Network of Healthcare Providers

* How can I know which healthcare provider is within GlobeMed’s network?

You can identify the healthcare provider within GlobeMed network along with all the details including their geographical location, phone number(s), and the status of each provider (online or offline) through various methods including:

* Scanning the QR code located at the back of your medical card that will direct you to the support link where you will choose “healthcare providers” and the network tier (001-002-003-004) mentioned on your medical card that will display the covered providers within your policy.

* Sending us a message on our WhatsApp number, located at the back of the medical card, and choose “Medical Network Inquiries" & follow the steps

* Open the GlobeMed FIT mobile app and check the providers’ directory under the insurance section.

Please note that the network is regularly updated so make sure to check it frequently.

* What are the most preferred medical providers?

It is recommended to have your services performed at hospitals where GlobeMed has representative offices. Our in-hospital offices representative will assist you in receiving your outpatient services without any delays, follow up on inpatient services, answer your queries and address any issue that may arise throughout your visit to ensure a smooth customer journey. Below is the list of hospitals that have our offices:

    * Airforce Specialized Hospital

    * Dar El Fouad Hospital – Nasr City

    * Cleopatra Hospital – Heliopolis

    * Cairo Specialized Hospital

    * Salam Mohandessin Hospital

    * ElShrouk Hospital – Mohandessin

    * Misr International Hospital – Dokki

    * Salam International Hospital – Maadi

    * Andalusyia El Nakheel Hospital

    * Gezira Hospital

    * Ghandour Hospital – 10th of Ramadan

    * Dar El Fouad Hospital – 6th October

    * Elite hospital - Alexandria

    * Andalusyia – Smouha (Alexandria)

    * Tayseer Hospital - Zaqazeeq

    * AlAraby Hospital - Monufia

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