* Can I perform a service outside the network and get a reimbursement?

In case your policy covers reimbursement claims and the service is covered, you can perform a service outside the network and submit a claim. For more information, please review the “Policy Limitation” section.

Submitting reimbursement claims requires receiving doctor’s request along with an original invoice displaying the patient's name, the date of the medical examination and the diagnosis. Please review the Reimbursement Guidelines for more information about the required documents.


* What is re-entry benefit?

If you are eligible for re-entry, you can have your consultation with your preferred doctor outside the network. However, you can obtain further prescribed tests, services or any medications, within GlobeMed’s network. This can be done by calling our Call Center on the number at the back of your insurance card and you will be given a Claim Form number to perform all your medical tests at a provider within the network Knowing that the required services must be separated according to the type of provider where the original copy is provided to each provider. Also, make sure that your basic information are clearly mentioned along with the medical diagnosis and the doctor’s stamp so that you get the desired service without any obstacles.

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