr Qoresh - New Maadi0227474399 - 01002140192Online
CairoMaadiOpticalJoly Optics - Hub 50OpticalHub 50 - Zahraa El Maadi01066603126Online
CairoMaadiOpticalMagrabi Optical - Maadi Grand MallOpticalGrand Mall Store 210&2110225195309Online
CairoMohandseenOpticalBaraka Optics - Wadi El Nile St.OpticalWadi El Nile St.0233055728 - 01065547392Online
CairoMohandseenOpticalOptical Center for OpticsOpticalEl Rashid St.- infront of the front gate of El Tersana Sports Club0233444444 - 01001420418Offline
CairoMohandseenOpticalMagrabi Optical - Mohy ElDinOpticalMohy El Din Abo El Ezz0237619741Online
CairoMohandseenOpticalSafy Optical CenterOpticalEl Qus El Sherif St. - Shehab St.0233472088 - 01284872405 - 01227935954Offline
CairoMohandseenOpticalJoly Optics - MohandeseenOpticalShehab St.1066603122Online
CairoMohandseenOpticalBaraka Optics - Shooting Club 2OpticalNady El Seid St. - next to McDonald's01027359996Online
CairoMohandseenOpticalQortoba Optical CenterOpticalSudan St.1061133508Online
CairoMohandseenOpticalJoly Optics - LebanonOpticalLebanon St. Mohandsen01066603118Online
CairoMohandseenOpticalOptic Gallery - MohandseenOpticalSudan St. - Across The End of Gamaat El Dewal El Arabia0233380183 - 01020038532Online
CairoMohandseenOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - Mohandeseen 1OpticalEl Batal Ahmed Abdel Azziz St01097707742Online
CairoMohandseenOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - Mohandeseen 2OpticalSoliman Abaza St.01097707761Online
CairoHaramOpticalJoly Optics - Giza 2OpticalEl Haram St. - Ekhnaton Mall1066603137Online
CairoHaramOpticalMagrabi Optical - HaramOpticalAl Haram St.0237806505Online
CairoBab El LoukOpticalSoulet Center - Bab El LoukOpticalBab El Louk Sq. - El Boustan St.01229490009Offline
CairoBab El LoukOpticalRodana Optical Center - Nasr CityOpticalAbbas El Akkad St.0223932594Online
CairoHelwanOpticalStyle Optical Center - El Rowda towerOpticalRiyad St. - El Rawda tower01228476363Online
CairoHelwanOpticalStyle Optical Center - Aman HospitalOpticalRiyad St. - Beside Aman Hospital01220263013Online
CairoShoubraOpticalMamdouh Optical CenterOpticalEl Teraa El Bolaqia St. - beside Shobra police station01119966023 - 0225793654Online
CairoShoubraOpticalJoly Optics - ShoubraOpticalShoubra St.1066603134Online
CairoEzbet El NakhlOpticalEl Fady Optical Center - Ezbet El Nakhl 1OpticalEl Sheikh Mansour St.01221744645Online
CairoEzbet El NakhlOpticalEl Fady Optical Center - SheratonOpticalWadi Degla Club (Sheraton)01221744645Online
CairoEl Rehab CityOpticalMagrabi Optical - Al Rehab cityOpticalAl Suiz Rd. - Al Rehab Mall 201006671939 - 0226931018Online
CairoEl Sherouk CityOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - International Medical CenterOpticalIsmailia Cairo Road -  International Medical Center01220835552Online
CairoObour CityOpticalJoly Optics - Obour CityOpticalGolf City Mall1022234438Online
CairoObour CityOpticalMagrabi Optical - Golf El AbourOpticalMall Golf el ebour store no. 27 - no. 280246105488Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalGrand Optican Center - Nasr CityOpticalMakram Obied St. - infront of Child garden0222704885Offline
CairoNasr CityOpticalC&Co - Genenaa MallOpticalGenena Mall - 3rd Floor (B/D/48)0220820637 - 01001529768Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalC&Co - City Stars MallOpticalCity Stars Mall - 1st Floor (117)0224802199 - 01003426758Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalRodana Optical Center - Bab El LoukOpticalEl Tahrir St.0226713151Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalMagrabi Optical - Abbas El AkadOpticalAbbass El Akad St. 0224013386Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalJoly Optics - City StarsOpticalCity Stars Mall1066603149Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalJoly Optics - MakramOpticalMakram Obiead St.1066603145Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalJoly Optics - WonderLandOpticalWonder Land1066603123Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalOptic Gallery - El BatrawyOpticalDr. El Batrawy St. - infront of Genena Mall0224048770 - 01008816333Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalOptic Gallery - El Hak ClinicsOpticalEl Hak Clinics - beside El Akaad Mall01033301875Online
