GlobeMed Fit Application

- How can I download GlobeMed Fit mobile app?

Go to Apple “Appstore” or Android “Google Play”, search for the “GlobeMed FIT” and download the application for free.

- How do I log in to GlobeMed Fit mobile app?

First, You need to create an account: 

* Choose “sign up” 

* Choose your country: Egypt 

* Fill in your Medical ID number and your year of birth (I.E: 1990) 

*  Choose and set a unique password 

*  Enter your mobile number to receive the verification code 

*  Agree to the terms & conditions, then press receive verification code

If you have a registered account already: 

* Choose “sign in” 

* Choose your country: Egypt 

* Enter your Medical ID number & password to login 

To reset your password: 

* Press on reset password 

* Choose your country: Egypt 

* Enter your mobile number to receive a verification code 

* Enter the code received & create your new password

- What are the features that I can benefit from the App?

GlobeMed FIT offers you free and personalized functions and features covering Fitness, Nutrition, Health, and Insurance, all catered to your personal needs. You can also manage your health insurance anytime, anywhere by: 

* Filing and tracking your reimbursement and chronic medication claims and pre-approval requests from the comfort of your home. 

* Viewing and downloading your claims history 

* Locating the nearest healthcare provider within your network and retrieving their contact details, working hours, and services… 

* Getting instant access to your policy benefits, financial limitations, and member’s guide 

* Submitting and tracking complaints and inquiries Furthermore, the app supports you all the way by generating daily fitness and nutrition goals based on your own objectives. 

* Set your weight goals and the app will guide you on your nutritional journey and fitness goals to achieve the desired results. 

* Monitor your daily calorie intake goals, and retrieve your food nutritional values. 

* Track your health metrics and save all your medical tests in a safe environment.

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