Chronic medications (Monthly treatment)

* What is a chronic treatment?

Chronic treatment is a monthly treatment for any medical condition that usually requires long-term treatment or is sometimes non-curable. Chronic medications are indicated to enhance the quality of life.

* Why your chronic medications are posted on GlobeMed’s system?

Chronic treatments are posted on our system to be dispensed on monthly basis directly from the provider of your choice within our network without the need to get a prior approval as per the posting period. Chronic treatments are dispensed directly using your insurance card without the need for having a prescription as long as they are posted on the system. Posting periods are determined based on your medical condition and are susceptible for renewal if the needed documents are provided. Please check the chronic guidelines to get to know the posting period for each chronic disease along with the required documents, laboratory tests or radiation tests for each disease.

Please send us your prescription while mentioning the daily doses & concentrations along with your medical ID number and the supporting medical documents at

Chronic treatments are posted on the system within 24 hours.

What shall I do if not all my medications are available at the same provider?

It is very common not to find all your medications at the same pharmacy. GlobeMed enables you to partially dispense your chronic medications from a pharmacy and dispensing the other later on from a different pharmacy at your convenience. You should inform the pharmacist not to dispense the medications that are not available so you can dispense them from another pharmacy.

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