CairoNew CairoOpticalC&Co - New CairoOpticalPoint 90 - Infront Of AUC - 5th settlement01069928986Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalC&Co - City Stars 3OpticalCity Stars Mall - Unit CD8 - Role F301000458421Online
Cairo6th Of OctoberOpticalC&Co - Mall Of EgyptOpticalMall Of Egypt - Al Wahat Road - In Front Of Media Production City - Unit G06001000457826Online
CairoNew CairoOpticalC&Co - Cairo FestivalOpticalCairo Festival City Mall - Level 2 - In Front Of Home Center01094288810Offline
CairoNasr CityOpticalOptic Gallery - El MaamonOpticalHasan El Maamon St. - El Tayseer Medical Center Building01004870888Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalOptic Gallery - Anwar El Mofty St.OpticalEl Rowad Eye Hospital - Anwar El Mofty St. - Behind Tiba Mall01033301874Online
CairoNasr CityOpticalMagrabi Optical - City Stars 2OpticalOmar Bien El Kattab .City Star Store 20050224802106Online
CairoNasr CityOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - City StarsOpticalPhase 2- shop No. 4135- Fourth Floor01097707760Online
CairoNasr CityOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - Nasr City 1OpticalAbbas El Akkad St01097707741Online
CairoNasr CityOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - Nasr City 2OpticalMakram Ebied St01097707765Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalBeauty Eyes Optical centerOpticalEl Bosta St. - Beside Adham's park - Roxy0224145865 - 01003892392 - 01112916476Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalC&Co - El Shams ClubOpticalEl Shams Club - Gate 1 - Abd El Hamid Badawy St.1286641643Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalC&Co - El KorbaOpticalAbou EL Houl St. - El Kourba Sq.0224184945 - 0226906368 - 01006851907 - 01000904082 \ 01007666569Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalIris Optical Center - HelioplisOpticalEl Andalos St. - Behind El Miriland - Eye Subspeciality Center02225637494 - 01025759777Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalMagrabi Optical - RoxyOpticalIn front of Meriland - ElKhalifa AlMaamoun - Roxy0224502792Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalEl Melouk Optical CenterOpticalIsamil El Fangary St. with El Entag - El Alf Maskan01223629797Offline
CairoHeliopolisOpticalC&Co - Helioplis ClubOpticalHelioplis Club - El Marghany St.01067779203Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalJoly Optics - MarghanyOpticalEl Marghany St.1066603116Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalJoly Optics - Khalifa El Ma'moonOpticalEl Khalifa El Ma'moon St.1066603115Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalJoly Optics - SheratoonOpticalSunCity Mall1066603105Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalCavalli Optical Center - CairoOpticalAhmed Tayseer St. - El Marwa Building - beside Girls College01275177713 - 0224153759Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalSan Mark Optical CenterOpticalEl Delta St. El Gamee Squar0226445985 - 01144099755 - 01224124326Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalHappy Vision Optical Center - Hegaz St.OpticalEl Hegaz St. - Shop no. 101099975029Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalIris Optical Center - Helioplis 2OpticalEl Hegaz St. - El Mahkma Sq.01010666639 - 0226320084Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalEl Fady Optical Center - Ezbet El Nakhl 2OpticalGheit El Enab St.01221744645Online
CairoHeliopolisOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - Heliopolis 1Opticalothman Ibn affan st - safir sq01097707740Online
CairoHeliopolisOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - Heliopolis 2OpticalEl Merghany St01002267100Online
CairoHeliopolisOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - Heliopolis 3OpticalBaghdad St - El Korba01097707752Online
CairoHeliopolisOptical Blue Eyes Optical Center - Heliopolis 4OpticalEl Hegaz St01097707990Online
CairoHeliopolisOpticalMagrabi Optical - ِAlmazaOpticalGround Floor - Shop No. E1-17 - Almaza City Center02 2681429Online
CairoDown TownOpticalBaraka Optics - Four Seasons HotelOpticalFour Seasons Hotel0227930080  - 01065547395Online
CairoDown TownOpticalBaraka Optics - Nile MallOpticalNile City Mall0224619898 - 01283066617Online
CairoDown TownOpticalIris Optical Center - Down TownOpticalSherif St. - infront of Awkaf Ministry0223920058Online
