Approvals FAQs

* What are the basic information or details that must be mentioned in the medical form when visiting the doctor?

After visiting the doctor and before leaving the doctor’s office, make sure that the medical form includes the below information:

    * Patient name and medical ID, and the date of visit.

    * Medical diagnosis clearly displayed or adding a check mark where applicable

    * For medication prescriptions, please make sure to mention the dose, concentration, duration of treatment and the                   dosage form of each drug.

    * Stamped doctor’s claim form

    * Medical report in case the prescribed services require medical report.

* How do I get an approval?

To obtain an approval for inpatient services, surgeries and some outpatient services that require prior approval (click on the link to view the services that require prior approval), please email us at, including the below info:

A) The medical card number and the name of the patient

B) The healthcare provider and the branch

C) The request of the treating physician for the required medical procedure stating the diagnosis and the stamp of the         healthcare provider

D) Medical tests and supporting documents with the medical necessity for performing the required procedure

E) Some services may require a medical report (click on the link to view the services that require a medical report)

* What is the Turnaround time (TAT) to issue an approval?

A. Inpatient approvals TAT is 1 hour for online requests and 2 hours for offline requests.

B. Outpatient approvals TAT, for medical examinations such as x-rays and physiotherapy, is 15 minutes for online requests and 2 working hours for offline requests.

C.  To find out more about the online providers, please check the Network binder or GlobeMed Fit mobile application, which displays the status of the service provider (online / offline).


* What is the validity period for approvals?

All types of approvals issued, such as Inpatient approvals, surgeries, and outpatient services approvals, such as medical tests, x-rays, physiotherapy, dental and optical services, are valid for 14 days from the date of issuance, except for medication approvals, as their validity extends to 7 days from the date of issuance.

* How do you issue an inpatient approvals and surgeries?

If you are in a hospital connected to our online system, the provider can send the approval request directly through the online system, so that it will be reviewed by the concerned doctors from the Medical Approvals Department at GlobeMed Egypt. In case the hospital is offline, you or the provider can send the approval request via email, taking into the requirements for submitting an approval as mentioned in Q1.

If you are admitted to the Emergency Room, the provider will perform all required services till your case is stabilized and coordinate the required documents and details with GlobeMed Egypt.

* What shall I do if I need to extend my confinement duration?

This shall be communicated through the hospital while providing the reason behind the extension of stay along with all the supporting documents (medical report of the condition, laboratory and radiology tests ...etc)

What if I need to change the provider for an issued approval?

If you wish to change the provider, you can send us your request at while mentioning the below details:

    * Reason for changing provider

    * Copy of the approval requested to be changed

    * Medical number, name, and mobile number

    * New Provider’s name, branch & address

Kindly note that the TAT to change a provider is 48 hours for inpatient approvals & 2 hours for outpatient approvals. For approval with special notes the TAT is 24 hours.

For a smooth customer experience, please make sure to remind your healthcare provider to fill all the above information.

* How do I know the benefits that I am entitled to under my insurance policy and the covered services?

You can check the benefits that your insurance policy covers through GlobeMed Egypt mobile app, GlobeMed Fit.

    * Download the app for free through the app store or google play.

    * Register for the first time via your personal email or your Facebook page

    * You will receive an activation code via email

    * Login to the insurance section, knowing that the username is your insurance card number and the password is your year         of birth mentioned on your insurance card, then you will be able to create a new password

    * Click on “Policy Limitations”

    * View your policy details.

You can also check your benefits and covered services by visiting the members’ area through our website Enter your username (your insurance card number) and password (year of birth) and view your policy benefits.

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