- Can I have a service performed outside the network and reimburse the claims?

In case your policy covers reimbursement claims and the service is within coverage, you can perform the service outside the network and submit the claim. For more information, please review the “Policy Limitation” section through GlobeMed FIT App or refer back to your company’s HR department.

Submitting reimbursement claims requires the doctor’s request along with an original invoice displaying the patient's name, the date of the medical examination, and the diagnosis. Please review the reimbursement guidelines for more information about the required documents.


- How to submit a reimbursement claim?

Review the reimbursement guidelines to know the required documents and ensure your request will be submitted correctly. Gather your documents to submit it through your HR department or through the GlobeMed fit App by visiting the insurance section, choosing “My Claims” then “Make a claim” and “Request Reimbursement” and fill in the mandatory fields. Please note that you are eligible to submit your claims through GlobeMed FIT only if you are covered under the following companies: 

    Arope Egypt 

    AlAraby Group 

    Banque Misr 

    GIG Life Takaful 

    Royal Insurance 

    Sarwa Insurance 

    Wethaq Takaful Insurance

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