CairoDown TownOpticalSemko Optical Center - Down TownOpticalKhayrat St.- around the corner of Yakoub St. - Lazoughly Sq.0227959305Offline
CairoDown TownOpticalSola Optical CenterOpticalAbd El Dayem Abd El Aziz Gawesh St. - Behind El Standard Building01229269423 - 01116336163Offline
CairoEl BadrashinClinicAmir Ishak YakoubPediatricsEl Nile El Saeed St. - beside Cairo Lab01223826141 - 01143973336Offline
CairoGizaClinicMaged Riyad WasfyENTEl Gehainy St. - off El Tholatheny St.0235615212 - 01223342561Offline
CairoGizaClinicMohamed Hassan Mohamed HeibaENTMorad St. - El Ahly Medical tower - Beside Omar AfandiD13430201114850810 - 01011177887 - 0235708808Offline
CairoGizaClinicAshraf Riyad WasfyCardiologyMahmoud El Melegy St. - infront of El Shams Club0235615212Offline
CairoGizaClinicMohamed Abd El Fattah Abd El BakyInternal Medicine & Diabetes & NephrologyGiza sq. - El Nasr Building - 4th Floor - appartment 60235688570 - 01005161068Offline
CairoGizaClinicHady KandilInternal Medicine & Diabetes & EndocrinologyMourad St.0235729310 - 01147734898Offline
CairoGizaClinicNayera Mahmoud ZakiInternal Medicine & Cardiology & DiabetesEl Hessn St. - Eastern Omranya01005026250 - 0235681771Offline
CairoGizaClinicAhmed Yehia Ahmed FaridGeneral SurgeryMourad St.01222137249 - 01066197016 - 0235710055Offline
CairoGizaClinicArsany Talaat Saber WasefGeneral SurgeryMourad St. - El Ahly Medical Tower - Clinic no. 51101067777386 - 01277885788Offline
CairoGizaClinicAbdel Rehim Mady Abou El AzaiemNeurologyGiza Sq.0235736107 - 01227449157Offline
CairoGizaClinicNabil Mohey El Din Emam El ShahidUrologySoliman El Qady St. - from Rabie El Gizy St. - Om El Masrien Square01113399087 - 01005113416 - 0235712414Offline
CairoGizaClinicDr.Saad Hassan Mohamed El KadyOpthalmologyEl Ahram St. - Beside El Giza Governerate01225879999 - 01099096903 - 0233941616 - 0233941835Offline
CairoGizaClinicMohamed Maabad Ahmed BekheemObstetrics & GynecologyMarine Oasis - Beside Bank Misr and Egypt Post Office1229123293Offline
CairoGizaClinicHassan Mostafa GaafarObstetrics & GynecologyMourad St. - Al Ahly Medical Tower - Clinic 61001096884814 - 0235709981Offline
CairoEl HawamdeyaClinicAmir Ishak YakoubPediatricsGamal Abd El Naser - El Hawamdya01143973336Offline
CairoDokkiClinicNoha Abou El WafaPediatricsEl Tahreer St - El Tahrir Tower - 10th Floor0233357364 - 01005052533 - 01004937555Offline
CairoDokkiClinicEmad El SarawyCardio-Vasc.& Thoracic Surgery96 Tahrir St. – Dokki Square – above Arabiata – 9th floor01227345248 - 0237492344Offline
CairoDokkiClinicAhmed Sayed Mostafa SayedGeneral SurgeryEl Tahrir St. - El Dokki Adminstrative tower - apartment no. 90601112863600Offline
CairoDokkiClinicYasser Assem Mahmoud HusseinOrthopedic SurgeryMosadak St.01001703070 - 33388613Offline
CairoDokkiClinicAyman Farid EbrahimOrthopedic SurgeryTahrir St.01007884994Offline
CairoDokkiClinicAhmed Mohamed El WakilCardio-Vasc.& Thoracic SurgeryEl Tahrir St. - infront of Asd Ibn El Forat Mosque1066411177 - 01009831083Offline
CairoDokkiClinicMohamed Hussein Mohamed AliNeuro SurgeryEl Tahrir St. - above GAD Resturant01013576790Offline
CairoDokkiClinicYasser Hamada El TabakhGastro-EnterologyEl Tahrir St.01099519122Offline
CairoDokkiClinicMohamed Ali Ahmed El NadyGastro-EnterologyMosadak St.01033113622 - 0237483944Offline
CairoDokkiClinicHossam MansourCardiologyEl Tahrir St. - El Dokki Sq.01111444900Offline
CairoDokkiClinicTamer Mosaad El Saeid RagabCardiologyEl Tahrir St. - First Floor01065533651 - 01119220177 - 01001456851Offline
CairoDokkiClinicOmar Nasr El Din Mohamed El TabieeUrologyEl Tahrir St. - 5th Floor - the posterior tower - next to Maqar Garage - El Bohos Metro Station01024907366 - 0233369961 - 0233369962Offline
CairoDokkiClinicHeba Ali El SawahObstetrics & GynecologyEl Tahrir St.01023217219  - 0237494907Offline
CairoDokkiClinicAhmed MagdyObstetrics & GynecologyBolis Hanna St.237608073 - 01270505405Offline
CairoZamalekClinicTarek Abd El Moneim HashemOncology (Medicine)26 July St.01144944486 - 01111390618Offline
CairoEl ZaitounClinicMedhat Moharam SadekPediatricsSelim El Awl St. - El Fahim tower - Helmeyet El Zaytoun Square01006607387 - 0226374508Offline
CairoEl ZaitounClinicHesham El KelanyInternal MedicineSelem El Awal St. - El Tayaran Towers - Infront Of Omar EfendyD1523210226432734Offline
CairoEl ZaitounClinicAmr Mohamed Monir El Sof